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4D LIPO™ with Fat Transfer The 4D LIPO™ with Fat Transfer course includes the same course curriculum as the original 4D LIPO™ course. 4D LIPO™ is always practiced and taught with advanced fat transfer techniques.

Fat transfer for breast augmentation and asymmetry correction

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Optional: High Definition Liposculpture (Have you already taken a High Def ™ course? Check this page out: “The Difference Between VHD and 4D LIPO™”) Or prior courses/experience to show elevated skills in lipoplasty

4D LIPO™ Course Summary The 4D LIPO™ course is the most in-depth, hands-on, and complete liposculpture education available in the world.

In Brief… 4D LIPO™ focuses specifically on 3D superficial topography, advanced fat transfer with stem cells, and integrating dynamic motion into surgical planning and technique. It is a hands-on, no holds barred education, with all of Dr. Alfredo Hoyos’ finest techniques revealed.

Fat transfer puts your body fat in all the right places

Course Agenda Pre-course Plan to arrive one day ahead of the date your course is schedule to begin. This is usually a Thursday.

Day 1 – Lecture and Didactics One full day will be spent learning the theory behind 4D LIPO™, didactics, and a session on how to run and market a 4D LIPO practice. Breakfast is provided at the host hotel. Lunch will be provided at the hotel. Dinner and entertainment are provided this evening.

Day 2 – Cases A full day working hands-on with Dr. Hoyos on both male and female cases. You’ll get to rotate working hands-on and standing back and observing procedures. You’ll get two different perspectives of the procedure on the same day. Breakfast is provided at the host hotel. Lunch will be provided at the clinic. Dinner and entertainment are provided this evening.

Day 3 – Cases and Round Table The last day will be spent in the OR working hands-on with Dr. Hoyos on both male and female cases. Breakfast is provided at the hotel. Lunch will be provided at the clinic. The course concludes with a question-and-answer round table. Licenses to practice 4D LIPO will be given at this time.

During this hands-on course, you’ll learn… Theory The course begins with a full day of didactics, lecture, and a question-and-answer session. In this session, you’ll discover… • • • •

The theory and application of ultrasound-assisted lipolysis (UAL) to 4D LIPO To see the human anatomy as a work of art To apply artistic basics, such as light and shadow, as they apply to 4D LIPO Advanced fat and skin anatomy • Adipose tissue structure and relevance to high definition results • Understanding dermis and adipose structural relationships to achieve optimal results And so much more!

Working With Patients Working well with your patient outside the operating room is just as important as inside it. During the didactics session of the course, you’ll learn… • • • •

The importance of properly staging before-and-after photos Selecting good candidates for 4D LIPO—not everyone is! Principles of sedation and tumescent anesthesia Post-op care and how to avoid complications

Hands-On Liposculpture Techniques Practicing 4D LIPO™ without hands-on training is like learning to drive a Ferrari by sitting in the passenger’s seat. That’s why the 4D LIPO™ course is fully hands-on.

Just a few of the techniques you’ll learn include: • • •

Specialized surgical marking to integrate movement into results Deep, intermediate, and superficial lipo Advanced stem cell and PRP fat grafting techniques to the breasts, pectorals, deltoids, calves and buttocks.

Anatomical regions covered include: • • • • • •

Neck and facial lipolysis Arms, including male deltoid fat grafting Breasts and pectoral augmentation and enhancement; including cases of gynecomastia Abdominal sculpting, trunk, and flanks Buttocks augmentation and enhancement using fat transfer Thigh, knee, and calf lipo

Please note that anatomy covered varies on the course patient’s desires and this list is subject to change.

The Business of 4D LIPO™ On the first day of the course, Managing Director of Dynamx Asti Alexandria will give an in-depth presentation on managing your new liposculpture practice. As a talented surgeon, you may not have all the know-how you need to market your new skills. This part of the course is essential to your success as a new 4D LIPO™ surgeon.

