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AP Stylebook Review Name________________________________________________________________________ 12/10/2009 Correct the AP Stylebook error(s). 1. He changed his mind and did not takeout the trash once the temperature got hotter than 100 degrees in Houston, TX.

2. “I just don’t understand why the postal service can’t come to room five,” she said.

3. The Democrats perfectly setup the campaign to take over the Indiana state house.

4. The runnerup in the race did a majority of his training in Anchorage, AK.

5. The sell out crowd managed to takeover the stadium in Iowa City, Iowa.

6. Students can find their textbook orders in room four of the IU Bookstore.

7. The Titanic was said to be traveling at nearly twenty five knots when it hit the iceberg in 35-degree water.

8. The decision in California sent political shockwaves through various Statehouses.

9. “People from all across the US come to Ind. to see the cars reach speeds of more than 200 mph,” Danica Patrick said.

10. He had a really hard time finding room 2 at the Boise, ID Holiday Inn.

AP Review Words Q-U  

The review homework for the final AP quiz in Intro Journalism

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