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Smart Phone comparison : Google Nexus 4 vs. Apple iPhone 5

Google Announced a series of New Android Products. And here is one 'non-event' announcement that the release of a new budget-conscious handset made by LG Electronics known as the Nexus 4. Recently Apple also launched iPhone 5, it comes with latest iOS 6, Big display with lots of new features.. Google Nexus 4 gonna directly compete with Apple's latest iPhone 5. It also have so many features which Apple iPhone 5 has.. Display : Apple iPhone 5 famous because of it's large 4 inch LED screen. Which is Coated with Corning’s Gorilla Glass, which offers a good protection to screen. Nexus 4 cranks things up a notch with a 4.7inch True HD IPS Plus screen that operates at 768 x 1280 and offers up a pixel density of 318PPI, which, when considering the extra screen real estate on offer, is a real bonus and makes for some very impressive visuals. It also comes with gorilla glass. So Google's nexus 4 gonna win this time. Processor And Operating System: Apple iPhone 5 comes with powerful A6 chip and iOS 6 which takes it at the new level. IOS 6 include panorama image capture; Passbook; an able e-ticketing solution that could do with further support to make it truly worthwhile; and VIP Mailbox, which allows users to set VIP email addresses that can come through to the lock screen. Nexus 4 comes with latest iteration of Android, Jelly Bean 4.2, which include decent upgrades to Google Now, a notifications system that has been tweaked further. It also comes with Google’s own take on the Swype-style keyboard, which allows you to trace your fingertip over the letters to input text, rather than tapping. The device is also able to make use of the new Photosphere functionality, which takes the concept of panoramic images and ups the ante considerably, allowing users to take full 360-degree images.

Memories: Apple iPhone 5 comes with 2 GB Ram The Nexus 4 support 2GB RAM, making it as close to futureproof as a modern smartphone can be in this crazy market, and comes with 8 or 16GB storage options, though, disappointingly, it doesn’t support micro SD cards either. And Apple iPhone 5 available with a specific memories but Google Nexus 4 is unbeatable to increase your memories power to store more data..So Nexus 4 is winner again... So choice is your choose which is perfect for your...

Smart Phone comparison Google Nexus 4 vs. Apple iPhone 5  

Comparison Between 2 Smart Phones iPhone 5 and Nexus 4..