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LEADING & LISTENING United States Naval Academy Superintendent Vice Admiral Sean Buck Shares His Wisdom on Leadership By Robert E. Haywood

“If you want to know your future, look at your friends.” “Your character is the sum of your habits.” The above adages derive straight from the United States Naval Academy’s Life Skills Handbook. As I prepared for my interview with Vice Admiral Sean Buck, Superintendent of USNA since 2019, I read this handbook and other Academy documents. Reading it reinforced to me that very few people are more qualified to talk about leadership than Vice Admiral Buck. Vice Admiral Buck is himself a graduate of the Naval Academy and received his commission in 1983. He earned a Master of Arts in International Security Policy from George Washington University and has completed studies at the College of Naval Command and Staff, U.S. Naval War College, and the Armed Forces Staff College. This abbreviated list makes the point that higher education is extremely important to him. His equally extraordinary service record includes, early on, flying the P-3C Orion for at-sea operational tours with the “Fighting Marlins” of Patrol Squadron (VP) 40 and later commanding the VP-25 and Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 11. This summary hardly does justice to this distinguished man’s service, not to mention all his medals and awards. But I hope it is enough to inspire you to consider all that he has to say. When reading this interview, you will no doubt appreciate the depth and clarity of his thinking on leadership as it applies to the Naval Academy as well as to business, teaching, parenting, and everyday life.

Photography on cover and pages 3 and 6 by Donna Weaver. All other photography courtesy the United States Naval Academy. 2

Buck in Memorial Hall, Bancroft Hall.

Oath of Office Ceremony for the members of the Class of 2024. (July 18, 2020)

HAYWOOD: What are essential leadership qualities you have learned from all your life experiences which you can share with us, including business and civic leaders? VICE ADMIRAL SEAN BUCK: I’ve had the honor and the privilege of commanding in our Navy six times, where I’ve been the guy in charge and making sure that we take care of our people and accomplish our mission. Three words that resonate in my head—and I remind myself daily of them as a leader—are to be fair, firm, and consistent. And I’ve always chosen the word consistent as the most important of those three words because all of us have different personalities, all of us will lead differently. You may have a reputation of being gruff and mean and shorttempered. As long as you remain that way every day and every moment, your team gets to learn how to operate and work under that environment. If you have a reputation of being nice and soft and easy, you should remain that way instead of being on a roller coaster of different emotion sets. So, consistency in leadership, consistency in decision-making is really important, but also to be fair and firm. HAYWOOD: How do you decide what to base your decisions on? BUCK: I’ve realized that being a good leader is one who tries

the best they can to fall back on facts and data to make decisions. So, if you have time to study, to ask questions, to learn, and to 4

try to understand both sides of a dilemma or a particular task that you may have, and base your decisions with data and facts, you’ll do better. Now I’m a Naval Aviator and there are many cases in which I’ve had to make split-second life or death decisions in an airplane. You hope that you can fall back on good training and repetitions that you learned. It’s good if you can be as deliberate on the ground as I can as the superintendent of the Naval Academy. I have time to listen to people, to ask questions, to learn, and use facts and data.

HAYWOOD: When you make a decision or manage a project or task, how do you assess that the job is well done? BUCK: I have learned, and I would suggest to other leaders maybe of small business or big businesses, that the 80% solution is quite often good enough. We say in the Navy and I’ve heard people say “paralysis by analysis.” People are striving to get to the 100% solution to a question, to a task, and they end up missing the mark. They end up either being late to task or failing in the task because they so over-analyzed that it took so much time that they failed. And I’ve realized in life, even at being a dad, the 80% solution is good enough. You then add your wisdom and your life experience to it and make a decision and move on.

Remember, your subordinates you’re absorbing and learning. look up to you as a leader. When you hear somebody, it could If you’re the president of the go in one ear and out the other, and company, CEO, or if you’re you’re not really comprehending the commanding officer, they what they’re saying. But if you listen expect you to be decisive, they to them, you’re learning. expect you to make decisions. So, if chosen to be the leader, HAYWOOD: It is inevitable lead, don’t waver, don’t wring that most people in leadership your hands; make a decision. positions are going to make They’re not all going to be right, some decisions that later seem but for the most part, through misguided or mistaken. If experience and through and when this has happened listening and learning, you will to you, how did you deal make the right decision, but with it so that you retain the that entire team is expecting the Buck shakes hands with Governor Larry Hogan during a proclamation ceremony launching the Naval Academy’s confidence of others and get leader to lead, and I have found 175th Anniversary. (January 28, 2020) that very, very important. I also back on track? have seen how I’ve earned the respect of my teams by having the courage and the backbone and the guts to stand up and BUCK: Well, I think every decision-maker has the onus put make hard decisions so that they didn’t have to, but they were upon them to assess the results of the decisions that they made. willing to help me carry them out. I probably could come up And if you take the time to do that, you realize, “Wow, that was with more but those are some really key ones—and listening is a misguided decision, I made the wrong decision. We made a the most important. mistake.” The most important thing as the leader, to keep the faith of your team, is to own the mistake. You got to own it, you have got to show a little bit of vulnerability so that they can see in you that you’re human, that you’re prone to making HAYWOOD: I’ve gone to seminars on leadership, and those mistakes. You have the courage to own them, and then listening is not usually at the top of the list, but I agree you go back and rally the team and come together and go, with you. “Hey, ladies and gentlemen, hey teammates, we didn’t do that so well because I made the wrong decision, or I had the wrong BUCK: Well, I think there is a difference between hearing assumptions. Help me help us do it again and do it better.” So, somebody and listening to somebody. And when you listen, it’s ownership. Leaders have got to own it. As part of the United States Navy’s 245th birthday celebration and observance, Superintendent Vice Adm. Sean S. Buck hosts the Navy Worship Services at U.S. Naval Academy. (October 18, 2020)


HAYWOOD: Yes, I like that. So, my other question is how do you skillfully manage conflict and radically different points of view? To give an example, I’ve got six people here, and they just don’t agree at all, and I’ve got to figure out how to negotiate that and still keep the team together. And I wonder how you manage conflict or different points of view and hold everyone together so that they own something with which they really don’t privately agree? BUCK: Well, in the end, the decision rests with the leader, or with the president, or the owner of the small business or the organization. And I think it ties back to what I told you a moment ago: as the leader you have the responsibility to maintain decorum, to maintain calm, and to make sure that everyone at the table is doing their best to listen. And so, when you have a heated argument, or if you have a conflict of opinions, and some strong-willed people who want to be heard, I believe as the leader, you’ve got to make sure, if you have time, that all of the voices that you’ve brought together to make a decision are heard. There are some introverted people, there are some extroverted people, some people are louder than others, more bold, shy. Those good ideas may truly rest with that introverted one who doesn’t feel empowered to be able to speak up. Well, there’s one person that can empower everybody at the table, and that’s the leader. And you need to have the courage to be sure that your whole team is heard if you want to hear from the whole team, and I would suggest that with the diverse experiences in life and ideas that you have around that table everybody should be heard. And if you don’t take charge as a leader, if you don’t make sure that it’s a civil meeting and that people are treating each other with dignity and respect, well, you’ve lost control, and shame on you. It’s your responsibility to go back and once again make sure that we’re all listening.

Buck looks at a picture in his office of his granddaughter Liberty. Photo at right: Dress parade, 2019

Now, in the end, this is where the hard part of leadership comes in. In the end, you’ve got six different opinions from those six people; the decision rests with the leader, and it’s time to be decisive. You listened, you got the facts, you got the data; you use your maturity and your life experience, and you make the best decision that you think. And then here’s what my sailors have always wanted. I have found out through thick and thin that my sailors will give me the shirt off their back. My sailors will work 72 straight hours in some very austere environments and dangerous environments, if I take the time to tell them why we’re doing something, and they understand it. They press on and do really, really well. So that’s another important aspect of leadership—taking the time to tell your subordinates why you made the decision you made, even though you heard six different opinions. How did you process those facts and that data? You tell them why, they generally give you a cheerful “Aye, aye” and they move out. And once again, they respect you because you’re the leader and you chose to make a decision. You could’ve sat there and just argued for an hour, and with all those six different opinions, and not gotten anywhere, and then the company fails. It’s hard to do that sometimes, you might perceive that you’re unpopular. As long as you feel in your heart that you did due diligence to make a good decision, or a sound decision, or a safe and a moral and an ethical and a legal decision, then you got to move on.


