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1. Defying Gravity 2. What I Did For Love 3. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina 4. Le Jazz Hot 5. Sweet Transvestite 6. Cabaret 7. Rose’s Turn 8. Tonight 9. I Dreamed a Dream 10. Home 11. All That Jazz 12. Maybe This Time 13. Funny Girl 14. For Good 15. Over The Rainbow 16.Don’t Rain On My Parade 12 - Acapella


Some say some music should be hid-

den in a file titled “Guilty Pleasures” and for a while this could definitely be said for musicals. In some peoples eyes they were only listened to by certain types of people (stereotypically). However with the emergence of the international phenomenon Glee which has proven to us show tunes can be cool. So what I’m about to tell you next was bound to happen.

ality Melissa Hassam (or Miss Melissa as she is known) is already an established Broadway star having appeared in the west end for the past three years in the seminal Broadway classic Chicago, as the vivacious and sometimes venomous Mama Morton. Now her love for all things theatrical has been taken to the next level in Melissa’s debut album Overture. Which as already had number one hit with the track Defying Gravity. Now as far as musicals go I have always been a fan but this will not just appeal to all you Gleeks and theatre goers. The Album features songs from mega Broadway hits such as Wicked and Evita but they are sung in such a way that they are accessible to everyone. Melissa is blessed with the most amazing of voices, she has an amazing and perhaps unfair range, hitting each note perfectly. It is soulful and warm, the kind of voice that makes a song a story. I would recommend this album to everyone, male or female, old or young, rich or poor absolutely anyone. It opens a doorway to a completely new world of music that some may be surprised by. By Ryan McCrea

Entertainment Weekly

Rolling Stone

Already this young star has been nominated for the Best Breakthrough act at this years Brits.

“My music may not be conventional but to be honest, neither am I” —- Melissa Hassam

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