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A D U - Y O U R A P P L I A N C E S O U R C E . . . . . . . . . . . A N N A P O L I S I N T E R I O R S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B L U E C R A B C U P C A K E S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B L U E S T A R P A I N T & P R O P E R T Y . . . . . . . . . . . . B R I G H T V I E W B U I L D E R S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . C H A R M C I T Y P L A S T I C S U R G E R Y . . . . . . . . . . . . C H U R C H C I R C L E T I T L E & E S C R O W . . . . . . . . . . D E S I G N S O L U T I O N S , I N C . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . D R . B R I A N V A L L E P. A . F U N C T I O N A L & C O S M E T I C D E N T I S T R Y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . E V O L U T I O N S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . F I T Z S I M M O N S D E S I G N A S S O C I A T E S . . . . . . . . . . F R A M E & F R A M E A T T O R N E Y S A T L A W . . . . . . . . . H I S T O R I C A N N A P O L I S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I N T E R I O R C O N C E P T S , I N C . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . K I M M E L S T U D I O A R C H I T E C T S . . . . . . . . . . . . . K I T C H E N E N C O U N T E R S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . L A N D M A R K R O O F I N G . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . L I T T L E T R E A S U R Y J E W E L E R S . . . . . . . . . . . . . M O D E R N C A R P E T O N E A N N A P O L I S . . . . . . . . . . . M O U L D I N G S , I N C . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P A R K H O M E . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P r o M D H E A L T H . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S C A R B O R O U G H C A P I T A L M A N A G E M E N T . . . . . . . . S P I R E A R C H I T E C T U R E . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . T A I L O R C R A F T B U I L D E R S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . T H E B A N N E K E R - D O U G L A S S M U S E U M . . . . . . . . . T H E D A V I D O R S O T E A M | C O M P A S S R E A L E S T A T E . . . T O N Y J . P H O T O G R A P H Y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . U N I V E R S A L M O R T G A G E & F I N A N C E , I N C . . . . . . . . W A L N U T H I L L L A N D S C A P E C O M P A N Y . . . . . . . . . Y O U N G E R C O N S T R U C T I O N . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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P h o t o g r a p h y f o r Fa c e s o f A n n a p o l i s p r o f i l e s c o u r t e s y o f , To n y J . P h o t o g r a p h y, He a t h e r C r o w d e r P h o t o g ra p hy a n d Ja m i e Ho r t o n P h o t o g ra p hy (pg. 21)


F LY E R : F I R ST F I G A R O 3 I N A N N A P O L I S





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Welcome to Annapolis Home Magazine’s special publication, The Faces of Annapolis 2019. In this issue, we feature one of the coolest boats in Annapolis, the Figaro 3. We explored the boat ourselves and spent time with its owner. It is indeed a fascinating story. Looking for somewhere new to explore? Peruse our curated list of places and events that local Annapolitans find especially exciting to attend. Plus, there are many places to enjoy happy hour around town— we offer you ten we think are worth your trying. The profiles of leading professionals make up our special advertising section. They represent many of the top professionals who provide significant services to the greater Annapolis community and beyond. As a service to the community, we have also selected for inclusion two important cultural organizations to highlight and celebrate: the Banneker-Douglass Museum and Historic Annapolis. We hope you will hold on to this magazine and consult it throughout the year both as a guide for special things to do and as a resource for the professionals you rely upon. Robert Haywood and Kymberly Taylor Publishers Note: Faces of Annapolis are title exclusive. If you would like to be a part of the next Faces of Annapolis and reserve your space early, please contact robert@annapolishomemag.com.




A distillation of technology and innovation, Figaro 3 results from a collaboration between group Beneteau’s best experts and the Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost (VPLP) office, the architects of the two last boats to win the Vendée Globe. 3

The mast is set back, providing balance under sail. This allows the use of high performance sails and the addition of a bowsprit. Solo sailors will sail with a square-top mainsail, a genoa and a jib, but also a masthead spinnaker (to gain speed in a light breeze) and a small gennaker.

Laurent Givry on his Figaro 3, La Défonce Laurent Michel Givry strolled into Bert Jabin Yacht Yard in Annapolis, saw a Beneteau First 36.7 sailboat almost identical to the one he sailed with his father in France and bought it on the spot. The impulsive yet well-timed move introduced him to Rodney Jabin, president of Bert Jabin Yacht Yard, and also changed his life. The meeting touched off a series of events that would spur Givry to start racing in Annapolis, to purchase a faster sailboat, a Farr 400 from Jabin, and then purchase the ultimate fast ride—a Figaro Beneteau 3, the first production one design monohull foiling vessel and one of a handful of its kind in the United States. Givry purchased the 32-foot Figaro 3, named Boat of the Year 2019 by Sailing World, from Annapolis Yacht Sales. The Figaro 3 is unusual for its bright orange inward-facing foils that protruding like spider legs. Unlike the high-tech foiling boats seen in the America’s Cup, the Figaro 3 is not designed to rise out of the water. The retractable foils instead create an additional sideways force to reduce leeway significantly and improves the Figaro’s ability to point upwind and to plane. This system replaces the ballast tanks used in the Figaro 2, and makes the Figaro 3 much faster and lighter than her predecessor. Figaro 3 breaks brand new ground in other ways. With a price tag of approximately $220,000, it is relatively affordable

should you want to break into class racing or simply sail on an exceptional high-performing boat. Its technology births a new generation of one-design monohull foiling vessels suitable for offshore racing. Because its technology has not been used consistently before, it levels the playing field for experts and amateurs alike, in many respects. “Rank and file sailors now have access to a foil-assist platform once exclusive to elite off-shore racing sailors and bigger boats,” says Sailing World. Though it is hard to believe, Laurent calls himself an amateur sailor. Born in Toulouse, France he has crewed and captained on numerous large racing boats, recently winning the Annapolis Newport Race. He was ready for something new, where he could be closer to high-speed action. “Here, you have to be everything at one time,” gestures Givry while sitting in his Figaro, named aptly La Défonce, which translates roughly to “full blast”. “You must be bowman, trim the sails, work the cockpit, everything. Yes, this is exactly what I want,” he says, gesturing to the many multicolored lines feeding into the cockpit so he can singlehand the vessel. Givry, a former trapeze artist who founded the Circus Arts Workshop in McLean, Virginia, is used to aerial dynamics. He no longer teaches trapeze but today operates Elite Wines, which he founded in 2002 in Washington, D.C. That’s ok, Givry no longer need his trapeze, because on La Défonce, he can fly easily across the Bay.

S pe c i al Th a n k s t o R o d Ja b i n | B er t Jab i n Ya c h t Yard , b j y y. c o m | A n na p o li s Ya c h t S a le s, an n ap o li s yac h t s a le s. c o m


Aesthetic Lasers TH E FA C E OF


Amy Fleming, PA-C is a duly Board Certified Physician Assistant who found her passion and true calling in the field of aesthetic dermatology which she practices at ProMD Health. Amy has over 25 years of experience in the medical field and has perfected her craft with skill and artistry while catering to her patients’ desires and expectations.

Educator, and Laser specialist by big names in the field such as Allergan, Galderma, Sciton and several others. Amy believes that everyone is unique and has their own vision around what it takes to feel beautiful, healthy, and confident. Her greatest joy comes from helping people achieve that vision.

Over a decade ago Amy became inspired to focus solely on aesthetics after being a consumer herself. Her medical expertise combined with her experience being in the treatment chair herself makes her a passionate provider who understands just what it takes to Look and Feel Younger. She believes that gaining trust and building relationships are the foundation to having success and she treats every face and body with care as if it were her own.

When not at ProMD Health you can find Amy on the local baseball fields watching her two boys play ball, or out having dinner downtown with her husband and friends. Some local favorites are Vin 909 and Tsunami. She encourages you to stop her and say hello sometime, she loves getting to know her clients and neighbors.