National Wreaths Across America Day. (December 13, 2019)

HAYWOOD: Right. What is an instance where you had to make such a decision? BUCK: During this year of COVID, I’ve had thousands of those decisions in which I was at odds with some of my senior leaders who were advising me. One, we all came to the table with different levels of risk tolerance. This COVID pandemic, this virus scared the hell out of a lot of people. A lot of people didn’t know what it was, they didn’t know how it would affect themselves, their health, their loved ones, and we all found ourselves with different levels of risk tolerance. And in the military, you got to be able to operate in an environment where you take a lot of risk: educated risk, calculated risk. And I didn’t necessarily find that consistent, but I’m the leader, and I was the one they were all depending on to make a decision and move on with the mission of the Naval Academy, which is to develop these young men and women to be leaders out in our fleet and leaders of character. 8

HAYWOOD: Your bringing up COVID is interesting because, in the beginning, we were wiping down our grocery bags. And then later we realized we didn’t necessarily have to do that. In looking back, people were just fumbling in the dark. BUCK: We didn’t know. Well, what we did is we evolved because we were listening, we were reading, and we were learning from the facts, the science. I heard, “Listen to the science.” We began to listen and learn from the science and the facts, and then we were able to adjust how we reacted to the virus to lead our lives. We were all on a very steep learning curve; none of us knew. HAYWOOD: You have so many people whose well-being you’re responsible for, and that’s huge. Those of us with small businesses could temporarily work from home if needed, but you’ve got a lot of people to oversee, a campus to manage, and students to train.

BUCK: You don’t develop leaders online. I can give them an

education through distance learning. I don’t think that’s maybe the optimal way to learn, but you can teach and give an education online. But the other aspects of our mission here at the Naval Academy, the moral mission, the moral development, the physical development, and the experiential leadership opportunities that the Naval Academy gives these folks can’t be learned online. It’s kind of a leadership laboratory here, trial and error. Sometimes we give them a task to lead, and they fail. We debrief it, they learn, they grow stronger, more confident. You can’t do that online. They’ve got to be here, present, getting their hands dirty.

HAYWOOD: Absolutely. I was a university professor for many years, and I feel like, yes, you can learn online, but there’s nothing like a student coming into your office and saying, “You said this, but I was thinking maybe this....” That’s really what you’re paying for when you send your child away to college, those face-to-face moments of learning and exchange. BUCK: I share that opinion with you. There’s a time and a place for distance learning, distance learning was very, very important to us here as we learned how to safely operate in waters. And there were moments in which we needed to convert to distance learning, so I’m not throwing that out with the bathwater. But my preference, and many people’s preference was, is, when we can, come back and let the kids learn how to lead. Sailor of the Quarter Awards. (June 24, 2020)

HAYWOOD: Yes, and students do learn how to lead in the classroom when you break your class into small groups. BUCK: Project-based learning, that’s true. HAYWOOD: So is there anything that I haven’t asked you about leadership that is central to you?

Sailor of the Quarter Ceremony. (November 13, 2020)

BUCK: Well, one last important concept that I’d like to tell you about the Naval Academy and military service, and that’s the idea of a team. And we don’t say this sarcastically; generally, we say it with meaning and conviction: the letter “I” is not in the word team. And almost every single thing that we do in military service, that we do here at the Academy, is based on teamwork and being a good teammate. And sometimes you’re the leader on the team, and sometimes you’re the follower on the team, but you want the team to succeed, and I believe that applies to private industry and small businesses.


Waterfront readiness frocking ceremony (August 27, 2020)

HAYWOOD: It does, absolutely. BUCK: If everyone on the team thrives and works well together, then the company thrives and succeeds. And I’ve been blessed since I’ve been a superintendent here; I’ve been surrounded by the best team that I’ve ever served with in 38 years of service. I have never seen so many people singularly focused on the success of accomplishing our mission here, which is to develop the Brigade of Midshipmen. Through a lousy year of COVID and through a normal great year, all of us feel so much pride about being here, and we all are good teammates to one another, so that’s a real important part of leadership, is teamwork. HAYWOOD: And how do you as a leader build a team, and build the concept of a team without a domineering “I”? BUCK: Make sure you build and grow that team and nurture it

by making the time to tell every member on that team that they’re valued. You include them and be sure you try to seek out their opinions. But if they come to work every morning and they know that they feel valued and that they’re going to be treated well with dignity and respect, they’re going to do wonderful. And it doesn’t matter what your role is for the team.

Where you are in the hierarchy of the pay scale or the responsibility scale, everybody matters, and that breaks down when people begin to not feel valued. And that’s the responsibility of the leader.

HAYWOOD: I wonder, with someone in your highlevel position and the sheer demands of working every day and being responsible for so many people, how do you shut down, get away, recharge, so the next day you’re coming back focused on work again? BUCK: I go to my two happy places. I spend time with my bride, and I go play tennis. Those are my happy places. That’s where I can completely disconnect and I get into just a completely different frame of mind, and I do recharge and refresh. HAYWOOD: You’ve made so many great points that I feel you are giving people a gift, so thank you for that. And congratulations on all your successes. BUCK: Thanks. I’m proud to be here. It’s a real honor to come back to my alma mater.

Robert E. Haywood interviewed with Vice Admiral Sean Buck, Superintendent, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland in his Naval Academy office on April 20, 2021


Midshipmen recite their Oath of Office in the third swearing-in event for the Class of 2020. (May 16, 2020)

Blue Angels flyover 2020




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featured in Baltimore Magazine as an eight-time Five Star Wealth Manager and voted “Best Financial Advisor” in The Capital ’s Reader’s Choice awards four times. He has also been named a “Recommended Financial Planner” in Chesapeake Family Life magazine in both 2019 and 2021. Greg and his wife, Sabrina, serve as members of the Building Traditions Society Leadership Advisory Council at Anne Arundel Medical Center, supporting vital new programs at AAMC. Greg also serves on the St. Mary’s Alumni Association board. Getting to know you, your hopes and your goals is an essential element in the wealth management equation. Creating strong client relationships is the foundation of Greg’s work.


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vision around what it takes to feel beautiful, healthy, and confident. Her greatest joy comes from helping people achieve that vision. When not at ProMD Health, you can find Amy on the local baseball fields watching her two boys play ball, or out having dinner downtown with her husband and friends. Some local favorites are Vin 909, Preserve, and Tsunami. She encourages you to stop her and say hello sometime; she loves getting to know her clients and neighbors. “I am rewarded every day when a patient looks in the mirror and loves what I have done, or they tear up because I improved something that has bothered them for years. I say to myself, ‘This is why I love my job. This is what I am meant to do.’” - Amy Fleming, PA-C

Pr o M D H E A LT H

166 D E F E N S E H W Y, SU I T E 302, A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 | 410.449.2060 P ro M D H E A LT H . C OM I N STA G R AM : @ AMY _ A G EW I T H G R A C E FA C E B O O K : P ro M D H E A LT H

The Face of

BOTOX & DERMAL FILLERS D R . GE O R GE O. G AV R I L A George O. Gavrila, M.D., is a University of Maryland-trained physician whose practice, ProMD Health, caters to patients seeking the latest in cosmetic dermatology and hormone optimization. A recognized ExpertInjector™ and an experienced national physician instructor, Dr. Gavrila understands that personal fulfillment comes from both rejuvenating one’s appearance and regaining one’s confidence. He has dedicated his life to fulfilling these wishes for his patients by specializing in myriad cosmetic procedures such as pain-free BOTOX ®, nonsurgical filler based face-lifts, and transformational laser treatments. He always delivers an elegant, noninvasive approach to restore an individual’s youth and vitality. Dr. Gavrila, and his wife Tara, welcomed their first child, George Junior, into the world last year. When Dr. Gavrila’s not practicing his artistry, you may run into him and his family around their favorite haunts in downtown Annapolis, such as Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen and Osteria 177. He encourages you to stop him around town for a quick hello, as he is very excited to meet his neighbors. Believing in the Annapolitan tradition of service to others, Dr. Gavrila has made service a key part of ProMD Health’s mission, regularly supporting many charities such as the Child Abuse Center and the Animal Rescue Care Shelter.

