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Update Apple iPhon OS 3.0 To iPhone OS 3.1 So, welcome, the iPhone Application Development India for the optimumutilization of new iPhone SDK three.1 & OS three.1 under jurisdiction of our professional iPhone developers to create new advanced iPhone apps & enhance the three.0 existing or elderly iPhone applications. Now iPhone application developers can create more advanced applications for your world class smart phone called iPhone or you can basically renovate your 3.0 elderly iPhone application with advance features. This all could happen basically with utilizing new version of iPhone SDK3.1 & OS 3.1 offered by Apple Inc to iPhone apps developers for best iPhone programming. It is 21st advance version of iPhone SDK & OS, which offer programmers definitely a nice opportunity to create new advance iPhone apps/software & enhance the existing 3.0 iPhone apps/ program with some new useful features. They are committed to offer best design & development of iPhone apps/software for our clients to stay ahead. Following are new added features in OS 3.1 or advantages of OS 3.1 • • • • • • • • • •

iTunes U content organization1 Improved performance of iPhone 3G Wi-Fi via Bluetooth Now iPhone users can paste contact numbers into keypad Improved control over voice with Bluetooth headsets on iPhone 3GS Now iPhone users can watch new credits in App store and iTunes store New feature of warning on visiting fake websites in Safari (anti-phishing) Now iPhone users can easily save video from mail and MMS into camera roll Invitation handling and Exchange calendar syncing is improved in OS 3.1 New feature is added of locking iPhone with the help of passcode via MobileMe Easy exchange of codes, iTunes Gift Cards as well as certificates in the App Store

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Upgrade Update iPhone OS 3.1 Apps - New features in the iPhone OS 3.0 3GS Apps/Application/Software with iPhone Application Development Indi...