Amy is a leading member and the Director of Aesthetic Provider training for the medical team at ProMD Health. She works tirelessly specializing in both helping patients look younger on the outside with her aesthetic treatments and feel younger on the inside with her knowledge of hormone optimization and interventional endocrinology. Her diligence and consistent practice have earned her many honors such as being hailed as an ExpertInjector™, National Trainer, Leading 6

“I am rewarded every day when a patient looks in the mirror and loves what I have done, or they tear up because I improved something that has bothered them for years. I say to myself, ‘This is why I love my job. This is what I am meant to do.’” -Amy Fleming, PA-C

P ro MD HEALTH 1 6 6 D E F E N S E H I G H WAY, S U I T E 3 0 2 , A N NA P O L I S, M D 2 1 4 0 1 4 1 0 . 4 4 9 . 2 0 6 0 | P RO M D H E A LT H . C O M

Botox and Dermal Fillers TH E FA C E OF


George O. Gavrila, M.D., is a University of Maryland-trained physician whose practice, ProMD Health, caters to patients seeking the latest in cosmetic dermatology and hormone optimization. A recognized ExpertInjector™ and an experienced national physician instructor, Dr. Gavrila understands that personal fulfillment comes from both rejuvenating one’s appearance and regaining one’s confidence. He has dedicated his life to fulfilling these wishes for his patients by specializing in a myriad of cosmetic procedures such as pain-free BOTOX®, nonsurgical filler based face-lifts, and transformational laser treatments. He always delivers an elegant, noninvasive approach to restoring an individual’s youth and vitality.

When he’s not practicing his artistry, you may run into Dr. Gavrila and his French bulldog, Cru, around their favorite haunts in downtown Annapolis, such as Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen and Osteria 177. He encourages you to stop him around town for a quick hello as he is very excited to meet his neighbors. Believing in the Annapolitan tradition of service to others, Dr. Gavrila has made service a key part of ProMD Health’s mission, regularly supporting many charities such as the Child Abuse Center and the Animal Rescue & Care Shelter.

Dr. Gavrila’s favorite quote is: “He who dares to teach, must never cease to learn.” In that spirit he is a member of numerous professional societies, including The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE), the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) and the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery (ASLMS). Through his open mindset and vast experience, Dr. Gavrila has earned the most prestigious statuses offered in his field: Black Diamond BOTOX® & JUVEDERM® injector, Presidential Elite Dysport® and Restylane® injector, and Bella Diamond Bellafill® injector. Dr. Gavrila is proud to be the only provider in the Annapolis area certified to offer the elite Y LIFT® procedure, as seen on The Dr. Oz Show and appearing in The New York Times.

P ro MD HEALTH 1 6 6 D E F E N S E H I G H WAY, S U I T E 3 0 2 , A N NA P OL I S, M D 2 1 4 0 1 4 1 0 . 4 4 9 . 2 0 6 0 | P RO M D H E A LT H . C O M INSTAG RAM: @DR. G EO RG EMD | FACEBOO K: PROMD H E A LT H


Interior Design TH E FA CE OF


Recognized for her timeless style that boasts a diverse skill set encompassing a worldly vision, Arlene Critzos is the founder and President of Interior Concepts, Inc. and has enjoyed an award-winning career in national and international interior design. Arlene has traveled and lived around the world, exposing her to many elements of design and architecture. After studying in the United States at Mount Vernon College and Georgetown University, she returned overseas for a comprehensive foreign study league in decorative arts in London, Holland, Rome and Paris. It is her international influence that Arlene credits her comfortable appeal for international interiors and a style she calls “global�. Interior Concepts is celebrating their 40th year in business. Arlene has grown her business into a full service, a multi-tiered, award-winning design firm with 50 employees, a 50,000 square foot warehouse along with its own delivery service. Arlene has broadened the design


capabilities to allow her team to work in multiple creative paths. Her highly talented senior design staff is known for their impeccable taste and professional manner. Their work includes a wide spectrum of designs from well-appointed family homes, beach retreats, mountain retreats, large flats and estates in the most prestigious addresses. They have worked in the U.S., the Bahamas, England, Spain, the Middle East, Malaysia, and China. It’s her passion for design and architecture that sets her apart. Arlene loves creating what she believes is the most valuable facet in a person life: their environment.

INTERIOR CONCEPTS, INC. 2 5 6 0 R I VA RO A D, A N NA P O L I S, M D 2 1 4 0 1 4 1 0 . 2 2 4 . 7 3 6 6 | I N T E R I O R C O N C E P T S I N C. C O M


Modern Carpet One Floor & Home MOD E R N CA RP ET ONE FLOOR & H OME Frank Inanloo, after receiving a graduate degree in industrial management, started his business and later joined an elite national co-op called Carpet One Floor & Home. He created a home flooring store in Annapolis that prides itself on beautiful products and unparalleled customer service. Frank has been in business in Maryland for 34 years, 12 of these in Annapolis. He and his son Tony have figured out that having a great product is not enough; providing outstanding personal service is equally important. “We are here to service the community and have guarantees and lifetime warranties on our installations,” explains Tony. In fact, the store’s “Beautiful Guarantee” states that if a client is not happy with their choice, Carpet One will replace their flooring at no extra cost with no questions asked. Surprisingly, says Tony, “I love it when this happens because a client becomes so loyal to us.” Tony and Frank’s team includes Pantea, David, Allison and their own installers. They believe in the store’s mission and welcome interior designers, new and returning customers.

“We are the destination center for all floor coverings, including carpet, area rugs, stair runners, plank vinyl tile, hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl, ceramic tile, laminate, and runners,” explains Tony. A stroll through their iconic glass-walled showroom reveals signature brands, including Stanton, Nourison, Couristan, Karastan, Fabrica, Masland, Kane, Shaw, and Mohawk, and several different brands of hardwood and ceramic tile for kitchen and bathroom floors, walls and backsplashes. As soon as you can, stop in, say hello and check out their offerings; there is much to admire at all price ranges.

MODERN CARPET ONE FLOOR & HOME 1 9 0 1 W E S T S T R E E T, A N NA P O L I S M D 2 1 4 0 1 4 1 0 . 9 9 0 . 1 1 1 1 | M O D E R N CA R P E TO N E A N NA P O L I S. C O M



Custom Building GRE G YOUNGER

Greg Younger, owner of Younger Construction in Annapolis, grew up working with his father in the construction business. Over the years, Greg learned that he had both a gift for craftsmanship and a talent for understanding how to remodel a home to fit a client’s needs. Greg loved the satisfaction he felt when he completed a project and his clients were overjoyed with the results. To him, there was no better feeling. Greg still works every day to achieve the same results. Younger Construction is highly skilled in both residential construction and light commercial construction. The company specializes in custom homes, renovations, additions, kitchens and bathrooms in Anne Arundel, Prince George’s and Queen Anne’s counties.   Before any work starts, Greg meets with potential clients to discuss their desires and vision. He listens to their expectations of the design, timeline and budget. Greg’s infectious energy helps clients overcome their fears and get excited about the project. After Greg gets to know the client’s needs, he helps them select a design they will be happy with for the long run. Even before the 10

work has begun, clients are amazed at the process. Greg and his detail-oriented crew do not cut any corners. They pride themselves on being perfectionists and they understand the importance of clean lines. Above all, they strive to meet and exceed all client expectations. Greg checks in with his clients regularly to make sure they are happy with how the project is going. This personal touch engages clients and enables them to be part of the process. Instead of feeling like a chore, the project feels more like a fun hobby. Seeing the look of joy on a client’s face when a job is complete is what attracted Greg to the business decades ago. Today, it’s still his favorite part of the job.

YOUNGER CONSTRUCTION 1 4 2 4 B R E W E R RO A D, A N NA P O L I S, M D 2 1 4 0 9 4 1 0 . 6 2 6 . 8 6 0 2 | YO U N G E R C O N S T RU C T I O N. C O M

Cosmetic Dentistry TH E FA CE OF


Dr. Brian Valle opened his private practice in the Severna Park/ Millersville area in 1989 with a simple mission: to provide professional, top-notch dentistry with a personal touch. A lifelong Maryland resident who was born and raised in Arnold, Dr. Valle earned his undergraduate degree from Loyola University in Baltimore and his dental degree from the University of Maryland Dental School. Dr. Valle believes the main factor in his success has been his dedication to staying on top of the advancements in modern dentistry. He’s devoted much time to studying advanced cosmetic dental techniques including implants, crowns, porcelain veneers, bonding, Invisilign®, and other functionally-related cosmetic technologies. A graduate of the Kois Center for Dental Advancement in Seattle, Washington, Dr. Valle has reached Mentor status and teaches and assists other dental professionals. Locally he spends time at the Stanton Center volunteering dental care for those who could not normally afford it.