Dr. Gavrila’s favorite quote is: “He who dares to teach, must never cease to learn.” In that spirit, he is a member of numerous professional societies, including The American Academy of AntiAging Medicine (A4M), the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE), the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) and the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery (ASLMS). Through his open mindset and vast experience, Dr. Gavrila has earned the most prestigious statuses offered in his field: Black Diamond BOTOX ®, JUVEDERM ® injector, Presidential Elite Dysport ® and Restylane ® injector, and Bella Diamond Bellafill ® injector, as seen on The Dr. Oz Show and appearing in The New York Times.

Pr o M D H E A LT H

166 D E F E N S E H W Y, SU I T E 302, A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 | 410.449.2060 P ro M D H E A LT H . C OM I N STA G R AM : @ D R . G E O R G E M D | FA C E B O O K : P ro M D H E A LT H


The Face of


Greg Younger, owner of Younger Construction in Annapolis, grew up working with his father in the construction business. Over the years, Greg learned that he had both a gift for craftsmanship and a talent for understanding how to remodel a home to fit a client’s needs. Greg loved the satisfaction he felt when he completed a project and his clients were overjoyed with the results. To him, there was no better feeling. Greg still works every day to achieve the same results. Younger Construction is highly skilled in both residential construction and light commercial construction. The company specializes in custom homes, renovations, additions, and kitchens and bathrooms in Anne Arundel, Prince George’s and Queen Anne’s counties. Before any work starts, Greg meets with potential clients to discuss their desires and vision. He listens to their expectations of the design, timeline and budget. Greg’s infectious energy helps clients overcome their fears and get excited about the project. After Greg gets to know the client’s needs, he helps them select a design they will be happy with in the long run. Even before the 20

work has begun, clients are amazed at the process. Greg and his detail-oriented crew do not cut any corners. They pride themselves on being perfectionists and they understand the importance of clean lines. Above all, they strive to meet and exceed all client expectations. Greg checks in with his clients regularly to make sure they are happy with how the project is going. This personal touch engages clients and enables them to be part of the process. Instead of feeling like a chore, the project feels more like a fun hobby. Seeing the look of joy on a client’s face when a job is complete is what attracted Greg to the business decades ago. Today, it’s still his favorite part of the job.


3175 PAT UX E N T R I V E R R O A D D AV I D S O N V I L L E , M D 21035 410.626.8602 | Y O U N GE R C O N ST RU C T I O N. C OM

The Face of


Devin Kimmel, AIA, ASLA, is the head of a fast-growing architecture firm based in Annapolis, MD. Kimmel and his talented team have decades of experience planning, designing and renovating high-end custom homes, historical mansions, waterfront estates and horse farms. They also design memorials, academic campuses, sporting venues and restaurants. The main advantage that Kimmel has over other architects is that he was trained as a landscape architect as well as an architect. This combination of architecture and landscape results in a holistic approach to design, where nature is not an afterthought but an integral part of the process. His ability to artfully integrate buildings into their landscapes separates Kimmel from the rest. Also visible in Kimmel’s designs is his substantial knowledge of classical forms and architectural history. Knowing tradition, however, does not imply that he feels bound by it. Kimmel is an expert in traditional forms, and frequently designs traditional-style architecture, but he also develops plans for award-winning modern buildings. He says that even when designing a modern home, it is

history that helps him to decide when and where to bend or even break traditional rules. Kimmel feels that he has accomplished his mission not when he designs a house that fits perfectly within a specific style, but when the client looks at the design and says, “Yes, this is me.” To achieve this feeling of recognition, the architect actively listens to his clients and encourages them to become members of the design team. “It is their home, not mine. I am the pencil in my client’s hand so that they can feel that the house is just for them. It’s my job to give architectural form to their vision,” reasons Kimmel. That is why, Kimmel says, the designs of his firm are so varied: because their clients are so varied.


619 S EV E R N AV E N U E , A N N A P O L I S , M D 21403 410.571.3604 | K I MM E L ST U D I O. C OM 21

Front (left to right) Christy Oliff, Linda Oliff-Rohleder. Back (left to right) Robert McKellar, Angela Burton, Christopher Hines, Megan Curtis, Wally Hines III, Ginger Ruppert, Mark Sorando.

The Face of


Since 1982, ADU has been the destination for home builders, kitchen designers, contractors, property managers, and homeowners remodeling their kitchens. Our showrooms are designed with functional kitchen vignettes, to showcase how the appliances would look in the home, giving our customers the best inspiration for their dream kitchen. Our sales staff receives extensive appliance training so you can be confident you’re making the right choice for your next project. We understand the needs of builders, contractors, and remodelers and will work with you to select appliances that will meet the needs and specifications of your project. We specialize in helping our customers select entire kitchen packages and working closely with builders, contractors, and designers to coordinate projects. ADU is also committed to being a contributing member of our community, through direct donations and the generous volunteerism of our coworkers who receive our support with paid time off to volunteer with charitable organizations. From Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, Hospice of the 22

Chesapeake, to No Person Left Behind and many others, we value sharing our success with our community.




ANNAPOLIS, MD 410.267.7110


L I N T H I C UM , M D 410.789.8000

TA KOM A PA R K , M D 301.608.2600

E A ST O N, M D 410.819.8900

C H A N T I L LY, VA 703.263.2300

G A I T H E R S BU R G , M D 240.650.6000

Y O R K , PA 717.845.6500

Left to right: Tom Davey, Christina Kunowsky, Greg Kunowsky, Jim Pasquarelli, Valerie Farret, Jeff Smith, and Otis.

The Face of WINDOWS

A R C H I T E C T U R A L W I N D O W SU P P LY From panes of plate glass to traditional muntins, windows set the tone of our homes. For more than 25 years, Architectural Window Supply in Annapolis has been the premier supplier for new construction, historic renovations and replacement projects in the national capital region. “In addition to homeowners, we work with the finest architects and builders,” company owners Christina and Greg Kunowsky explain. As a result, Architectural Window Supply is perfectly poised to add products that meet new design directions. They are introducing an entire line of all aluminum windows that replicate the look and strength of steel. “These windows will meet the increasing demand for a more modern aesthetic at a lower price point” says Christina. Quantum Windows are a new addition as well. “Quantum is unique because they can make any product out of wood and/or aluminum-clad. Traditional high-end wood window suppliers typically don’t offer that flexibility,” explains Greg.

Homeowners and home industry professionals are getting the word that Architectural Window Supply offers top-of-the-line products, outstanding customer service and reasonable prices. They have expanded this year to include the rapidly growing Virginia market as well all of the Delaware beach communities. Greg and Christina encourage architects, designers and homeowners to visit their newly expanded showroom in Annapolis. Their highly trained staff will consult with you about what products will be best for your project and answer any questions that you have during the process.


2062 GE N E R A L S H I GH WAY, A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 410.266.5254 | A R C H W I N. C OM 23

While working as a teenager at a local nursery, Walnut Hill Landscape Company founder Michael Prokopchak discovered his passion for plants. Over the years, Michael became more immersed in the landscape industry. In 2005, he turned his calling into a tangible business with a mission to provide exceptional value by delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and service. Through their commitment to Teamwork & Relationships, Professionalism & Integrity, a Superior Image and a keen attention to Quality and Detail they have thrived ever since while earning numerous national and local awards. Walnut Hill stands apart from others in the industry due to the range of services they provide. Whether landscape installation, hardscape, or landscape management, the team is always ready to bring your vision to life. Their dedicated team of licensed landscape architects, designers, project managers, landscape industrycertified crews and relationships with industry specialists allow them to manage complex projects while ensuring they capture the essence of the client’s desires in bringing their dreams to fruition. Walnut Hill takes great pride in their personalized approach to client relations. Their relationship-based method relies heavily on communication with clients from design to installation and throughout the year for landscape management. They always strive to provide a final product that reflects your personal style and exceeds your expectations. 24

Walnut Hill Landscape Company’s clients can be found in distinctive residential properties all around the Bay and beyond— including Annapolis and the Baltimore and Washington metropolitan areas. Additionally, their Easton, Maryland office services clients on the Eastern Shore. These clients have one thing in common: a simply stunning finished product. Walnut Hill is a proud member of American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), Landscape Contractors Association of MD, VA, D.C. (LCA), National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), American Institute of Architects (AIA), Annapolis Design District.


