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Open on a close-up of a fruit on a tree. A tiny paw of a creature comes into frame and picks it off. We hear it chomp into the fruit and chew.

A branch snaps and the creature is startled. It stops eating and looks around. Ditching the fruit, it runs away.

The hunter reveals himself from some bushes and looks disappointed. He examines the surrounding for any other possible creatures that may be near by.

A wall of bushes, shrubs and trees russle suspiciously in the near distance.

The hunter sees a potential opportunity. He brings up his gun and we see a devious look on his face.

After he carefully tip-toe’s over to the bushes, he pulls the bushes apart to see what’s behind.

He sees a creature impaled by a monster’s hand and bathed in blood.

The hunter sees a flock of creatures being ripped apart by a monster. A mini gory montage ensues of the tiny creatures getting ripped apart and shredded by this monster.

The hunter looks up to see the monster. We pull back to a wide shot to put the monster’s size into perspective.

The hunter becomes completely immersed in fear and screams. He bolts out the forest leaving his hunting hat and gun in the forest.

The monster sits calmly, tilts it’s head and blinks. Seemingly confused. Scene fades out.

When we fade in, we see the monster squeezing the bodies of the creatures, draining the blood out. We hear the blood pouring as we see the monster content and happy.

We then see a close up of the monster holding a gigantic bucket of blood and screwing a nipple onto it. Turning it into a baby bottle.

The monster brings the bottle to it’s baby monster’s mouth and feeds it. The child drinks it’s blood and shuts it’s eyes slowly as a soothing bedtime melody plays while we watch the monster nuture it’s baby.

Monsters Are Misunderstood  

A 3D short film by Ryan Lee