Creating a warm and comforting environment is the goal of Dr. Valle and his staff, many who have been with the practice for over a decade. This year, Dr. Valle’s oldest daughter Brenna will join the practice upon her graduation from dental hygiene school. Dr. Valle and his staff welcome new patients and accept a variety of dental insurance plans.

DR. BRIAN VALLE P.A. FUNCTIONAL & COSMETIC DENTISTRY 2 5 1 NA J O L E S RO A D, M I L L E R S V I L L E , M D 2 1 1 0 8 4 1 0 . 9 8 7 . 9 1 0 0 | D R B R I A N VA L L E . C O M




E R I N HO R S T Erin Horst opened Evolutions in 2001 out of a love and respect for the fitness profession and a deep desire to help people struggling to find a place where they could feel comfortable working out. Fifteen years later, Erin is still dedicated to creating a supportive environment where fitness professionals can do what they do best and a welcoming facility that people of all backgrounds can call their “home away from home” for fitness. Evolutions’ philosophy focuses on the whole person—mind, body and spirit are equally important. Erin wants to spread mindfulness and wellness to as many people as possible. This desire stems from a personal struggle with depression and weight issues when she was younger. Erin started in the fitness industry at the age of 25, but soon discovered that without being well in mind and spirit, a fit body was not enough to achieve true wellness. After finding meditation


and mindfulness at age 28, Erin’s life changed dramatically. Erin’s desire to create a space for wellness has only intensified as she has become a mother and grown older. In keeping with this philosophy, Evolutions offers a wide variety of classes and services that support health, fitness and wellness. As Erin likes to say, “When people are mindful, they treat people better; the better we treat each other, the better off the world will be.”

EVOLUTIONS 1 8 3 4 G E O R G E AV E N U E , A N NA P O L I S, M D 2 1 4 0 1 4 1 0 . 2 2 4 . 7 2 2 0 | E VO L U T I O N S A N NA P O L I S. C O M

Plastic Surgery THE FA C E OF

E M I LY CL A R KE- P EA RSON, MD For Dr. Emily Clarke-Pearson, the most important part of every patient’s visit is that it is a positive and personal experience. It’s why she threw away clumsy clipboards and generic décor and created a relaxing space where she can meet with patients over fresh coffee and surrounded by art that makes it very clear that the visit is about starting a relationship. Dr. Clarke-Pearson is trained not only in general surgery, plastic surgery, and microsurgical reconstruction, but also as a sculptor and artist. Through her education at Brown, Harvard and Johns Hopkins Universities, her artistic, scientific and technical selves have always been working in harmony. That harmony is evident as soon as one steps into her boutique Fells Point office. The sunlight reflecting off the harbor illuminates a wall of plaques and certificates as brightly as it lights the paintings hanging throughout the office. The beauty of the space, comfortable seating and the simplicity of exposed brick reveal Dr. Clarke-Pearson’s philosophy: her role, before anything else, is to establish a personal connection and to make each

patient feel comfortable talking about their concerns, their desires and their hopes—whether it’s figuring out a skincare routine, fillers and injectables, a facelift, tummy tuck or breast augmentation. She believes strongly that plastic surgery is, first and foremost, “a process of self-care” that should occur in a comforting and beautiful environment. “If what you see in the mirror isn’t how you see yourself in your mind, that translates to how you feel about yourself throughout the day. It’s all a part of presenting yourself to the world. I want to make this a happy place where people feel safe, celebrated, and fun.” With this holistic approach, a patient is likely to emerge from Dr. Clarke-Pearson’s office refreshed and empowered and with something rare: an enduring trust-based relationship.

CHARM CITY PLASTIC SURGERY 9 4 9 F E L L S T, S U I T E B, BA LT I M O R E , M D 2 1 2 3 1 4 4 3 . 8 8 5 . 9 6 4 4 | C H A R M C I T Y P L A S T I C S U R G E RY. C O M


ADU Board Members, from left to right: Chris Kozimor, Linda Oliff-Rohleder, Christy Oliff, Christopher Hines, Nick Olenski, Tim Mister and Wally Hines



A D U - YO U R A P P L I A NCE SOURCE Linda Oliff-Rohleder and Christy Oliff are owners of Appliance Distributors Unlimited. Appliance Distributors Unlimited (ADU) was founded in 1983 by Thomas Oliff, a pioneer in the industry. He successfully ran ADU with integrity, a strong commitment to community, and by making sure his showrooms were staffed with industry experts. Sadly, he passed away in 2017. His daughters Linda and Christy own three Appliance Sources, each with their own displays. They have taken his five locations and incorporated them into their three, merging to create one large “small” business. Moving forward, they have combined logos and tag lines to rebrand the company and are proud to introduce the new ADU, your appliance source. Appliance Distributors Unlimited is the ultimate source for kitchen appliances in the mid-Atlantic region. Since 1982, they have been


the destination for home builders, kitchen designers, contractors, property managers and homeowners remodeling their kitchens. They provide outstanding selections with eight local and luxurious showrooms servicing Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Linda and Christy are excited about their expansion that combines the best of both worlds. They are committed to honoring their father’s vision and continuing to be leaders in the appliance industry.

ADU - YOUR APPLIANCE SOURCE A N NA P O L I S /BA LT I M O R E /E A S TO N /G A I T H E R S B U R G/ M E C H A N I C S V I L L E /TA KO M A PA R K / C H A N T I L LY, VA /YO R K , PA | 8 4 4 . 9 0 0 . 8 6 0 0 | A D U. C O M

Cathy Terranova, Mandy McNeely, Mark White, Tracy McGuiness, Kaila Jones


Kitchen Design K I T CHEN ENCO U NTERS

Mark T. White, CMKBD of Kitchen Encounters and his designers use the Interactive Design Process to help clients get the best results for their project and offer them many options for their kitchen design.

As clients, you’ll enjoy visiting the “home” studio built into a 1950’s Cape Cod-style house in the heart of the Annapolis Design District. In fact, Kitchen Encounters is one of the Design District’s founding members.

Kitchen Encounters has been in business since 1981 and is an active member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association. The designers enjoy working with the area’s finest architects, builders, interior designers and craftsmen. Their award-winning designs have appeared in many regional and national publications.

Let Kitchen Encounters help transform your space and enrich your home with a design that mirrors your vision of excellence. Visit their website to see their work, meet the team and learn more.

Kitchen Encounters has assembled a wonderful range of cabinets to meet their most discerning client’s requirements. They bring imaginative design together with quality and value for any room of your home that needs storage, organization and work/play space. The featured lines of cabinetry were chosen to not only facilitate your design, but enhance it.

KITCHEN ENCOUNTERS 2 0 2 L E G I O N AV E . , A N NA P O L I S, M D 2 1 4 0 1 4 1 0 . 2 6 3 . 4 9 0 0 | K I T C H E N E N C OU N T E R S. B I Z


Brian Hjemvik, ASLA, PLA Michael Prokopchak, ASLA Ben Rankin, ASLA



Landscape Architecture & Design WAL N U T HI L L L A NDSCAPE COMPANY While working as a teenager at a local nursery, Walnut Hill Landscape Company founder Michael Prokopchak discovered his passion for plants. Over the years, Michael became more immersed in the landscape industry. In 2005, he turned his calling into a tangible business with a mission to provide exceptional value by delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and service. Through their commitment to Teamwork & Relationships, Professionalism & Integrity, a Superior Image and a keen attention to Quality and Detail they have thrived ever since while earning numerous national and local awards. Walnut Hill stands apart from others in the industry due to the range of services they provide. Whether landscape installation, hardscape, or landscape management, the team is always ready to bring your vision to life. Their dedicated team of licensed landscape architects, designers, project managers, landscape industry-certified crews and relationships with industry specialists allow them to manage complex projects while ensuring they capture the essence of the client’s desires in bringing their dreams to fruition. Walnut Hill takes great pride in their personalized approach to client relations. Their relationship-based method relies heavily on communication with clients from design to installation and throughout the year for landscape management. They always strive

to provide a final product that reflects your personal style and exceeds your expectations. Walnut Hill Landscape Company’s clients can be found in distinctive residential properties all around the Bay and beyond—including Annapolis and the Baltimore and Washington metropolitan areas. Additionally, their Easton, Maryland office services clients on the Eastern Shore. These clients have one thing in common, a simply stunning finished product. Walnut Hill is a proud member of American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), Landscape Contractors Association of MD, VA, D.C. (LCA), National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), American Institute of Architects (AIA), Annapolis Design District.