1563 S A I N T M A R G A R ET S R O A D, A N N A P O L I S , M D 21409 | 410.349.3105 110 N. WA S H I N GT O N ST R E ET, E A ST O N, M D 21601 410.690.0977 | WA L N U T H I L L L A N D S C A P E . C OM

Jenna Rodell, Michael Prokopchak, and Ben Rankin

The Face of



The Face of


S C O T T & H E AT H E R SUMM E R S Located in Severna Park, Park Home offers a unique selection of furniture, lighting, rugs, artwork, and accessories as well as custom ordered items. Each piece is carefully curated and can be incorporated into any style from coastal to transitional.

is for customers to create a home that tells a story with pieces they will love for years to come.

Traveling to furniture shows in the US and Europe, Heather and Scott select new furniture and accessories along with vintage and unique finds.


“We offer customers a personalized experience you won’t find in big stores or online” Heather and Scott assure. Ultimately the goal 26

568 E R I T C H I E H I GH WAY, S EV E R N A PA R K , M D 21146 410.544.1127 | PA R K H OM E ST Y L E . C OM

Cindi White and Mark T. White, CMKBD

The Faces of


Mark T. White, Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer (CMKBD), a native Annapolitan, established Kitchen Encounters in 1981. Over the past 40 years the company has earned an outstanding reputation for their creative designs, quality cabinetry and excellent customer service. The team of designers are all Certified Kitchen and Bath Designers (CKBD) by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). They use their Interactive Design Process, developed by Mark, to guide clients to the best design solution for their home and family needs. The company has earned numerous design awards and their work has appeared in dozens of regional and national publications as well as having been featured on HGTV. The designers partner with some of the finest architects, interior designers, builders and suppliers in the area. Kitchen Encounters’ unique design studio is a 50’s Cape Cod house situated in the heart of the Annapolis Design District and they are one of the Founding Members.

The showroom features vignettes of cabinets in varying styles, finishes and price ranges. Each display showcases clever designs for challenging spaces. Appointments are recommended but visitors can stop by 10-5 Monday through Friday, or view a video tour on the website at Photos top to bottom: Cathy Terranova, Designer/Sales Manager, CKBD, Allied ASID Tracy McGuinness, Designer, CKBD Krissy Klingenberger, Designer, CKBD


202 L E GI O N AV E ., A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 410.263.4900 | K I T C H E N E N C O U N T E R S . B I Z 27

McHale Landscape Design is a residential landscape architecture company and design-build firm dedicated to designing and constructing extraordinary residential gardens, pools, outdoor living areas, and home additions. Our office on West Street has been serving the Annapolis area for over fifteen years. McHale Landscape Design was founded in 1981 by brothers Kevin and Steve McHale. The brothers’ passion for the landscape industry began while mowing neighborhood lawns when they were just 12 years old. Their parents taught the value of hard work and financial accountability, and while still in college at West Virginia University, Kevin and Steve started the business. The early beginnings were simple: a pickup truck, a wheelbarrow, two shovels and a drafting board. Since 1981, the firm has designed, constructed, and planted residential projects, including more than 350 award-winning 28

landscapes. Combining landscape architecture, horticulture knowledge, and field experience, our professionally licensed and certified staff help you create beautiful gardens and living spaces. With an interactive design-build process, McHale Landscape Design views every client as an important part of the team. Our goal is to be your Single Source for the entire project, from design to implementation to aftercare—and develop clients for life.

McHALE LANDS CAPE DESIGN, INC. 911 W E ST ST R E ET, A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 410.990.0894 | Mc H A L E L A N D S C A P E . C OM I N F O @ Mc H A L E L A N D S C A P E . C OM

The Face of



The Face of

M R . S PA R K L E


Jeff Fuller comes from a family of entrepreneurs. “My mother worked for Fuller Brush Co. when I was a kid” he recalls. “My brother and I sold products door to door with her on weekends She beat cancer twice and continued working even after a stroke left her partially paralyzed. She just kept going and worked hard throughout her whole life.” Jeff remembered those lessons after founding Mr. Sparkle Professional Window Cleaner in 2016. His first big job was washing the interior and exterior windows of Baltimore’s City Hall. “I didn’t have any employees yet” he remembers. “One day there was a monsoon downpour. I stayed outside cleaning. I was so determined to do a superb job. People kept telling me to come inside, but I wasn’t letting anything stop me.” That has been his mentality ever since. Since then, Jeff has lead Mr. Sparkle Professional Window Cleaner to the forefront of the business world. He has cleaned windows from the Baltimore Convention Center to the homes of local professional athletes. 30

State of the art equipment coupled with eco-friendly cleaning products and a drive to deliver outstanding customer service are his hallmarks. Mr. Sparkle can clean exterior and interior residential and commercial windows. His services also include power washing. If you want your residential or commercial windows to sparkle, call Mr. Sparkle Professional Window Cleaner!



Will Staton is a second generation Master Plumber and owner of W.L Staton Plumbing, the company his father started. Will is proud to carry on his father’s legacy, providing the same oldfashioned customer service with today’s modern technology. Will has taken over his fathers company in 2012 and has grown it from 3 to nearly 40 employees. He and his team provide high quality plumbing installation, repairs and maintenance for homes, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings of every size and complexity. Will takes pride in providing absolute customer satisfaction ensuring longevity in relationships with clients. Will trains his staff to think on their feet, focus on details and trouble shoot. Every technician is licensed, bonded an insured so you can rest assured your job is in the best possible hands. With 30 years of experience behind them, there is no plumbing problem W.L. Staton has not seen before and is ready to fix! They offer reliable, fast 24 hour emergency service. Whether you need general or after-hours service, you will receive the same thoughtful, personal attention

This year has been especially exciting with the addition of an HVAC division. “I saw a way to maximize service to our residential and commercial customers,” explains Will. “Most of our plumbing customers had HVAC needs as well. We are a single source solution for them now”, he adds. Get peace of mind knowing you are working with an established team of plumbers and HVAC technicians who take the extra time to ensure everything they do for you is of the highest quality.


1805 V I R GI N I A ST R E ET, SU I T E C , A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 | 410.263.5100 W L STAT O N P LUM B I N G . C OM 31

The Face of

BOUTIQUE BAKERIES B LU E C R A B C U P C A K E S Carrie Olish began baking as a child with her mother and grandmother. She carried on the tradition with her children, baking cakes and cupcakes for family and friends. As more and more people approached her to bake for special occasions, Blue Crab Cupcakes was born! A native Annapolitian, Carrie played D1 lacrosse at Virginia Tech. These two experiences are the foundation of Blue Crab Cupcakes’ success. Carrie knows the local market and has the drive and ambition of a college athlete. Blue Crab Cupcakes specializes in regular and mini cupcakes, wedding and special occasion cakes, macarons, custom cake pops and other desserts. Carrie and her team of 17 constantly collaborate to create new menu items that their customers love. Carrie is proud to have such an amazing and talented team who work so hard to bring customer’s visions to life. They have over 300 weddings booked for this year and are already booking for next year. 32

Specialty holiday menus have become extremely popular and quickly sell out due to high demand. Customers look forward to what the next holiday menu will bring! Whether you are stopping in for a quick treat, picking up your preorder, or working with the team to design that perfect specialty cake, Blue Crab Cupcakes will deliver an amazing sensory experience!


1580 W H I T E H A L L R O A D, A N N A P O L I S , M D 21409 443.221.7246 | B LU E C R A B C U P C A K E S . C OM

The Face of YA C H T I N G

ON THE CHESAPEAKE M A R K A N D R EW S Taking over the helm of Annapolis Yacht Sales (AYS) has been the challenge and the opportunity of a lifetime for Partner/President Mark Andrews. His goal—to preserve the legacy of this venerable institution while driving the business forward. Enter Covid. New boaters joined the lifestyle in droves; existing boaters wanted bigger—all mixed with pandemic-related inventory delays Andrews fully credits his exceptional sales and service staff with managing these challenging times. More than survive, AYS has powered ahead. They added Arrowcat Powercats, regional favorite Stamas Yachts and a complete line of Grand and ZAR rigid inflatables. The firstever Candela electric boat joins the lineup later this spring. High demand and lack of access to BVI charters this year led Andrews to form Chesapeake Bay Yacht Charters (CBYC), a new company offering professionally crewed or bareboat charters. CBYC expands the Chesapeake lifestyle while helping existing boat owners offset costs by chartering their vessels when not in use. All boats are enrolled in an extensive AYS Service and Management

program providing exceptional experience for charters and peace of mind for charter boat owners. AYS is expanding their presence in popular Herrington Harbor North and consolidating sailboat and powerboat lines in their flagship Annapolis location. There has never been a better time to take to the water. Mark Andrews and the crew at Annapolis Yacht Sales will make it happen!


