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3-D Visual Merchandising

OVERVIEW: Gene is a customize-your-perfect jeans shop. We provide members with a variety of jean templates with different washes and different fits. From there, the shop has kiosks available to pick the color of all stitching, pocket design, buttons, and any other customization our customers want for their jeans. Overall our goal is to provide a pair of jeans that is their favorite jean. The jeans shop is located on trendy Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA.




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Store Floorplan

7 3-D Final Rendering





Consumer Behavior

Founders: Charles Tiffany & John Young • Started out selling stationary items • Started out emphasizing jewelry in 1837 • Opened their flagship store located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York in 1940 • Designs have been worn by such famous US families as The Astors, The Vanderbilts, The Posts, The Huttons, and The Morgans

Target Market Customer Profile A

Customer Profile B

AGE: 65 GENDER: Female INCOME: Investments & Business ETHNICITY: Caucasian (European) EDUCATION: High school graduate LOCATION: Palm Springs, CA

AGE: 22 GENDER: Female INCOME: Trust Fund ETHNICITY: Armenian EDUCATION: Bachelors of Science in Journalism from UC Davis LOCATION: Granite Bay, CA

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Interior design, very family oriented, loves to read, and owns a bookstore. PRODUCT USE: She wears her Tiffany’s wedding ring everyday. She wears the earrings, bracelets, and necklaces on different occasions. HOW OFTEN PRODUCT IS PURCHASED: She usually purchases the product every 6 months or so. She buys Tiffany’s because of the quality and she loves the classic and timeless pieces they offer. She is extremely brand loyal and always chooses Tiffany’s first.

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Frequents Maui, loves a fashion, drives a Mercedes, and likes to write. PRODUCT USE: Wants a Tiffany’s wedding ring. Wears her sunglasses, pearl earrings, diamond studs, gold hoops, bracelets, and diamond necklace. HOW OFTEN PRODUCT IS PURCHASED: She purchases a few times a year. She follows the tradition in the family for brand loyalty to Tiffany’s. Tiffany’s is one of the top jewelry destinations for her. She also likes to buy small gifts for her friends.

Product • Gifts for Babies • Picture Frames • Leather Goods • Writing Tools • Money Clips • Fragrances • Stemware • Silverware • Handbags • Cuff Links • Key Rings • Barware • Eyewear • Watches • Clocks • Scarves • Jewelry • Vases

Current Ad Campaign

Recreated Ad Campaign


POPULATION:65,312,249 PER CAPITA: $45,000 (U.S. Dollars) MAIN RELIGION: Roman Catholic 83-88% LANGUAGE SPOKEN: French INDUSTRIES: Tourism, Cinema, Fashion, Textiles, Automobiles, Food ETHNIC GROUPS: Celtic, Latin, North African MAJOR CITIES: Paris, Marseille-Aix-en-Provence, Nice, & Cannes CELEBRITIES: Carla Bruni, David Guetta, Laetitia Casta, Audrey Tautou, Thierry Henry COMPETITORS: David Yurman, Van Cleef & Arpels, De Beers, Tacori, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Bulova, Bvlgari, & Chopard

Target Market - France

Demographics GENDER: Female AGE: 30-40 INCOME: $170,000 (U.S. Dollars) RELIGION: Catholic RACE: Caucasian SOCIAL CLASS: Upper OCCUPATION: Real Estate Agent MARITAL STATUS: Married

Psychographics • Drives a Mercedes E class • Vacations in Mykonos, Greece twice a year • Loves to shop on the Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré • Lives in an apartment in the 5th Arrondissement neighborhood in Paris • Frequents art gallery openings

Redesigned Ad Campaign for France

• The ad campaign for France will be more abstract • More playful • Will be shown outdoors • Not so pristine looking as American Tiffany ads • More youthful image

Redesigned Ad Campaign for France

• Using a 1950’s couple appeals to an older target market • Nostalgic & Classic Appeal • Chose an elegant and formally dressed couple that represents the Tiffany’s consumer


Product development

Who is Blurr? •

• Inventor of a unique, innovative 2-in-1 shoe called The Duet. • A product for the contemporary women and fashion forward men who think “outside-of-the-box.” • Answer to society’s request for something different and fashionable. • A socially and environmentally responsible company. • The #1 choice for comfortable, fashionable, “good for your feet” shoes.

