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<FRAME src="vaser_high_procedures.html" name="contenido" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" id="content" scrolling=auto> <FRAME src="menu.html"> </FRAMESET> <noframes> The <strong>eyelid surgery</strong> is part of the facial rejuvenation surgery, is done to decrease the on the eyes. In this surgery the resection of the skin of the superior and/or inferior eyelids is performed, in addition to the resection or repositioning of the ocular fat pads to achieve rejuvenation of the periocular region. In the case of the superior eyelids, the procedure can be done with external incisions; in the case of the inferior eyelids it is made with either internal incision (transconjunctival), or external. The transconjunctival surgery is reserved for patients who do not have an excess of inferior skin but have an alteration of the inferior palpebral fat. <br /> <strong>Frontoplasty</strong> is the surgery of the eyebrow tail and its extension, the frontoplasty. This heightens the superior third of the face by stretching the skin and the underlying wrinkles, causing an appearance of a fresher and youthful image. This is made under minimal incisions. This surgery is part of the surgery of facial rejuvenation. The retraction of the skin of the frontal region will rejuvenate the appearance of the face. This procedure is made with minimum incisions in the scalp, and points of traction of the lateral third of the eyebrow and the entire frontal region<br /> The surgery of nose (rhinoplasty) is the most common surgery in the face. It consists of changing to the form and/or the size of the nose to become more aesthetically pleasant. It is made through incisions inside the nose in most of the cases, leaving no visible scars. With these incisions the surgeon carves, cuts, molds bone and cartilaginous tissues to obtain the more appropriate profile and form. In severe cases were the nose has to be restored because of previous surgeries or trauma, Dr. Hoyos designed an olecranon full-graft rhinoplasty to correct this condition.<br /> <strong>Surgery Of The Cheeks</strong> This surgery consists of improving the contour of the face by making the region of the cheeks thinner, in patients who have this region prominent. The procedure is made through an incision inside the mouth to the remove the localized fat pads that can be found in the internal region of the cheeks, which results in a more defined and youthful appearance of the face. <br />

<br /> The facial rejuvenation surgery addresses the wrinkles and dropped tissues of the face by stretching the skin and underlying tissues, fading the wrinkles and repositioning the internal tissues that are affected by aging. This procedure can be made with minimal incision or by traditional preauricular approach. <br /> In this surgery the skin of the midface is retracted to obtain the rejuvenation of the face and the diminution of the wrinkles that surround the cheeks and under the eyes. <br /> <strong>Surgery Of the Ears</strong><br /> The otoplasty consists of the reduction of the space between the ears and the facial frame, improving the physical appearance of an individual. This procedure is one of the few surgeries that can be performed at early age: from approximately 7 years of age, since the growth of the ears is almost complete within this period. For children, it is recommended that the surgery is done before or at the start of the scholar activity, consequently psychological disturbances by the classmates can be avoided. This surgery consists of removing and/or carving of the auricular cartilage until obtaining the desired shape. Dr. Hoyos has done a technical upgrading by the Closed Otoplasty by Needle (CON), that leaves almost no scar and a very natural appearance. <br /> The <strong>surgery of the chin</strong> focuses in making a more balanced appearance in people who have the very small chin. A small chin usually makes people appear childish or have weak character. The surgery consists of placing an implant specially designed for this region by an intra-oral incision; as a result it does leave a non visible scar in the face. The change is natural but noticeable and makes the facial structure more pleasant. <br />

<strong>Wrinkles</strong><br /> The botulinum toxin is a therapeutic agent that paralyzes the muscles of expression, that usually cause the wrinkles superior

third of the face, offering a fresher and younger expression. <br /> There are some biocompatible injectable materials that can be used as fillers to remove wrinkles and other facial imperfections. Some examples are restylane, perlane, aquamid etc. <br /> These are not surgical procedures, the results are not considered as defintive, and can require a touch-up in the future. <br /> <strong>Surgery Of The Breast</strong> The breast augmentation procedure is one of the most common procedures in plastic surgery. This is carried out by using mammary implants, which are placed underneath the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle. The minimum age for the procedure is 18 years of age, or when the full growth of the mammary gland has been achieved. The final intention of this surgery is to improve the contour and the volume of the breasts to accomplish a more attractive figure. <br /> <strong>Breast Lift</strong> <br /> The reduction and/or lifting of the breast is designed to reduce the effects of the weight and the gravity produced by an excessive mammary volume, or after childbirth or by hormonal changes through time. This procedure is completed by different incisions in the skin depending of each person. Periareolar lift only leaves a rounded scar in the areolar region, and can be used in selected cases. Other types of incisions are done vertical or in an oblique fashion to excise the redundant skin. Dr. Hoyos enhanced the techniques with minimal scar as in the mastopexy by capsulorraphy, and periareolar lifting. <br />