& C H E S A P E A K E B A Y YA C H T C H A R T E R S 7350 E D GEW O O D R O A D, A N N A P O L I S , M D, 21403 410.267.8181 | A N N A P O L I S YA C H T S A L E S . C OM 33

Ryan grew up in the contracting business. In his early years, he worked for a handful of local contractors. At age 17 he began working for his brother’s electrical contracting company. While these were critical experiences, Ryan dreamed of running his own business his way. In the spring of 2014, Ryan started Chesapeake Electric with the intent to provide an environment where employees could thrive with unfettered access to success, cooperation and production. Oh, and by the way, he wanted to do really good electrical work, too! These core values set Chesapeake Electric apart. Every decision, from hiring, to training, to communication and strategic planning goes back to the same simple axiom: does this serve the mission, vision and values of the company? Did we mention that he and his team do exceptional electrical work? They do! Chesapeake Electric’s has three divisions. The residential team services greater Annapolis in new construction and remodeling. From large custom homes to simple lighting upgrades, Chesapeake Electric Residential does it all. The Commercial Team performs 34

tenant build-outs from Annapolis to Northern Virginia. Projects range from small restaurants to high end office remodels. The service team works directly with residential and commercial customers to keep electrical systems operating at peak performance. The most fulfilling part of Ryan’s career, thus far, has been watching his company and its employees grow over the past 7 years, personally and professionally. Each day he and his team get stronger together with grit, empathy and a strong sense of purpose.


117 GI B R A LT E R AV E , A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 410.280.3388 | C H E S E L E C T R I C . C OM

The Face of


Will Sheils, Rebecca Ramsay, and Darden Pickall

The Face of


A N D H O M E R E N O VA T I O N S B LU E STA R PA I N T A N D P R O P E RT Y S E RV I C E S Blue Star Paint and Property Services, LLC was founded in 2007 to serve the local Annapolis community with quality and dedication to high end craftsmanship. Partners Will Sheils and Darden Pickall met while students at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and later found that, with their combined talent and passion, they could make a greater impact on the Annapolis community. In 2018, Rebecca Ramsay joined the team and has helped bring new ideas and plans to streamline project management and client relations as Blue Star continues to grow. What sets Blue Star apart from other home improvement companies is their personal touch throughout any home remodel or painting project. Whether a single accent wall or a complete home makeover, Will, Darden, and Becca are on site and available for questions and suggestions. Their end goal is always the same: to take their clients’ vision and make it reality. Each project is tailored specifically to the client’s needs and Blue Star will work to combine client expectations with aesthetic and function. Experience and in-house design give Blue Star the competitive advantage. Examples of Blue Star’s work can be seen from downtown Washington, D.C., to the streets of Historic Annapolis, and throughout the Eastern Shore. It is Blue Star’s policy that, regardless of location, each client deserves a seamless process from 36

start to finish that results in a premium end product. Always up for a challenge, Blue Star especially enjoys working with homeowners to maintain the historic details and craftsmanship of older homes, while enhancing those unique details with modern day conveniences. Blue Star is a proud member of the Annapolis Design District and works closely with many local vendors to provide the highest quality service to all.


135 GI B R A LT E R AV E , A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 443.949.9156 | B LU E STA R PA I N T. C OM

The Face of


ARCHITECTURE & BUILDING KU RT S H E PA R D & C R A I G M A RT I N Craig Martin and Kurt Shepard founded SPIRE in 2013 to be a different kind of architecture firm. “Architecture is a process” explains Craig, adding, “It goes beyond active listening. We meld our clients’ vision with a viable budget, help find the right construction team and oversee the process to the end.” Kurt and Craig credit the success of their formula to years of experience. Kurt has worked on more than 600 residential design projects in his 30 year career. A longtime resident of Anne Arundel County, he has extensive experience managing the complexities of building on the waterfront and critical area. Craig graduated first in his class at Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Building Construction, working as an Assistant Superintendent for a regional construction company for several years. He then pursued his Master of Architecture at Catholic University, receiving top honors there as well. The blending of design, construction and client service underpins each project Spire takes on. Craig, Kurt and the 8 staff members of

SPIRE know that their job is not done until the client moves into their new or renovated home. Spire’s comprehensive vision guides them every day—to help each client create a space that fits their lifestyle for years to come.

SPIRE ARCHITECTURE 121 C AT H E D R A L ST R E ET, SU I T E 3 B , A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 410.212.6790 | S P I R E A R C H . C OM


The Face of


L A N DM A R K R O O F I N G Landmark Roofing is a thriving company that emphasizes giving back to the community. How? Whether building a set of stairs for the B & A Trail or raising $2600 for the Polar Bear Plunge this year by participating in a dunk tank, Landmark delivered. From building a roofing structure for a local non-profit, supporting causes like Boys Hope Girls Hope, Baltimore Washington Medical Center’s Foundation, or raising money for cancer research with Fight Colorectal Cancer and the Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation, Landmark’s support was there. With their free roof give away annually to a family in need, Landmark Roofing owners Artie Hendricks and Rob Calhan continually show their commitment by investing in the community year after year. Recently, Landmark Roofing was recognized by the Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce CEO, Liz League and given the chamber’s Harmony Award for 2020. “This prestigious award is presented annually to a business that strives for excellence in its practices and support of the community. Landmark is known in the community and is very philanthropic” League said. 38

Artie Hendricks and Rob Calhan believe there is more to being a quality roofing and siding company. “It’s about ensuring our organization has a relationship with the community” said Hendricks. “It’s in our company DNA to help others when we can.” added Calhan.


540 B A LT I M O R E A N N A P O L I S B LV D. S EV E R N A PA R K , M D 21146 443.223.7453 | R O O F I N GBY L A N DM A R K . C OM

The Face of


Brad Kappel, Vice President with TTR Sotheby’s International Realty, has been serving residents of Anne Arundel County and the Eastern Shore for twelve years in real estate, home construction, and renovation. Brad’s unique experience allows him to offer authentic insight into each property’s current condition, value, and potential.

When he’s not pursuing his passion in real estate, he is exploring the waterways of the Chesapeake Bay by boat or paddle board or spending time with his wife and two children at their home on the Severn River.

Brad is grateful for the clients, colleagues, friends, and family who supported his success throughout his career and contributed to his strong first quarter in 2021—with $60 million in total sales to date. Brad adheres to the philosophy that “clients deserve nothing short of excellence.” From the initial meeting, to navigating important decisions and the final settlement transaction, Brad works diligently to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Make Your Move with Brad!

Brad doesn’t just sell the waterfront lifestyle—he lives it! The Kappel family has called Annapolis it’s home town for three generations.

Visit and tour his Luxury Property Portfolio.


I N T E R N AT I O N A L R E A LT Y 209 M A I N ST R E ET, A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 (O ) 410.280.5600 | ( M ) 410.279.9476 B R A D KA P P E L . C OM 39

The Face of


Mike Willey is the store manager at 84 Lumber Annapolis, and his professional experience spanning over a decade makes him the best in the business and one of 84 Lumber’s strongest managers. 84 Lumber is the nation’s leading privately held supplier of building materials, manufactured components and industry-leading services for single- and multi-family residences and commercial buildings. Mike started with 84 in 2011 at the Cambridge, MD store. He quickly was promoted to Co-Manager in 2012 at the Annapolis store, and in 2014 became Manager at the Curtis Bay location. In September of 2020, Mike transferred back to the Annapolis store to continue his stellar management and proven track record of success. In addition to supplying building materials, 84 Lumber Annapolis specializes in windows, installation and kitchen and bath design 40

services. Mike and his team of experienced associates at 84 Lumber Annapolis can help with services ranging anywhere from building a new deck and replacing windows to designing your dream kitchen and bath.