WALNUT HI LL LANDSCAPE COMPANY 1 5 6 3 SA INT MA RG A RETS ROA D, A NNA POL IS, MD 2 1 409 | 410.349.3105 1 1 0 N. WA SHING TON STREET, EA STON, MD 2 1 6 0 1 | 410.690.0977



Mortgage Lending TH E FA C E OF


E R N I E DO NA L D SO N No one knows mortgages like Ernie Donaldson! He has spent his career with Universal Mortgage and Finance, Inc., starting as a loan officer in 1998, and quickly moving up to Branch Manager for the Headquarters Office in Edgewater. His depth of knowledge of the products available to homeowners is unparalleled. Ernie has built his business by putting client needs first. From firsttime homebuyers on tight budgets, to up-sizing buyers using Jumbo or Conventional loans, to veterans using government programs and everything in between, Ernie works to meet each client’s specific needs at the lowest interest rate availble. Ernie also offers very attractive refinancing terms for established homeowners looking to capitalize on the equity of their home. He is detail oriented and works with urgency to close every purchase and refinance on time. He has even solved last minute settlement problems while on vacation with his family in Hawaii! He is that dedicated to closing day for his clients. 18

He is licensed in 17 states: NJ, FL, TX, AL, IA, PA, CA, WA, including Washington D.C. Anyone looking for a second home or investment property outside MD can put their trust in Ernie to get the deal done smoothly and at a low rate! If you want your home purchase or refinance to be closed on time with the best competitive rate, like his business card says, ERNIE DONALDSON IS THE “MORTGAGE MAGICIAN” FOR YOU!

UNIVERSAL MORTGAGE & FINANCE, INC. 3 1 5 8 B R AV E RTO N S T R E E T, S U I T E # 2 0 4 E D G E WA T E R , M D 2 1 0 3 7 | 2 4 0 . 8 3 2 . 3 2 3 9 | U M A F I . C O M /E R N I E

NMLS #160865 | UMAFI’s NMLS #118030


Real Estate DAV I D ORS O

David Orso is known as the “local boy turned Realtor�. David discovered his passion for real estate about 20 years after investing in real estate properties. As a life-long resident of the Annapolis area, David is extremely knowledgeable about the Annapolis, Severna Park and Arnold real estate markets. David leads a small team of experts which has been ranked #1 in Anne Arundel County, regardless of brokerage, for total sales volume for six years in a row. David was voted as one of the top ten agents in America by the Real Estate Institute of America, is consistently recognized by his peers as a thought leader and innovator and as a well-known speaker and author on the topic of residential real estate. During the past 36 months, David has sold over $184 million in real estate in Anne Arundel County. On average, his listings sell within 57 days and for at least 95 percent of the original list price. David built his business on several key principles: systematic attention to detail, excellence in marketing and skilled negotiations. His success in life and business demonstrate his innate ability to build and nurture relationships and provide exceptional service to his clients

with world-class professionalism. David has a vision to elevate the standard of excellence in the residential real estate industry through his 82-point home selling system. David obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Dayton with a major in Psychology. He earned his MBA from Loyola College of Baltimore with a concentration in Strategic Marketing. David continued his academic endeavors at Harvard University Law School in the esteemed Program on Negotiation.

Visit us - davidorso.com T HE DAVI D OR SO T E A M C OM PA SS R E A L E STA T E 8 E V E R G R E E N R D, S E V E R NA PA R K , M D 2 1 1 4 6 4 1 0 . 7 0 3 . 4 1 8 0 | DAV I D O R S O. C OM



Title Insurance



Celebrating its 10th anniversary this June, Church Circle Title and Escrow is located in historic downtown Annapolis. Attorney and owner, Jehanne McIntyre Edwards, confesses, “People don’t always know what their title company does between the time a real estate contract is signed and the closing is held.” She laughs, “We are like ducks: calm on the surface but paddling like crazy underneath to make sure every settlement is smooth and stress free.”

That’s where Edward’s 30 years of experience as an attorney comes into play. Anyone who has endured a real estate closing can attest to the overwhelming number of documents typically required. The standard purchase contract alone is twelve pages of fine print. Mortgage documents add another layer of complexity. This is where the help of an experienced title company, especially one lead by an attorney, is a huge benefit. Jehanne and her team work one-on-one with buyers, sellers, their real estate agents and lenders to make sure every document is in place and every detail is dealt with long before settlement. At the table, Jehanne explains each document. “I want the closing process to be smooth and, most of all, understandable for my clients”, says Jehanne. 20

She is also “of counsel” with the Buck Law Group, with whom CCTE shares office space. Deed transfers, private contracts, complicated addenda, seller financing and escrow agreements are among the many non-standard property documents that Jehanne can prepare for clients. Maryland allows residential real estate buyers to choose their title company. Selecting an experienced, independent organization such as Church Circle Title and Escrow offers significant benefits. With their “hands on” approach to each transaction, Jehanne and her team have developed a business model that delivers timely, understandable, glitchfree closings. Jehanne and her husband, Michael, a retired United States Marine Officer, have two daughters, two black and tan mixed breed dogs they rescued in North Carolina and an ornery Blue and Gold Macaw named Pablo. They enjoy riding bikes on the B&A Trail, going to the “Y” in Arnold and summer vacations in Rehoboth.

CHURCH CIRCLE TITLE & ESCROW 2 3 W E S T S T, A N NA P O L I S, M D 2 1 4 0 1 410.269.6488 | CCTITLE.NET

Custom Painting THE FA CE OF


W I L L S HEI L S & DA R D EN PICK ALL Blue Star Paint and Property Services, LLC was founded in 2007 to serve the local Annapolis community with quality and dedication to high end craftsmanship. Partners Will Sheils and Darden Pickall met while students at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and later found that, with their combined talent and passion, they could make a greater impact on the Annapolis community. What sets Blue Star apart from other home improvement companies is their personal touch throughout any home remodel or painting project. Whether a single accent wall or a complete home makeover, Will and Darden are on site and available for questions or suggestions. No project is too big or too small. Their end goal is always the same: to take their clients vision and make it reality. Each project is tailored specifically to the client’s needs and Blue Star will work to combine client expectations with aesthetic and function. Experience and in-house design give Blue Star the competitive advantage. Just as capable on a large commercial remodel as a private residential project, examples of Blue Star’s work can be seen from

downtown Washington, D.C., to the streets of Historic Annapolis, across the Chesapeake Bay, and throughout the Eastern Shore. It is Blue Star’s policy that, regardless of location, each client deserves a seamless process from start to finish that results in a premium product. Always up for a challenge, Blue Star especially enjoys working with homeowners to maintain the historic details and craftmanship of older homes, while enhancing those unique details with modern day conveniences. Blue Star is a proud member of the Annapolis Design District and works closely with many local vendors to provide the highest quality service to all. They strive to not only work for the community but with the community as well.

BLUE STAR PAINT AND PROPERT Y 1 3 5 G I B R A LT E R AV E , A N NA P O L I S, M D 2 1 4 0 1 4 4 3 . 9 4 9 . 9 1 5 6 | B L U E S TA R PA I N T. C O M


From Left to Right: Robert James, Director of Marketing and Communications; Schillica Howard, Curator of Collections; Sabriyah Hassan, Director of Programs; Chanel Compton, Executive Director; LeRonn Herbert, Administrative Manager; Theodore Hyman, Security.


