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Photography is a continuing and evergrowing passion of mine. A photograpgh is widely considered a precise moment in time captured by the photographer. My technique captures stories told over a period of time and compresses thoughts, emotions, and movements into one single image. These photographs were created using the technique known as long exposure. Leaving the camera's shutter open for an extended period of time allows the movement of light to be imprinted on the film, and by using the motion of light to compose visually appealing portraits is called lightpainting. The result of this exploration was a high contrast image where the focus became the unique pattern created from the motion of light, and the glowing silhouettes. My inspiration came from studying the works of Jeremy Jackson. Jackson is an accomplished photographer who I had the pleasure of meeting during a photography clinic in Christiansburg, Virginia. During our meeting he was able to demonstrate the basic principles of light painting.


AIGA SHRED COMPETITION The 2013 AIGA Shred Competition challenged contestants to create one of a kind designs for skate decks and/or surfboards. My submission for the competition utilized multiple modes of artistic expression from traditional hand drawing to digital artistic techniques. During the process I created multiple versions, but the end product was a successful representation of my personality and abilities. [My design was ranked top 5 out all entries]

Iteration #1.1

Iteration #2.1

Design Narrative A skateboard design depicting an urban landscape by using traditional graffiti and hand drawn designs. The tag that spells Boosh is a word used by my closest circle of friends to mean that “you’ve won” and/ or defeated an opponent. It is essentially the end-all argument or debate winner. For example: “This board is sicker than yours, Boosh!” Since this word comes with so much power it can only be used in the most needed of situations. You can’t go around saying Boosh all willy-nilly like, or then it loses it meaning, so please use the word wisely......Boosh!




The National Student Advertising Competition is sponsored by the American Advertising Federation in which college students compete to create the best campaign for the chosen client. Not only is the objective to create an advertising campaign but also to create an advertising agency.


2011 NSAC


The chosen client for the 2011 competition was JC Penney. The challenge was to create an integrated marketing campaign that would be put into effect during the 2012-2013 calendar year. The clients goal was to increase awareness in females aged 25-34, and to increase the total market share in their category. Through a multitude of focus groups, surveys, and interviews with females in the target market, we gained insight as to why JC Penney had a failing reputation. We learned that JC Penney was unappealing to female consumers between the ages of 25-34 due in part to poor brand quality, selection, and the overall layout of the stores. The brand quality and selection was described as cheap,and unfashionable, while the store layout was described as cluttered and confusing.

The agency we developed to respond to the NSAC 2011 challenge was Creative Continuum. Our teams mission was to complete the task using a variety of creative styles that would exceed the client’s expectations. We chose the golden globe as the centerpiece of our logo because Creative Continuum wanted to illustrate a golden age in advertising creativity by using and applying techniques developed around the world.

INTERIOR To improve the store layout we redesigned the standard JC Penney interior to give the impression of a higher class department store. We accomplished this by upgrading the lighting from the typical 4’ flourescent fixtures to recessed canister lighting and modern chandeliers. We also upgraded the floors from the inexpensive tile to bambo wood floors and sections of black carpet. The birds-eye view layout to the right was created using Adobe Photoshop with the dimensions gathered from the local JC Penney, and was the template for creating the interior 3D rendering. The layout featured below was created using Google Sketch-up Pro.


Interior 11


Creative Continuum proposed a seasonal fashion competition to JC Penney in an effort to guide them become more atuned to growing fashion trends. Furthermore this competion would assist independent designers in sharing their work with the nation. Winners would be slected by popular vote and the winning garment would be featured and available for purchase in all JC Penney locations. This method would help JC Penney to become a major icon in the world of fashion.

2014 NSAC


The NSAC client chosen for the 2014 competition was Mary Kay Cosmetics. The objective was to increase brand awareness for the female millennial consumer and to increase total recruitment of those females into Independent Beauty Consultants.

The company we fashioned was named Mod Media. Our mission was to put a modern twist on classic advertising that would revolutionize the world. The logo was designed on the basis of clean elegance with a splash of color.



During this campaign, research showed the brand was outdated and boring. Our mission was to revive the company beginning with the logo. We gave it a new look and added the tag line “Live the Glamorous Life�.

Here is the secondary version of the Mary Kay logo. The type face and color are the sameas the tagline above but displayed with a white backround.

REDESIGN The following images were 3D renderings I created using Google Sketchup Pro. In an effort to expand Mary Kay awarness we developed the MK Pink Box. The MK Pink Box is a monthly special where subscribers would receive travel sized premiums of all of Mary Kay’s newest and most popular products. The image to the right was the template created by a teamate that I then used as the basis to create the 3D models featured below.



These bottles were crafted in Google Sketch Up Pro following the redesigned logo shown above. I wanted to show that Mary Kay is a trendy and fashion forward brand that sold high quality products. An item like such would be in the MK Pink Box.

CURRENT PRODUCT REPACKAGING Below on the left are the old outdated bottles. On the right are our fresh redesigned bottles. We used these products to launch our new image into the market.



Iteration 1.1

The following designs are pieces I created representing the different uses of digital technology as a tool to highlight my operative process to achieve a unque result.

Iteration 2.1

The planet design is to show my process when creating an image in Photoshop. I chose a space theme to convey the different steps that go into an image when manipulating multiple layers to develop a final product.




The designs to the right explore a variety of tools and filters in Photoshop.

Cosmic lights



Celestial Texture

The image to the left is a photo I took of the Radford University campus. I wanted to explore the variety of tools for the post processing of a static image. The effect I wanted to achieve was to make Radford’s campus appear to be a miniature model to express its small town appeal.


Ryan S Maloney Portfolio  
Ryan S Maloney Portfolio