1690 B A LT I M O R E A N N A P O L I S B LV D. A R N O L D, M D 21012 410.757.4684 | 84 LUM B E R . C OM

The Face of


J E H A N N E Mc I N T Y R E E D WA R D S Jehanne Edwards and her experienced staff work with homebuyers, sellers, real estate agents and lenders to make sure their real estate settlements and refinances run smoothly and all the important details are dealt with before settlement. There is a strong work ethic to “get things right” at Church Circle Title and Escrow. In these times of increasing complexity, Jehanne endeavors to keep things simple and understandable. It was not easy during COVID19 when Jehanne and her team had to prepare over 150 settlements for “parking lot closings.” Jehanne is also “of counsel” with the venerable Buck Law Group, with whom Church Circle Title and Escrow shares office space. This relationship allows her to offer additional legal services including the preparation of deeds, contracts and addenda, easements, seller financing documents, powers of attorney and many other real property related documents.

When she is not at work, Jehanne enjoys reading, working out at the Three-2 Fitness Studio, bike riding on the B&A Trail, and spending time in Rehoboth and the Adirondacks. She and her husband, Michael, a retired United States Marine officer, who now operates a commercial mechanical engineering business, have two 20-something daughters, two rescue dogs and an ornery Macaw named Pablo.


23 W E ST ST R E ET, A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 410.269.6488 | C C T I T L E . N ET 41

The Face of

P E R S O N A L I N J U R Y L AW R I C K JA K L I T S C H Rick Jaklitsch is always thinking of ways to give back to the community he loves.

and shine a spotlight on the work of organizations that are near to our hearts and so important to our community.”

He represents Annapolitans when they are hurt by the negligence of others, a pursuit that led Global Business Insider to name the firm he founded, The Jaklitsch Law Group, “Best Personal Injury Trial Law Firm-USA.”

With demand high and donations low, our local charities could use your help. Please consider giving.

He represents them through charitable donations, allowing his staff to use work time to volunteer at their favorite charities and select charities for monetary contributions. But when the pandemic upended everyone’s lives, Rick decided to represent his community in a different way: dedicating a portion of his firm’s advertising space to local charities, suggesting people contribute to the Maryland Food Bank, Serenity Sistas, or Zaching Against Cancer. “There is no better way to show gratitude for our community than to give back—whether it’s time or money,” Rick said. “The best part of my job is being able to help injured people. But with so many charities hit hard by the pandemic, we wanted to raise awareness 42

Maryland Food Bank: Serenity Sistas: Zaching Against Cancer:

THE JAKLITSCH L AW G R O U P ANNAPOLIS • UPPER MARLBORO ( T O L L F R E E ) 855 . B I G . D O G 1 ( A N N A P O L I S ) 410.268.2801 B I GD O G S S M A L L F I R M . C OM

The Face of R E A L E S TAT E D AV I D O R S O David was born in Annapolis and now raises his three children in the area he deeply loves. In 2000, David bought his first investment property which began his career in real estate. David quickly ran into trouble finding a professional real estate agent. It was from a place of need that he became obsessed with refining the residential real estate sales process by applying best practices from his career at Coca-Cola and Marriott. Selling real estate is a major financial decision and our clients deserve the very best. This is why David is ruthlessly committed to superior representation and has engineered a specific selling system to make this process seamless and rewarding. David leads a small team of experts that has been ranked #1 in Anne Arundel County, regardless of brokerage, for sales volume in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. David was voted as one of the top ten agents in America by the Real Estate Institute of America and is a well-known speaker and author on the topic of residential real estate. David’s team is compromised of three full-time licensed agents; Lisa Boyer, Megan Huebner and Pam Phelps. A small team of highly skilled professionals that work based on his business key principles: systematic attention to detail, excellence in marketing, skilled negotiations, and their mission at heart...Your Home.

On average, Orso listings sell within 31 days and for at least 99 percent of the original list price. His success in life and business demonstrates his innate ability to build and nurture relationships and provide exceptional service with world-class professionalism. David has the vision to elevate the standard of excellence in the residential real estate industry. David obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Dayton with a major in Psychology. He earned his MBA from Loyola College of Baltimore with a concentration in Strategic Marketing. David continued his academic endeavors at Harvard University Law School Program on Leadership & Negotiation. Visit


8 EV E R GR E E N R D, S EV E R N A PA R K , M D 21146 443.372.7171 | D AV I D O R S O. C OM

Compass is a licensed real estate brokerage that abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. Information is compiled from sources deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. All measurements and square footages are approximate. This is not intended to solicit property already listed. Compass is licensed as Compass Real Estate in DC and as Compass in Virginia and Maryland. Annapolis, 8 Evergreen Road, Severna Park, MD 21146 | 443.372.7171


The Face of

HOME IMPROVEMENT A D AM S H AM PA I N E After a stint on Capitol Hill, and while currently enrolled in law school, Adam Shampaine was actively pursuing his lifelong dream of a career in politics when he took a part time job at Homefix, a small specialty exterior home remodeling company. Little did he know that job would lead his life in an entirely different direction as a serial entrepreneur with a passion for remodeling. Under his leadership, the company has grown to be a top 20 Remodeling Company in the country consistently earning awards. In 2016, he and his partner purchased a local contractor supply company and launched Installation Services, which focused on Commercial Construction and Multi Family. The following year, with homeowners in mind, they opened Pure Finance Group, a consumer lending company focused on the remodeling industry. With many devoted employees and highly skilled carpenters, he was able to expand his portfolio to include interior remodeling such as kitchens & baths, decks, and additions. The interior remodeling has become a passion of his and unlike their other business that have a national footprint, they plan to keep this new venture a boutique company focused on his hometown of Annapolis and surrounding areas. 44

Throughout his career, one theme you will see in anything he touches is that people always come first; customers, homeowners, employees, partners. His accessibility to all, regardless of his status or title, is what sets him apart from other CEO’s. He has even been asked to speak at leading industry conferences about his unique approach to marketing, educating his employees first and empowering them to better serve clients. Adam is a native to Annapolis, grew up on the Severn River and is currently raising his family at their home on Clements Creek. Most days off you’ll find him on the boat with his family. He is proud to be able to service Annapolis and surrounding areas.

I N S TA L L AT I O N SERVICES 9115 K W H I S K EY B O T T OM R O A D L AU R E L , M D 20723 | 443.297.5093 I N STA L L S E RV I C E S . N ET

The Face of

PLASTIC SURGERY E M I LY C L A R K E - P E A R S O N, M D Dr. Emily Clarke-Pearson, along with her caring team, welcomes you to her artistic, boutique-style practice in Fells Point. She is especially excited to see and meet new patients as Covid-19 begins to loosen its grip. “It is time to take off your mask and take care of yourself, I am here to help you make that transition into feeling refreshed and rejuvenated,” says Dr. Clarke-Pearson. This means different things to different people. “The most important thing is that there is no preconceived plan to urge patients into doing more than what they may be comfortable with. I take patients where they are at, rather than plugging them into a standard program.” Trained at Harvard and Johns Hopkins, the Board Certified Dr. Clarke-Pearson has a loyal following. “Most people are not looking for a drastic change but just want to look like a fresh, well-rested version of themselves.”

What makes Dr. Clarke-Pearson an award-winning doctor is her time-honored philosophy that relationships truly matter. In fact, they are integral to successful outcomes. She listens to what each individual desires and suggests what will help, preferring to take small steps, rather than rush into something dramatic—a patient’s comfort level guides the process.


949 F E L L ST R E ET, SU I T E B , B A LT I M O R E , M D 21231 443.885.9644 | C H A R M C I T Y P L A ST I C SU R GE RY. C OM 45

Paul Blough, Sr., Store Manager, Franklin Christopher Jr., Owner, Paul Blough II, Assistant Store Manager

The Face of



Located in Beltsville, MD, in the heart of the DC/Baltimore construction corridor, Mouldings Inc. offers the largest selection of moulding products in Maryland. We work directly with professional builders, remodelers, architects, designers, and homeowners, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. When you visit our showroom, you’ll experience our wide variety of products first-hand. Mouldings, interior and exterior doors, columns, stair parts and more. Get inspired by our range of styles, from classic to modern, and start planning your project with one of our team members. From job-site take offs to delivery, exceeding your needs and expectations is our priority. We strive to set the highest industry standards. These expectations are accomplished by creating individual relationships with all of our customers. Our commitment to our integrity runs throughout every partnership—customers, 46

employees and manufactures—and is founded on trust, respect and value. Owner, Franklin Christopher, started Mouldings Inc. five years ago with the simple goal of providing outstanding customer service. Every customer is valuable and important, from the homeowner who wants to match 8 feet of moulding to the contractor planning an entire apartment building. “My passion”, says Franklin, “is helping people transform their homes. That’s what I really enjoy”.