African-American History AND C U LT U RE

T HE BANNEKER- D OUGLASS MUSEUM As the State of Maryland’s official museum of African American heritage, Banneker-Douglass Museum serves to document, to interpret, and to promote African American history and culture (particularly in Maryland) through exhibitions, programs and projects in order to improve the understanding and appreciation of America’s rich cultural diversity for all. With over 12,000 items in the collections database, and the Sylvia Gaither Garrison Library, the Banneker-Douglass Museum serves as an indispensable resource for anyone looking to research African American history in Maryland. This year marks the museum’s 35th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of the Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture, which governs the museum. In February of 2018, Governor Larry Hogan issued a proclamation establishing the commemorative year in observation of the bicentennial of the birth of Frederick Douglass whom the museum is named after and encouraged Marylanders to visit the museum as part of the administration’s effort to preserve African American history, culture and heritage.


The permanent exhibit, “Deep Roots, Rising Waters” provides an overview of African American history in Maryland from 1633 through present day. Come learn about Frederick Douglass, Benjamin Banneker, Harriett Tubman, Matthew Henson and see how African Americans throughout Maryland have made lasting changes for all Americans. Banneker-Douglass Museum is located in downtown, historic Annapolis at 84 Franklin Street. Hours are Tuesday-Saturday, from 10 am-4 pm. Make sure you visit the museum online at bdmuseum. maryland.gov, as well as like us on Facebook (@BannekerDouglass) and follow us on Instagram (@bannekerdouglassmuseum). See you at the museum!

THE BANNEKER-DOUGLASS MUSEUM 8 4 F R A N K L I N S T R E E T, A N NA P O L I S, M D 2 1 4 0 1 4 1 0 . 2 1 6 . 6 1 8 0 | B D M U S E U M . M A R Y L A N D. G O V




F R A N K L IN CHR I S TOPH ER, J R. Located in Beltsville, MD, in the heart of the DC/Baltimore construction corridor, Moulding Inc. offers the largest selection of moulding products in Maryland. Homeowners and building professionals alike can browse the large, light-filled showroom and choose from hundreds of prefabricated and custom crown and base moulding, casings, stair parts, columns, interior and exterior doors and door hardware. The space is designed to inspire and sure to please. Owner, Franklin Christopher, started Mouldings Inc. just four years ago with the simple goal of providing outstanding customer service. His 75% repeat customer rate signals success in this regard! Franklin is happy to work with contractors or homeowners. He can brainstorm in the store or meet at the jobsite to measure and plan in situ. Either way, Franklin and his team expect to work hand in hand with every person who walks through the door. “Each customer gets as much time as they need to make sure they are satisfied,” says Franklin. “We stay involved until they are sipping coffee on their porch,” he further explains.

Franklin learned the moulding business from the ground up, working as a kid for his father’s moulding distribution business. He credits this experience with giving him an unparalleled depth of product knowledge and eye for interior detail. But the customer is what really matters to him. Every customer is valuable and important, from the homeowner who wants to match 4 feet of moulding to the contractor planning an entire apartment building. “My passion,” says Franklin, “is helping people transform their homes. That’s what I really enjoy.”

MOULDINGS INC. L A R G E S T S E L E C T I O N. L O W E S T P R I C E S. S U P E R I O R S E RVI C E 1 1 7 1 2 - C BA LT I M O R E AV E N U E , B E LT S V I L L E , M D 2 0 7 0 5 2 4 0 . 2 6 4 . 8 1 9 9 | M O U L D I N G S I N C - M D. C O M



Home Furnishings AN D A CC ES S ORI ES

SC O T T & HEA THER SUMMERS Scott and Heather Summers moved to the Annapolis area from South Carolina for Scott’s job with the federal government. Busy raising their two boys, Heather fueled her passion for home furnishings and accessories as a vendor at local design malls and monthly tag sales. As her success grew, so did her desire to one day open her own shop. That dream became a reality when Scott retired from civil service and encouraged Heather open their own brick and mortar store. Park Home, located in Severna Park Plaza, opened in the fall of 2017. Now the husband and wife team welcome those looking for the perfect piece to accent their homes. Each item is handpicked for the store and offers homeowners a comfortable and curated look. Traveling to furniture shows in the US and Europe, Heather and Scott select new furniture and accessories as well as vintage and


antique finds. They strive to offer pieces that will be loved for many years to come. Recent additions from Europe include some vintage jars, cameras and books. Customers aren’t limited to what they see in the store: custom orders for lighting, furniture and rugs are also available. If there is something that you’ve been searching for, Heather and Scott are ready to help you find it and create the home you desire.

PARK HOME 5 6 8 E R I T C H I E H I G H WAY, S E VE R NA PA R K , M D 2 1 1 4 6 4 1 0 . 5 4 4 . 1 1 2 7 | PA R K H O M E S T Y L E . C O M


Beautiful Cabinetry J O N I Z I MMERMA N, CK D, CBD As Founder, President and Artistic Director, Joni is the driving force behind Design Solutions, Inc. She designs in layers, adding detail and interest to create spaces that are timelessly classic, yet surprising and refreshing. Joni draws upon a background in design and architecture, as well as psychology and human dynamics, to create spaces that truly work for the client. Unique spatial challenges are one of her specialties. Joni is passionate about sustainable designs and products in the home. As more people make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle that includes eating organic and locally produced food, Joni has focused her creativity on how this lifestyle can be supported through kitchen design. She and her team believe the design process is most effective when they truly understand their clients—who they are as a family, how

they will use the space, what are their personal aesthetic tastes and priorities. She builds a relationship with her clients, listens to their needs and guides them through the process. Her ultimate goal is to create a design that meets the functional and financial demands of each client, while achieving a look that fits perfectly, for both the client and the home.

DESIGN SOLUTIONS, INC. A N NA P O L I S, M D | 4 1 0 . 7 5 7 . 6 1 0 0 | D S I K I T C H E N S. C O M




DE V I N K I MMEL , A I A , ASLA Devin Kimmel, AIA, ASLA is the head of a fast-growing architecture firm based in Annapolis MD. Kimmel and his team of ten have decades of experience planning, designing and renovating high-end custom homes, historic mansions, waterfront estates and horse farms. They also design memorials, academic campuses, sporting venues and restaurants. The main advantage that Kimmel has over other architects is that he was trained as a landscape architect as well as an architect. This combination of architecture and landscape results in a holistic approach to design, where nature is not an afterthought but an integral part of the process. His ability to artfully integrate buildings into their landscapes separates Kimmel from the rest. Also visible in Kimmel’s designs is his substantial knowledge of classical forms and architectural history. Knowing tradition, however, does not imply that he feels bound by it. Kimmel is an expert in traditional forms, and frequently designs traditional-style architecture, but he also develops plans for award-winning modern


buildings. He says that even when designing a modern home, it is history that helps him to decide when and where to bend or even break traditional rules. Kimmel feels that he has accomplished his mission not when he designs a house that fits perfectly within a specific style, but when the client looks at the design and says, “Yes, this is me.” To achieve this feeling of recognition, the architect actively listens to his clients and encourages them to become members of the design team. “It is their home, not mine. I am the pencil in my client’s hand so that they can feel that the house is just for them. It’s my job to give architectural form to their vision,” reasons Kimmel. That is why, Kimmel says, the designs of his firm are so varied: because their clients are so varied.



Waterfront Design G I NA F I TZSI MMO NS

Interior designer Gina Fitzsimmons wanted to live on the water for as long as she could remember. Raised in Annapolis from the age of 13, she not only observes but internalizes daily the Chesapeake Bay’s complex palette, its majestic surfaces, its intelligence, the uncanny ability to repair the balance.The singular beauty of its flora and fauna, right down to the anterior of a Chincoteague oyster or the celandine arc of marsh grass, forms her design philosophy. “My aesthetics of integrating natural materials and contrasting textures are part of the classic look and comfortable ease of my Chesapeake design style. I focus on bringing the view into the room and melding the interior architecture and furnishings.” In her early career days, Fitzsimmons renovated homes, getting involved in interior and architectural details, transforming residences often gutted right down to the studs. With this valuable hands-on knowledge, she is able to assess a home structurally and often works with architects and builders from the ground up, during a home’s design and building phases. Like the tides and its levels, Fitzsimmons is always moving or making a plan, working towards her goals.