<strong>Pectoral male augmentation PLM (Pectoral Lipograft in Male)</strong><br /> This procedure requires the use of autologous fat conceived by Dr. Hoyos to enhance this region in male (PLM). Also, in this technique the muscular structures can be molded by liposculpture as part of High Definition Liposculpture (HDL) to obtain an athletic figure. In selected cases is necessary the use of pectoral custom-made implants to achieve the desired result.

<br />

<strong>High-definition Liposculpture</strong> <strong>(VASER assisted) VAHDL</strong> <br /> Dr. Hoyos is the inventor of this revolutionary technique in body contouring. <strong>VAHDL</strong> is a refinement of the traditional lipoplasty in which the superficial muscular anatomy is molded into the patient silhouette leaving a highly athletic figure. Less amounts of fat are extracted as this is an exacting technique, allowing a safer procedure, achieving results with no comparison with traditional lipoplasty. Also, is about molding and enhancing other structures, as the gluteal area in female or the pectorals in male. The <strong>VASER</strong> is used as a key part of the procedure; it is an enabling tool consisting in ultrasonic technology in resonance. <strong>VASER</strong> facilitates the fat extraction, reduces the pain and the recovery time showing the results in less time. <br /> <strong>The main advantages of VAHDL are:</strong> Enhancement of anatomical structures as the abdominal and torso muscles, giving a more athletic appearance, in female by the vertical lines of the rectus, the waist line ad the hips; in male also the six pack, the obliquus and serratus muscles. <br /> It can be performed in patients with localized fat deposits, or with mild to moderate overweight. It is not necessary to be an athlete or a body builder to be suitable for surgery (even though it is not recommended in severe obesity). <br /> Enhancement of special structures that need more volume, melding liposculpture in the surrounding topographical region and fat grafting in the zone, as the guteal area in female or the pectorals in male, obtaining a natural, astonishing result. <br /> Less extraction of fat, it is a safe, exacting and reliable technique. <br /> The use of VASER assisting the fat extraction, enables a more

challenging contouring, diminishing the swelling and bruises in the postoperative period, while ensuring a prompt recovery. <br /> Small and hidden incisions that can be covered by the smallest underwear. <br />

<strong>High Definition Minilipectomy</strong><br />

In some cases the abdomen experience changes related with childbirth, or by alterations in the muscles, skin or subyacent tissues, that makes mandatory something more than a liposculpture, but do not have indication for a full tummy tuck. It happens when the excess of skin is minimum or absent. <br /> Dr. Hoyos has designed refinements focused in this indications, incorporating VAHDL to the following cases: <br /> In the cases where there is skin laxity, a limited tightenning can be done leaving no umbiical scar, but showing the High Definition. <br /> <strong>Tummy Tuck</strong> (full abdominoplasty, lipectomy),EVE lipectomy (Enhanced VASER and Extraction).<br /> The tummy tuck is a surgery designed to affirm or to smoothen the abdomen. This surgery is mainly done after childbirth or in patients with significant obesity. The procedure helps not only to eliminate the fat in excess, but also to reaffirm the abdominal muscles that have usually lost elasticity after the pregnancies. It also removes the stretch marks and the excess of abdominal skin. Although it requires a horizontal long scar, many patients think that it is a small price to obtain a smother, toned and flat abdomen. <br /> The EVE Lipectomy is a refinement invented by Dr. Hoyos to perform enhanced VASER liposculpture, improving not only the anterior abdomen, but the waist, hips and back. This surgery

improves also the shape of the umbilical area, exchanging the traditional shapes (that leaves very often an undesirable scar) for a neo-belly button that allows a very youthful look. <br /> The <strong>buttocks augmentation</strong> is one of the less acknowledged procedures in plastic surgery. It can be done by the use of autologous fat while a liposculpture is performed to contour the other anatomical areas enhancing this area. Dr. Hoyos has designed an improvement in the method that increases the safety of the procedure, while ensures more integrationextent of the results over time. <br /> An alternative option in selected cases is by using buttocks implants that are placed inside gluteus muscle



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