L A R GE ST S E L E C T I O N. L O W E ST P R I C E S . SU P E R I O R S E RV I C E 11712 - C B A LT I M O R E AV E N U E , B E LT S V I L L E , M D 20705 240.264.8199 | M O U L D I N G S I N C - M D. C OM

The Face of


In the last 20 years, Sew Beautiful has grown from providing custom window treatments into a leading source for interior design. Begun as a home-based business by owner Margaret Blunt in 2001, Sew Beautiful now occupies a chic turquoise cottage in Severna Park with an extensive design library. “Finding the right treatments to dress challenging windows is still the backbone of the business”, Margaret says, “But our services have naturally evolved into helping clients create and finish whole rooms that they love.” She and her team provide a full array of soft furnishings as well as advise on space planning, art placement, paint consultations and lighting. Margaret and her team collaborate with designers, builders and architects or work directly with homeowners. “The earlier clients consider window treatments, the better. Planning window coverings early on allows us to make the best selections for a more aesthetically pleasing and functional treatment, especially if clients want automated products.” Margaret says.

Sew Beautiful has touched more homes than Margaret ever imagined, yet one thing is constant; her commitment to unparalleled customer service and attention to detail remain the driving force behind every project. For your challenging windows, pre-construction planning or for a partial or whole home refresh, let Sew Beautiful wrap you in Livable Luxury. Pictured left to right: Amy Publicover – Project Manager/Design Assistant Margaret Blunt – Owner Sarah Kraus – Designer Ronnie Harmon – Designer


8 EV E R GR E E N R O A D, S EV E R N A PA R K , M D 21146 410.544.3300 | S EW B E AU T I F U LW I N D O W S . C OM 47

Photography by Kerry Watson

The Face of


IN A CHANGING ENVIRONMENT M E L A N I E H A RT W I G - D AV I S , ‘Architect Activist’ best describes Melanie Hartwig-Davis, founder and CEO of HD Squared Architects in downtown Annapolis. With every step, Melanie is committed to protecting and strengthening the fragile ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay. “Resilient Design is the strategic design of interiors, buildings, landscapes, and communities that provides for the occupants and ecosystems to thrive and adapt in times of challenging circumstances,” she explains. With each project “we strategize how our design choices will have minimal impact on the natural environment and ideally even improve conditions for our ecosystems.” For Melanie, Resilient Design means improved building details that, coupled with environmental regulations, provide ‘design opportunities’ that further the integrity of her work. In fact, the American Institute of Architects Chesapeake Bay Chapter recently awarded Melanie its first Sustainability Award for a bold design on the Severn River. 48


When Melanie isn’t designing award-winning architectural projects, she is tirelessly working to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed through policy initiatives on the AACo Planning Advisory Board and as a Board Member of the MD League of Conservation Voters. What does Melanie want people to know about Resilient Design? Beautiful architecture holds an inherent level of sustainability. Adding Resilience to this beauty ensures successful investments in our buildings and our natural environment for generations to come.


86 M A RY L A N D AV E N U E , A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 443.898.9480 | H D 2 A R C H I T E C T S . C OM

The Face of


Richard Curtis founded The Curtis Real Estate Company with a single goal, to put his client’s needs first.

them to expand. Curtis Real Estate South opened in North Beach early this year to serve clients in the fast-growing south county.

As a privately owned, independent brokerage, Curtis Real Estate is not restricted by the requirements of a nationwide operation. Richard and his team of agents are free to determine commission rates, marketing strategies and every other aspect of each transaction. “We offer a flexible, full-service concierge experience that makes each clients’ needs and wants our only priority”, says Richard. “Excellence, integrity and hard work are our guiding principles,” he adds.

If you are looking for truly personal service, deep market knowledge and the energy and drive of a local entrepreneur, Richard Curtis and the agents of the Curtis Real Estate Company are the professionals for you!

Richard and his agents are a single resource, guiding clients to the service providers they need to prepare a house for sale, managing the contract period and getting started in their new home. This boutique approach has kept Curtis Real Estate at the forefront of the Annapolis market for almost 14 years and recently allowed


8 R A N D A L L ST R E ET, A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 410.320.5227 | C U RT I S R E A L E STAT E C O. C OM 49

The Face of

H O S P I TA L I T Y JAM E S K I N G James King’s journey to award-winning restaurateur began when he was 14. From washing dishes at a popular eatery in Washington, D.C. to rising up to General Manager at Georgetown’s prestigious waterfront destination Tony & Joe’s Seafood Place, King’s focus never wavered. That experience led him to Anne Arundel County where he is now the CEO and Owner of Titan Hospitality Group. Titan owns and operates six restaurants including the Blackwall Barn & Lodge (Gambrills, MD), Blackwall Hitch (Annapolis, MD and Alexandria, VA), and Roy Rogers (Gambrills). Most recently, Titan Hospitality introduced King’s newest concept: Smashing Grapes (Annapolis, MD and Gambrills, MD). His work in building and opening restaurants led him to the Maryland House of Delegates, where he built a reputation as a champion for small business. A four-time Restaurateur of the Year Nominee from the Restaurant Association of Maryland, King is a sought-out thought leader in 50

the food and beverage industry and is regularly consulted by elected officials from all levels of government regarding policy decisions. As President of the Maryland Restaurant Coalition and as a board member of the Oyster Recovery Partnership, King impacts Maryland’s restaurant community and beyond, contributing through his restaurants to causes from homelessness prevention to Little League organizations while being an economic driver with over 500 county employees.


2126 E S P EY C O U RT, SU I T E D, C R O F T O N, M D 21114 410.721.5416 | T I TA N H O S P I TA L I T Y. C OM

The Face of

HARDWOOD FLOORING M I K E L A N H AM Mike Lanham learned and experienced the wood flooring industry as a teenager working in his family’s flooring business. His passion for fine hardwoods only grew stronger, leading him to establish Elite Hardwood Flooring in 2000. From their impressive showroom in the heart of the Annapolis design district, Mike and his team provide some of the finest flooring in the industry. Elite is especially proud to be the MidAtlantic dealer and gallery for Legno Bastone, a 100% European product cut from 150-200 year-old, white oak trees. “Elite provides full-service wood flooring capability; supplying, installing, sanding and refinishing.” explains Mike. “Elite is a BONA Certified company as well as an NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) Member. Using a BONA dust containment system keeps each job spotless and helps to ensure the results that their discerning clients expect.” Their BONA deep clean service is

an important way to maintain hardwood floors, ensuring they look and feel their very best. Quality is at the forefront of Elite Hardwood Flooring. Mike and his team are committed to working with clients every step of the way—from selecting the perfect hardwood, to installing and maintaining—this helps to ensure that clients’ needs are met to the highest expectations.


1811 Mc GU C K I A N ST R E ET, A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 410.280.1420 | E L I T E H A R D W O O D F L O O R I N G . C OM 51

The Face of


Annapolis Home Magazine is pleased to devote this page in Faces to raise awareness of a wonderful service—GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis. The journey of GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis began with the dedication of area volunteers in 2015, and their doors officially opened on February 3, 2018—making it the 35th GiGi’s Playhouse Down syndrome achievement center across North America and the first in the DC/MD/VA area. Centrally located just off route 50 and near 97, GiGi’s welcomes families from all across the state of Maryland, DC, and Virginia. All of their therapeutic, educational programs and tutoring are free and support all ages, from families with a prenatal diagnosis through adult individuals with Down syndrome. The programs focus on a variety of skills, including gross and fine motor skills, literacy and math skills, social skills, and confidence—all with the goal of helping individuals with Down syndrome become their best selves. 52

GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis is committed to partnering with local businesses and organizations to further their overall mission: awareness, education, and celebration of individuals with Down syndrome within the community. If you’re interested in learning more about GiGi’s Annapolis or volunteering or sponsoring programs (which are always free of charge to families!), please contact them.