Now at the top of her game, she is a full service ASID interior designer, kitchen and bath designer with NKBA and owner of a retail design boutique featuring furnishings and accessories with a coastal influence. Her goal is simple: “I want my clients to enjoy living on the water as much as I do,” she says. Because every day is different and each client unique, Fitzsimmons loves her job. She also loves her life and for a very good reason: she wakes up everyday in her fabulous home on Spa Creek to nothing but sky and water.

FITZSIMMONS DESIGN ASSOCIATES, INC. 9 1 8 BAY R I D G E RO A D, A N NA P O L I S, M D 2 1 4 0 3 4 1 0 . 2 6 9 . 1 9 6 5 | F I T Z S I M M O N S D E S I G N. C O M


Securities through Independent Financial Group, LLC (IFG), a registered broker-dealer. Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through Scarborough Capital Management, a registered investment advisor. IFG and Scarborough Capital Management are unaffiliated entities.


Financial Planning

GR E G O R Y O STROWS KI, MANAGIN G PARTNER Your financial future.

Few things are as important or as intimidating to contemplate. From wealth management to retirement planning, handling your money isn’t a trip you should plan to take alone. Greg Ostrowski understands this and develops strategies to address each client’s unique situation. His overarching goal is to provide visibility on a client’s “big picture” so they can make proactive decisions. For those nearing retirement, this might mean mapping out an income strategy; it’s one thing to save and grow assets, but another thing entirely to make a plan for assets to last. For those just starting to accumulate wealth, it might mean prioritizing and automating savings. As a long-time Annapolitan, Greg was the youngest of five children in a Navy family; his wife Sabrina is an accountant in Annapolis; his sister owns Weems Creek Nursery School in West Annapolis, where his brother also owns Redds Automotive. Greg and Sabrina have four children—Patrick, Evangeline, Everett and Amelia. 28

Greg holds a degree in Finance from Villanova University. He is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™ and a Forbes contributor. Greg has been recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 Registered Investment Advisor by WealthManagement.com, featured in Baltimore Magazine as a 2019 Five Star Wealth Manager and voted “Best Financial Advisor” in The Capital ’s Reader’s Choice awards four times. Greg and his wife, Sabrina, are board members of the Anne Arundel Medical Center Building Traditions Society. Greg also serves on the St. Mary’s Alumni Association board. Getting to know you, your hopes and your goals is an essential element in the wealth management equation and in Greg’s work.

SCARBOROUGH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 1 9 0 6 TO W N E C E N T R E B LVD, S U I T E 2 6 0 , A N NA P O L I S, M D 2 1 4 0 1 | 4 1 0 . 9 7 2 . 2 5 2 5 | S C M A DV I C E . C O M


Home Improvement M A R K VA NR EUTH

The rehab, redo and renovation craze sweeping the country has created a boom in the home improvement industry. Many remodelers have come and gone, but as a builder and businessman Mark vanReuth has successfully run Brightview Builders for over 30 years. When considering professionals to work on your most valuable possession—your home—honesty, integrity and longevity are traits that should be at the top of your hiring criteria. Brightview Builder’s owner, Mark vanReuth, is a native of the area, went to school in Severna Park and is an active member of the community with several awards and certifications for projects and leadership. In this market (and for our own pleasure as we arrive home) curb appeal has the spotlight. Mark and his staff are especially talented at transforming the outside of your home to make it stand out in your neighborhood.

We experience the whole spectrum of weather in our area­: sun, winds, rain, snow, which can really take a toll on your home. New siding and windows not only protect your home, they can reduce drafts and increase insulation, all included in a makeover! Products are available in wood, vinyl and fibercement with several shapes and sizes in many colors. We will certainly find the perfect one for you.

BRIGHTVIEW BUI LDERS A R N O L D, M D 4 1 0 . 6 4 7 . 3 1 0 0 | B R I G H T V I E W S I D I N G. C O M


Design/ Build /Live TH E FA CE OF

KURT S HE PA R D & C R A I G MA RTIN | L IS A TUL L AI | AARO N DRUM M ON D While Design/Build is a popular method used to execute a construction project, these three local independent firms team together to take that experience one step further. Kurt Shepard and Craig Martin, principals of Spire Architecture; Lisa Tullai, principal of Annapolis Interiors; and Aaron Drummond, co-owner of TailorCraft Builders collaborate using a unique integrated Design/Build/Live process that provides expert guidance to homeowners on new construction and renovation projects. While each award-winning firm continues to operate independently allowing them to focus on their specialty services, their teaming on Design/Build/Live projects offers homeowners something special­— an all-inclusive approach in the design, budgeting and multiple decision phases that can be a challenging part of the home building and renovation process. From the initial conceptual rendering to architectural plans and engineering; space planning and interior finish selections; and budgeting, construction and project management, having a cohesive team working together utilizing this distinctive approach from start to finish yields better results, lower costs and happier clients. Kurt Shepard, AIA, earned his Bachelors of Architecture Degree from Catholic University, and Craig Martin, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB earned his Bachelors of Science in Building Construction at Virginia Tech, and his Masters of Architecture at Catholic University. They combined 30

their talents and founded SPIRE Architecture six years ago. With a degree in Interior Design and several years of practising experience, Lisa Tullai established Annapolis Interiors over 12 years ago. Former Marine Corps Officer and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Aaron Drummond and his partner Rick Dyson (not pictured) have been leading TailorCraft Builders for nine years. All are proud members of the Annapolis Design District (ADD).





Roofing, Windows and Siding ROB CAL HA N & A RT I E H EN DRICK S When Rob Calhan and Artie Hendricks teamed up in 2015 to start Landmark Roofing they had one goal in mind: provide quality service. For this reason, the entire Landmark Team always strives to do the right thing and ensure that customers are satisfied. Landmark truly cares about their customers, their customers’ families and their customers’ homes. Artie, with associate degrees in Architecture and Construction Management, and Rob, with a B.A. in Business, together brought a fresh approach to an old industry. Rather than taking on the established traditions of typical sales and marketing, Artie and Rob forged a unique hybrid approach to their brand that they now bring to local areas. Landmark clients can be found all around Anne Arundel county and beyond. One factor behind the success of Landmark is their dedication to staying on top of advancements and training in the Roofing industry and to providing products and services that exceed industry standards. This is apparent in the products that they offer. For example, Landmark proudly offers GAF shingles for which they are Master Elite contractors.

Landmark Roofing became the quickest contractor to reach such status in the company’s history. Landmark also proudly offers Simonton windows, for which they are Master Consultants, and were recently selected to offer Private Label Exterior Portfolio siding, who is the leading siding manufacture in the US. From the beginning, Landmark Roofing has always believed in giving back to the community. Since 2016, Landmark Roofing has offered a ‘Roof Give Away” to a local family in need. Landmark believes that a community is best served through volunteering, so they offer their time and services to community improvement efforts in local neighborhoods and schools. Among the company’s community improvement efforts, Landmark participates in local grounds clean-ups and worked to restore accessibility to the B&A Bike trail by rebuilding a widely used ramp in the community and sponsors the Severna Park Community Center.

LANDMARK ROOFING 5 4 0 BA LT I M O R E A N NA P O L I S B LVD, A N NA P O L I S, M D 2 1 4 0 1 4 4 3 . 2 2 3 . 7 4 5 3 | RO O F I N G B Y L A N D M A R K . C O M


Erica Redmond, Associate Attorney

Tara Frame, Managing Partner


Estate Planning,


TA R A K . FR A ME & ER ICA REDMOND For over 65 years, Frame & Frame Attorneys at Law has been serving the legal needs of the community. The firm often works with multiple generations of the same family, for thoughtful estate planning and during times of crises. Vernon Frame began the practice in 1954 and built a solid reputation as a local trusted advisor for families in Anne Arundel County. His daughter, Tara Frame, began working at the firm in 1996 as an attorney and has been responsible for all day-to-day operations since 2002. “It is so fulfilling to be able to represent not only my father’s past clients, but those clients’ children and grandchildren as well, who return to us whenever they need legal advice or legal representation,” notes Tara, who graduated with a B.A. from Johns Hopkins University and a J.D. Cum Laude from University of Baltimore School of Law. Today, the firm provides a variety of legal services to the community. Tara Frame focuses on estate planning, elder law, probate and estate 32

administration, while her associate Erica Redmond focuses on family law, guardianship and personal injury cases. Frame & Frame meets personally with each client to assess his or her needs and create customized solutions to their legal issues. The firm has received numerous awards including Best Law Firm, Leading Lawyer and Tara Frame was most recently recognized by the Maryland SBA as the 2019 Attorney Advocate of the Year. Frame & Frame is proud to serve as your family’s lawyers and trusted advisors.

