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All About Apple iPad 2

iPad 2 Update: The prominent features of the iPad 2

iOS 4.3 Compatible with and powered by the iOS4.3 the iPad 2 can have extraordinary set of app. It is due to the iOS4.3 that iPad 2 can boast of apps that helps it be a step ahead of its competitors.

Camera This was perhaps the much awaited feature. Apple introduced two cameras with iPad 2 for the purpose of FaceTime and HD Video Recording.

Dual Core A5 Chip Apple iPad 2 provides all new Dual Core A5 chip with the iPad 2. It helps in faster loading and working of apps and smooth running of the system.

Sleek Design The iPad 2 has a toned and light look and feel. It is 33%thinner and 15%lighter than its predecessor. 8.8 mm in thickness, it comes with a slimmer back panel.

Battery Life Just like the iPad, iPad 2 also has a long battery life of 10 hours and a stand by time of about a month.

Gyroscope For an enhanced gaming experience, iPad 2 provides a three-axis built-in Gyroscope. Change your screen orientation – vertically or horizontally as per your preference while playing games.

Superfast Graphics To make gamesand other related visual app more appealing, iPad 2 delivers high graphics performance. Things look more real with the new iPad 2 graphics.

Display The new iPad 2 comes with a 9.7-inch LED-backlit LCDdisplay. Use your iPad 2 apps even in a dimply lit room with no strain on the eyes.

iPad Smart Cover Available in 10 vibrant colors and 5 leather varieties, the color works in sync with the iPad 2 providing multipurpose facilities. Fold it to convert it into a stand for watching your favorite movies, videos, pictures or typing as you sit more relaxed. Amazingly, this cover doesn't add to the overall weight of the iPad 2 device.

Multi- Touch As the name suggests, this feature allows user to use more than one finger to swipe, pinch tap and flick the iPad 2 screen to perform the required action on various iPad 2 apps.

AirPlay This feature allows the user to stream various multimedia applications from iPad 2 to HDTV/Apple TV/AirPlay enabled speakers or on any Wi-Fi enabled network wirelessly.

AirPrint With everything going wireless these days, Apple brought out AirPrint. It is a feature in which user can print the documents in the iPad 2 using an AirPrinter over a Wi-Fi network by just tapping. Although it sounds complex, it is comparatively simple and hassle free function and doesn't require any software installation.

Video mirroring This feature of iPad 2 enables the users to project their documents, presentations, photos, videos, or even movies to Apple TV or HDTV or a projector. Enjoy the same things on a much larger scale through this feature.

Connectivity iPad 2 supports 3GNetworks . To get this service, you have to select wither Verizon or AT&T as a carrier. It also supports Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/h).

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Apple iPad 2 – Know all about iPad 2 update or Apple iPad 2 feature like two cameras, compatible with ios 4.3, etc. iPad 2 offers high graph...

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