In this session, you’ll see… • • • •

How to maximize practice investment, marketing, and profits Marketing online, including websites and social media Specifically marketing 4D LIPO The importance of pre-consult patient education

After taking 4D LIPO™, you will… • • • •

Become more attractive to a wider range of patients Boost your clinic income by 35% or more Gain respect and prestige as a certified 4D LIPO™ and Dynamx surgeon Be legally protected internationally in your exclusive right to practice 4D LIPO™

Let’s talk numbers Before you ask how much a 4D LIPO course will cost, it is more important to consider how long a 100% return on your investment will take. The answer is surprising: Most Dynamx surgeons see a 100% return on investment within just 2-4 cases. At most, that’s 1-2 months of practicing 4D LIPO™ For a procedure you can charge 50% – 200% more for, we guarantee it’s worth your investment—both financially and in time and energy.

Visit our registration page to enroll today.

Need More Information? • • • • •

Visit the Course Calendar to see when the next 4D course will be. Download a complete agenda of the 4D LIPO course Read through our FAQs page Visit our Contact page to send Dynamx an email. Email William Crawford for everything else

Upcoming Events • • • •

May 31, 20134D Lipo with Tummy Tuck & VASER Smooth - Colombia August 2, 20134D Lipo August 2, 2013Post Operative Care September 27, 20134D Lipo and Tummy Tuck

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Equipment Kits

Want to start right away with your own equipment? Check out the kits we've put together


Hello Dr Hoyos and the Dynamx team, Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge and experience through the new hands-on 4D Lipo With Tummy Tuck course in Sep 2012. Dr Hoyos is truly a brilliant artist… Dr. Hung (Peter) NguyenTo the next levelSkin Notion

Luego de ser entrenado por el Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, profesional bogotano de la Cirugía Plástica, pionero y creador de la técnica quirúrgica que nos permite la adecuada utilización del equipo Vaser, no dejo de sorprenderme con los resultados obtenidos.Dr Manuel EgeaSorprendidoDr Manuel Egea

Truly, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos is the Michaelangelo of body sculpting. I wholeheartedly believe nobody comes close to his results, which are consistent from patient to patient…no matter what shape they come in. I trained with surgeons who have been luminaries of body sculpting in the United States.…Dr Cynthia LopezImpressedrejuvimed

The 4D Liposculpture course with Dr. Hoyos was simply ones of the best activities of my professional career. This is not a course for the “beginner,” but for those who really want to refine their technique and change how they think about creating the best physique for their patients. It will cha…Dr Andrew RosenthalExcellent TeacherSanctuary Medical

I am an aesthetic physician in Johannesburg ,South Africa and trained with Dr Hoyos in advanced vaser techniques in Poland in 2010. I later went to Bogota in 2011 and completed the 4D sculpt training under the inspirational expertise of Dr .Hoyos. I was most impressed with Dr Hoyos’ surgical te…Dr Hema SinghTrainee and PatientSouth AfricaSilhouette Aesthetic Clinic

Dr Nurein is one of a few UK Doctors trained in Body Sculpting by the founder of Hi Def Dr Alfredo Hoyos in Columbia in both VASER Hi Def and 4D Body Sculpting at The International Centre for Artistic Body Sculpting. Dr Nurein considers himself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with and be …Dr Hassan NureinLucky to train with Dr HoyosDr Nurein UK

“The difference between this hands-on course and many others, is that Dr Hoyos was a Sculptor before a Plastic Surgeon. He has a unique ability to close the gap between body form and liposculpture and technology. One not only learns this specific technique, but benefits from the vision to improve …Dr Barry

DiBernardoSculptor before surgeonNew Jersey Plastic Surgery

“As a board certified plastic surgeon I found the 4D LIPO™ course invaluable. I was an experienced VASER® user prior to the course and it took me to the next level. Dr Hoyos is a very experienced surgeon and excellent teacher and I would recommend this course (and I have) to any plastic surgeon.”Dr. Jason PoznerPriceless experienceSanctuary Plastic Surgery

“It was great to work with a master such as Dr. Hoyos,” said Dr. Aguirre. “The 4D LIPO technique is exciting because it offers the ultimate in body contouring, and the results are fantastic. I am honored to be the first to bring these skills to the Rocky Mountain region. This means patients…Dr Oscar A. AguirreUltimate body contouring with 4D LipoAguirre Specialty Care

Dear Dr Hoyos, Hope this letter finds you well. I would be keen on taking this opportunity by sending you a letter to thank you for your pioneering effort by granting me the training in Vaser Liposuction system. This training has shaped a distinct identity for Vaser and has broken a new ground…Dr Elias NassifThank youDr Elias Nassif

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