FRAME & FRAME, ATTORNEYS AT LAW 8 5 6 2 FORT SMA L LWOOD RD, PA SA DENA , MD 2 1 1 2 2 | 410.255.0373 7 2 1 MA IN STREET, STEV ENSV I L L E, MD 2 1 6 6 6 | 4 1 0 . 643.2202



Boutique Bakeries CAR R I E O L I SH

Carrie Olish, born and raised in Annapolis, learned to bake as a little girl while spending time in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother. After she had children of her own, she began baking with them, often sharing her cakes and cupcakes with family and friends. Neighbors and friends began to approach her to bake for their special occasions, encouraging her to start her own bakery, and Blue Crab Cupcakes was born. Just walking into Blue Crab Cupcake’s charming storefront on Whitehall Rd is a treat for the senses. Carrie was a Division 1 Lacrosse Athlete in College and brings this same spirit of hard work and team focus to her business. She and her staff of 16 develop all their own recipes, constantly collaborating on new flavors and textures. They work hard to make sure every item goes above and beyond their customers’ expectations.

Blue Crab Cupcakes specializes in regular size and mini cupcakes, wedding and special occasion cakes, macarons, cake pops, sandwich cookies, vegan and gluten free options, and much more. Carrie has received numerous awards for her amazing creations. With over 150 weddings booked this season, the greater Annapolis community is clearly catching on too. Everyone at Blue Crab Cupcakes strives to challenge themselves to bring boutique and trending styles for every occasion. Whether you’re stopping in for a quick treat, or working with Carrie to design that perfect specialty cake, Blue Crab Bakery will deliver an amazing sensory experience!

BLUE CRAB CUPCAKES 1 5 8 0 W H I T E H A L L R D, A N NA P O L I S, M D 2 1 4 0 9 4 4 3 . 2 2 1 . 7 2 4 6 | B L U E C R A B C U P CA K E S. C O M


Historic Annapolis THE FA CE OF


Annapolis Home Magazine, at its biannual design awards in November 2018, awarded Historic Annapolis its highest Leadership Award for its great dedication in ensuring that Annapolis’ Colonial landmarks are preserved and that the historical character of the city continues to play a vital role in the present everyday life. Without the dedicated efforts of Historic Annapolis, Annapolis might look like any other town in America. Historic Annapolis was instrumental in getting the Colonial Annapolis Historic District listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The organization has successfully advocated for ordinances and zoning restrictions that continue to safeguard the city’s unique architecture, welcoming waterfront, and scenic vistas. Because of these efforts, Annapolis has one of the largest concentrations of colonial buildings in the nation. Since October 2012, Robert Clark has been the President and CEO of Historic Annapolis. Karen Theimer Brown is the Vice President of Preservation.

HISTORIC ANNAPOLIS 4 2 E A S T S TR E E T, A N NA P O L I S, M D 2 1 4 0 1 4 1 0 . 2 6 7 . 7 6 1 9 | A N NA P O L I S. O R G


Photography THE FA C E OF


Meeting each project with a creative eye and attention to detail, Tony Lewis Jr translates your desired look and feel into tangible, visual content. As the founder and CEO of Tony J Photography, Tony has been an Annapolis photographer for more than a decade, with an array of photos appearing in major local and regional publications as well as private collections. A picture is worth a thousand words and in this day and age when cell phones and filters make it easy to take a picture (but perhaps not the right picture), elevate your story above the rest. From individual shoots in the studio, to on-location photography or large multi-faceted productions, complete with every accessory—from jibs to drones and video—Tony takes your idea from concept to completion in a friendly, professional manner. Tony values working closely with clients, making even the most nervous and camera-shy client comfortable and relaxed. He combines stateof-the-art technology and talent to provide photography that is unique, showcasing the client’s personality and story.

TONY J. PHOTOGRAPHY AN NA P O L I S, M D | 4 1 0 . 9 7 2 . 5 8 9 4 TO N Y J P H OTOG R A P H Y. C O M


Best Happy Hours

Including Those with a View!

We celebrate Happy Hour because it is a time to meet up with friends after a long day at work. During Happy Hour, you can start to unwind and shed the stresses of the day. Happy Hour can also mark the beginning of the weekend. We visited restaurants in the Annapolis area that offer Happy Hour specials and developed a list of our top places. They are numbered but unranked. As restaurants often change their menus, you may want to call ahead to verify Happy Hour specials. We also note those establishments that do not offer Happy Hour pricing at their outside dining areas.


1. McGarvey’s $5 Wines, Beers, single liquor drinks. $8 signature appetizers. Tucked in between Middleton’s Tavern and historic Shiplap House, this tavern has been a favorite spot for locals for over 40 years, with possibly the best cheeseburgers, oysters and crab balls in town. Sit at the gleaming bar and have an oyster-shooter while absorbing the flavors of working Annapolis.

6. Blackwall Hitch Select domestic/imported bottles, select rail cocktails, select wines by the glass. Daily specials and $1 oysters. With its low-key Eastport tempo, the Hitch is nautical plush with a coastal menu. Beware: the appetizers during Happy Hour, especially the calamari and seared tuna, are addicting. Alert: The Rooftop does not offer Happy Hour pricing.

Happy Hour: Mon–Fri, 2:00–6:00 PM | mcgarveysannapolis.com 8 Market Space, Annapolis, MD 21401

Happy Hour: Mon–Fri, 3:00–7:00 PM | theblackwallhitch.com 400 Sixth Street, Annapolis, MD 21403

2. Severn Inn Food specials include $1 oysters, grilled sweet chili wings and more. Beer specials: Abita $3.95 and Natty Boh $2.95. Wine Specials: Select wines $6.95/glass. Dazzle the senses while absorbing fresh oysters and sweeping views through an elegant wall of windows. You almost feel as if you were dining outside. Alert: Happy Hour excludes outdoor bar.

7. Red Red Wine Bar $5 crab dip, $5 red or white wine of the day, $5 sangria, $3 draft beer of the day, $5 well drinks. 35+ wines by the glass and 120+ wines by the bottle. The food here is a fusion of Maryland coastal and Cali flare. If you are seeking an elegant velvet cafe, you have found it. Relax in an Edith Wharton-inspired space, with curvaceous settees and cozy booths, while sampling flights of wine.

Happy Hour: Mon–Fri, 3:00–6:00 PM | severninn.com 1993 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Anapolis, MD 21409

Happy Hour: Mon–Fri, 3:00–6:00 PM redredwinebar.com/annapolis 189B Main Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

3. Pusser’s For a heady dose of Ego Alley, you will sit closer to the water than anywhere else in Annapolis. Watch boats wander by or wiz along while sampling appetizers, and craft and domestic beers at reduced prices. There are many tourists so be prepared. Alert: Happy Hour excludes waterside bar. Happy Hour: Mon–Fri, 4:00–7:00 PM | pussersannapolis.com 80 Compromise Street, Annapolis, MD 21401 4. The Point 1/2 priced appetizers, $2 Domestic drafts, $3.50 craft/import drafts, $1 off rail drinks, $5 house wines, at inside and outside seating. Live Music every Wed/Thurs from 5:00–8:00 PM. Wine O-Wednesday’s: 1/2 price bottles of House Wine. This is a truly water-side experience. Arrive by boat or car, and enjoy live music, fresh seafood and their famous Nutty Buddies that hark back to an earlier era. Boaters and locals alike love this place, so the wait may be very long. Happy Hour: Mon–Fri, 3:00–6:00 PM | thepointcrabhouse.com 700 Mill Creek Road, Arnold, MD 21012 5. Sailor Oyster Bar Beer & Wine specials, $1 local oysters. If you want to try a unique menu and a variety of fresh oysters with your mates, this is your place. Located on West Street, this locally-owned watering hole may be tiny but overflows with character, characters and tasty small plates paired thoughtfully with craft beers and wines. Happy Hour: Tues–Fri, 4:00–5:30 PM, Sat 12:00–3:00 PM, Sun, 12:00–Close | sailoroysterbar.com 196 West Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

8. Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge $5 Kentucky Mule, $5 grapefruit or pineapple frizz, select $5 wines and specially priced appetizers. Happy Hour is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 4-7pm at this hip and happy, locallyowned, West Street establishment. Admire its art-rouge décor and enjoy both on the roof and downstairs-select drinks and food. Happy Hour: Tues–Fri, 4:00–7:00 PM metropolitanannapolis.com 175 West Street, Annapolis, MD 21401 9. Davis’ Pub Beer, wine and drink specials! Located far from the bustling crowd in Eastport, this unpretentious pub built in the 1930s exudes the laisse faire style of Old Eastport and marina life. It offers outstanding steamed shrimp served up with Chesapeake pride and a hearty dose of attitude. Happy Hour: Mon–Fri, 3:30–6:30 PM | davispub.com/menu 400 Chester Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21403 10. Fox’s Den Located in the historic heart of Annapolis right off of Church Circle, the sassy Den offers $3 off house cocktails, $2 off beers/ wines by the glass and $4 off pizza/mussels & frites. It is an oldfashioned pub, serving up local and small batch beers and spirits along with a brick oven menu with flatbreads and mussels. Happy Hour: Mon–Fri, 5:00–6:00 PM | foxsden.com 179B Main Street, Annapolis, MD 21401


Brazilian Murals in the Annapolis Design District Mural photography by Tony Lewis, Jr.

Live Like a Local

Must See Places

If you are new to Annapolis, or just visiting, it can take a while to learn about all the special places and events in the area. We offer you here some of our favorite, year-round events and places, some of which may be unfamiliar to even long-time residents. greenbury point trail For some of us, a good hiking trail is irresistible. In the Annapolis area, Greenbury Point Trail on the broadneck peninsula is such a find. Mostly flat, It is good for all skill levels. And they allow dogs! It’s also scenic and sometimes surprising. FYI: Those big radio towers you may be wondering about are actually home to completely entrancing osprey and their nests, managed by the U.S. Naval Academy and the Naval Research Laboratory. alltrails.com/greenburypointtrail The William Paca House & Gardens The Paca house is a mecca for tourists coming to town. Yet there are still surprises to be found. The two-acre garden (right in the middle of town) is a magical spot, especially the Summer House, a reconstruction of the original seen in the background of a painting of Gov. Paca. Originally, the second floor caught breezes on warm summer days. Now air-conditioned, it is available for rental; it seats six or stands eight and is a charming spot for an engagement or tiny wedding.

July 3rd & July 4th Fireworks Sometimes, the view from the water is the best in town. Celebrate America’s birthday with a spectacular view offered by Watermark Cruises. Pre-Independence Day crusies head out to the Sherwood Forest community. The following day, on the 4th, hop aboard another Annapolis cruise or the Baltimore Harbor one, both of which pull out all the stops. cruisesonthebay.com The Murals of the Annapolis Design District Another of the surprises that await in Annapolis. Located in an area bounded by West Street, Chinquapin Road Road, Legion Avenue and Forest Drive, the District is a remarkable resource for locals looking for home renovation inspiration. It is also an inspiration for our artistic souls thanks to the dramatic murals that decorate several buildings. Photo-op alert! annapolisdesigndistrict.com

annapolis.org | 186 Prince George Street 39

Thomas Point Lighthouse Tour

One-of-a-Kind Christmas Decor

It’s one of the most iconic Chesapeake Bay images, and you can be among the few to see it up-close-and-personally. Three-hour tours are given on selected good-weather Saturdays (dates: 6/8, 6/15. 7/6, 7/13, 7/27, 8/3, 8/17, 8/31, 9/7, 9/28 & 10/5). Only 18 passengers per tour. Participants must be at least 12 years old and at least 48 inches tall. The tour is “adventure travel” and does require a moderate fitness level. Also, there are no toilets on the boat or in the lighthouse.

The Hammond-Harwood House is one of Annapolis’ true treasures. There is much to see and appreciate. Especially right after Thanksgiving when they offer exquisite holiday wreaths for sale. (Their famous boxwoods were first planted in 1825!) Make your front door as impressive as the HHH door. Preview event is scheduled for November 29 from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

amaritime.org Culture under the Stars Reynolds Tavern, Annapolis. First constructed in 1737, this place is living history. Its longstanding tradition of hosting performances in the Courtyard by the Annapolis Shakespeare Company (this season’s offering is the Moliere comedy Tartuffe, May 28 thru September 10) continues. Sundays are movie nights with such classics as Hard Days Night. reynoldstavern.org | annapolisshakespeare.org | 7 Church Circle Old Fox Books Story, Coffee, Conversation. Independent bookstores are critical to a city. Here’s a perfect opportunity to live like a local. Ideas have always been honored in our area and no place fosters them better than a charming, crammed-with-creative-thought bookseller dripping in history. oldfoxbooks.com | 35 Maryland Avenue 40

hammondharwoodhouse.org | 19 Maryland Avenue Naval Academy The Naval Academy performs The Messiah. Here in Annapolis these performances by the Academy Glee Club and the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra are as much a part of the holidays as buying a tree. Dates not firm at press time, but usually the first week of December. snavyperforms.showare.com | Ticket office: 410.293.8497 Photos: Upper Left: Greenberry Point Upper Midde: Old Fox Books Bottom Left: Shakessphere at Renyolds Tavern Upper Right: USNA Messiah Opposite Page: Summer House at Paca Gardens Special thanks to Annapolitans Georgie Berkinshaw, Jonathan Kagan and Annapolis Home staff for sharing their recommendations with us.



Jewelery & Fine Watches L I T T LE TREA SURY JEWELERS Linda and Steve Hammalian, co-owners of Little Treasury Jewelers, offer stand-apart jewelry and watches sourced from all over the world. This priceless pair has been inseparable for over 20 years. However, they walked very different paths. Born in China and raised during the Cultural Revolution, Linda at age 17 was sent to a labor farm south of Shanghai. During Mao Zedong’s “reeducation campaign,” she worked for seven years in rice paddies, an infirmary and the farm library, and lived with ten others in a tiny room lined with bunk beds, with primitive latrines. In all this tumult, Linda had a secret vision for her life, tiny as a grain of sand. This vision, to open her own business, had its own internal timing, its own complications, balance wheel and mainspring. Here is what unfolded: she immigrated to the Unites States in her early thirties and with $500, the young entrepreneur opened her own pushcart in 1996 and began selling, with almost immediate success, handselected silver jewelry at Marley Station Mall. Then, in 1997, a mutual friend introduced Linda to Steve. Steve travelled often to China as a business consultant for the environmental industry. The timing was perfect. She had a miniature gold mine. He had the technical savvy to help her business grow. “She was working seven days a week at her pushcart and travelling monthly to lower Broadway in New York, visiting the jewelry wholesalers to

replenish her inventory,” reflects Steve. “She knew very little English and was almost killing herself.” They fell in love, married, and together expanded the business, eventually opening up their own store in the Village at Waugh Chapel. “I started the business but it took off with Steve,” says Linda. “She is the ultimate entrepreneur and I’m the push-it-along guy,” he adds. Their rapid-fire response reveals something rare: a couple in synch who love what they do—building relationships, scouring the world for special gems and watches while helping customers get the best “value, service and quality,” says Linda. Little Treasury just received recognition as one of America’s finest retailers by being profiled as such in the prestigious international luxury magazine, Revolution. The recognition is a crown jewel for the store, open for 23 years. With Steve’s acumen, Linda’s grain of sand has matured into a lustrous pearl. This single pearl is a part of the greatness that is Little Treasury, whose doors are wide open to us.

LITTLE TREASURY JEWELERS 2 5 0 6 N E W M A R K E T L A N E , G A M B R I L L S, M D 2 1 0 5 4 4 1 0 . 7 2 1 . 7 1 0 0 | L I T T L E T R E A S U R Y. C O M

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