Blurr Objectives • Dominate the footwear market by appealing to both men and women. • Become frontrunner in the footwear industry for innovation and technology. • Develop a customer service process that promotes customer satisfaction. • Increase profit 55% by January 2013.


side front back


Target Market Psychographics: • • • • • • • • •

Travels for work frequently Loves social networking Works out at least twice a week Drives a hybrid or fuel-efficient car Loves his or her career Keeps their work phone on them at all times Shops at and Nordstrom Drinks Starbucks daily Loves shopping for one-of-a-kind fashion pieces • Networks at all events • Participates in liberal events


GENDER: Female/Male AGE: 25-31 ORIENTATION: All EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree & above HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $75,000 & up MARITAL STATUS: Single RACE: All


Steve Madden

Strength: Customer loyalty Weakness: Knock-off designs

Sam Edelman

Strength: Creative longevity and proven company success Weakness: Lack of product assortment


Strength: Celebrity collection Weakness: Too fashion forward

Distribution Direct Channels:

Blurr will have their own website that will sell the Duet.

Indirect Channels: The Duet will be sold in-store/online at the following retailers: • Nordstrom • Zappos Couture (online) • Neiman Marcus • Elyse Walker • Saks Fifth Avenue

Sales Promotion Public Relations: Stylists/PR Agencies Celebrities/Movies/Television Shows (wardrobe) Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Perez Hilton, Jay Alexander, Johnny Weir, Marc Jacobs, Chris Colfer, Adam Lambert, Jay Manuel

Television Shows: Glee The A List 90210 Gossip Girl Project Runway America’s Next Top Model

B2B Promos: Visual Elements - Special platforms/display stands (branded) and ‘How to’ cards - Collaborative Advertising (online)

Sales Online Social Media/Online: • Twitter • Facebook • Tumblr • Instagram • Website Blog • YouTube Channel • Vimeo • Pandora (online commercial) • Video (commercial) • • Network Shows • Polyvore •

Blogger Collaborations: • Fashiontoast • Bryan Boy • Chicmuse • Something Navy

Market Plan Objectives ADVERTISING/MARKETING: - Collaborate with in-direct channel retailers for a wider reach in the market. - Gain global market share by building social media following. PROMOTIONS: - Bring awareness to brand by sponsoring events that celebrate target market’s interests. PUBLIC RELATIONS: - Utilize online radio/television sites to stream product/lifestyle commercials. - Collaborate with television network shows for product placement

Vehicles ADVERTISING/MARKETING: - Top sites to target and advertise on: Shopflick, Us Trendy, Style Caster, Sense of Fashion - Magazine ads, commercials, billboards PROMOTIONS: - Participate in tradeshows and conferences - Stream commercials via Pandora, Hulu, and network television station websites PUBLIC RELATIONS: - Sponsor events/parades; create banners, apparel, and accessories - Provide stylists/wardrobe product for use on shows - Reach out to fashion bloggers - Bloggers to target: Fashiontoast & Bryan Boy

THE DUET FAQ How durable is the shoe?

The Duet has been put through dozens of tests; the results proved to withstand the constant change from heel to flat. Blurr is so confident in the durability of the shoe, that we offer a lifetime warranty on the first pair of Duet you buy directly from the website. Whether you lost the heel or the stitching came undone, send it back in a year or in ten, and we will send you a brand new pair. *Restrictions apply

Will changing the heel affect my body in a negative way?

No! In fact having the ability to switch from heel to a flat at your convenience is extremely beneficial. The detrimental effects that wearing heels higher than 3” can cause to your feet and ankles is dangerous. Although we partnered with the American Podiatric Medical Association to design fashionable shoes we would recommend switching to the flat when possible to relieve pressure and help you keep your feet looking fabulous!

Does The Duet come in a higher heel?

As this is an unfamiliar world to many men, we wanted to cater to the gents by designing a 3” heel that would be comfortable to walk in. Ladies and gents stay tune for future designs and higher heels.


Current Designers


This blog will showcase current trends in the fashion world right now. From the latest design to the most trendy print, we will recap all the latest in fashion and give you fashion advice on how you can incorporate these trends into your wardrobe.

Rockin’ Red

Everyone loves a little drama in his or her life. Well, fashion is no different. This bright statement red is hitting the fashion industry from the high fashion to the mass produced market. It looks great in a leather dress, a modern trench, or even a blousy dress. Don’t be afraid to try this trend all year long.

Timeless Trenches

Trenches help complete any outfit. From denim to suede, these outerwear pieces help finish that layered look. These lightweight trenches are perfect for those transitioning months into winter. The middle waist tie helps flatter any woman. Trenches are a staple in any wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to venture outside the normal classic trench and try different textures and prints to really make a statement.


The fur jacket is becoming a classic must-have piece. From faux to real, this trend is here to stay. With a skirt or fitted pant, the trend works with anything. Wear fur to your formal dinner party or throw on a fur vest with jeans and go for a more casual look.

Jump for Prints

The jumpsuit is another must-have piece. From a leopard print jumpsuit to a morec modern pattern, this trend is a sophisticated look. For casual to business, you can play with accessories such as a wide belt or fur shrug to really complete the look. Don’t miss out on this trend, get jumping to find your perfect jumpsuit.

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