G I G I ’ S P L AY H O U S E ANNAPOLIS 129 LU B R A N O D R I V E , SU I T E L 104 A N N A P O L I S , M D 21401 | 410.517.7474 GI GI S P L AY H O U S E . O R G / A N N A P O L I S

The Face of

H O M E & H E A R T( H ) L I Z S E AT O N

“The fireplace hearth is the heart of the home “says Liz Seaton, owner of DAY or NIGHT Home & Hearth Services. It welcomes gatherings, encourages relaxation and provides added warmth. DAY or NIGHT is a multi-award-winning fireplace design, installation and service company. With over 81 years of combined experience and thousands of installations there is no hearth shop more experienced and knowledgeable.

Liz is especially proud of their wide-ranging product lineup. “We have high end European products from France, Holland and England but the vast majority of our units are made right here in here in North America”, says Liz. “We scour over every brand and unit to assure it provides value, unique qualities and reliability.”, she adds. There are a lot of very poor quality, unreliable hearth products out there. Liz wants you to know “Our products are second to none and so is our staff!”

A true hearth design-build company, a visit to their showroom guarantees a fun, educational, personalized experience. Beginning with a warm welcome by Macy, the resident British Bull Terrier, customers can move on to view a multitude of gas, wood, pellet or electric options. DAY or NIGHT will handle your entire project from concept to completion, including design, gas pipe, permits, carpentry, and mantels, marble and stone. They even offer a free interior design consultation to assure the fireplace fits seamlessly 7035 K I T KAT R O A D, E L K R I D GE , M D 21075 into your overall design esthetic. 410.782.4070 | F I XMY F I R E P L A C E . C OM







Day trips! We are so looking forward to getting out in the world and seeing what we’ve been missing the past year. The time for cocooning is over! Get out your picnic basket, your portable chairs, some beverages, binoculars and buddies, and visit the great outdoors! Dust off your nicer togs for theatre and museum-going! All trips are day trips from the Annapolis area. Be sure to research the venues in advance to check on availability for visits and amenities. Bon voyage and welcome back!


JUNE 2021

Antique & Classic Boat Festival & The Arts at Navy Point Friday–Sunday, June 18–20

See all manner of classic and antique boats at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum for this nautical festival in beautiful St. Michael’s. 213 N. Talbot St. St. Michael’s, MD 21663 410.745.2916

JULY 2021

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Not only is this a spectacularly beautiful place; there is so much you can do here. This historic destination has the Appalachian Trail, the Shenandoah River, and the Potomac River. There is canoeing, tubing, hiking, strolling, and hanging out. And then there is the history. Be sure to visit online options for your visit. A good place to start is the Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. National Park Center Open Daily 9 am-5 pm Park Visitor Center 171 Shoreline Drive Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 304.535.6029


Glenstone Museum The Glenstone Museum is a delightful place to visit in the waning days of summer and early autumn. Art, architecture, and nature together make Glenstone a “state of mind”. Thursdays through Sundays, 10 am to 5 pm. Reservations need to be booked well in advance. 12100 Glen Road Potomac, MD 20854



Picking Berries Larriland Farm, Howard County There is nothing like picking your own fruit to take home for pies or jam or just to eat. Larriland has fields and fields of peach trees, blackberry bushes, and raspberry bushes, to name but a few. Produce availabilities are updated daily. 2415 Woodbine Rd. Woodbine, MD 21797 410.442.2605

NOV 2021

C&O Canal


The C&O Canal follows along the Potomac River from Georgetown in Washington, DC, all the way to Cumberland in Western Maryland. The towpath is a pleasant stroll or bike ride. It is completely flat! Sections of the 184.5-mile trail can be accessed from different towns along the trail. The Great Falls portion is also worth visiting for the gorgeous scenery.

October 16-17 Saturday 10 am-6 pm, Sunday 11 am-6 pm

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

OCTOBER U.S. Oyster Festival

Leonardtown welcomes in the R months with the annual U.S. Oyster Festival. Enjoy lots of seafood, live entertainment, and more. St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds 42455 Fairgrounds Road Leonardtown, MD 20650 Admission $7-$10



Visit a Baltimore Museum


Christmas Lights on 34th Street Every year at Christmas time, the residents of 34th Street in the Hamden neighborhood of Baltimore decorate their street and homes with lights and over-the-top decor. It is kitschy but fun and absolutely worth a visit—particularly if one needs to get into the holiday spirit! 34th Street, Baltimore

MARCH 2022

Olney Theatre Center We have our fingers crossed that we can enjoy indoor entertainment in 2022. This intimate theatre is known for staging fantastic performances with its actors’ ensemble. See the Olney Theatre website for offerings. 2001 Olney-Sandy Spring Road Olney, MD 20832 301.924.3400 58

Baltimore is home to three fine art museums: The Baltimore Museum of Art, The Reginald F. Lewis Museum, and the Walters Art Museum. Each is full of wonderful collections that could easily enrich a winter’s day. Each has its specialties. The Baltimore Museum of Art has a magnificent impressionist collection with the Cone Collection. The Lewis Museum is the only African American Museum in Maryland and celebrates African American life in Maryland. The Walters Art Museum’s collection spans artifacts from the ancient world to the modern world. Why not take in all three? Check the websites for event updates. The Baltimore Museum of Art 10 Art Museum Drive Baltimore, MD 21218-3898 443.573.1701

The Walters Art Museum 600 N. Charles St. Baltimore, Md 21201 410-547-9000

The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American Art & Culture 830 E. Pratt St. Baltimore, MD 21202 443.263.1800

APRIL 2022

National Arboretum 8 am-5 pm daily

While the National Arboretum is beautiful any time of the year, consider visiting for the springtime-blooming trees and plants. 3501 New York Ave., NE Washington, DC 20002 202.245.4523


Harriett Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center and State Park Thursday-Sunday 10 am-4 pm

At this Underground Railroad Network to Freedom site near Cambridge, Maryland, learn about the remarkable life of Harriett Tubman and the Underground Railroad. Reservations Required 4068 Golden Hill Rd. Church Creek, MD 21622 410.221.2290

MAY 2022

Paddling in Blackwater Consider taking your kayak to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge for a change of scenery. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has interactive paddling maps for mobile devices available for download on their website. Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge 2145 Key Wallace Drive Cambridge, Maryland 21613 410.228.2677

JUNE 2022

Philadelphia Flower Show “Garden for the greater good” is the slogan of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. True inspiration can be had here at the Philadelphia Flower Show, with displays by the finest landscape designers and floral designers in the world. 2021 venue outdoors at FDR Park. See website for 2022 location. 215.988.8800 59

Top 10

WATERFRONT RESTAURANTS BY DYLAN ROCHE What is it about the water that makes it the perfect backdrop for any kind of dining experience? You could be looking for a romantic date, a fun family outing, a laidback happy hour, or just a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of real life on land. Whatever the occasion, the Annapolis and Eastern Shore areas have a waterfront restaurant that suits your needs. Each restaurant is a little bit different—situated on a different body of water, offering a different type of atmosphere, serving a different 60

selection of tantalizing menu options—but what unites all of them is a memorable experience you’ll want to enjoy again the next time the weather is beautiful and your body needs some nourishment. In preparing our top ten list, various members of the Annapolis Home staff visited the restaurants. We tried others that we did not include, especially if it was clear the seafood was not fresh or the crabs were not local.


6. HEMINGWAY’S RESTAURANT EASTPORT | Serves lunch and dinner STEVENSVILLE | Serves lunch and dinner

Just a short walk from downtown Annapolis, Carrol’s Creek Café awaits to offer guests an upscale but comfortable dining experience on Spa Creek. Whether you choose to enjoy the elegant indoor dining room or the sunny outdoor deck with its up-close view of the harbor, you’ll be able to indulge in expertly crafted dishes (many featuring local seafood) and a wide selection of wines, beer, and cocktails.

With its fresh seafood and daily happy hour offerings, Hemingway’s Restaurant—situated on the Chesapeake Bay right on the eastern side of the bridge—is known for combining casual comfort with coastal beauty. The spacious dining room, decked out in nautical-inspired décor, provides a welcome retreat, while the lively dining deck is a perfect place to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunsets over the water.

2. SEVERN INN ANNAPOLIS | Serves lunch and dinner, as well as Sunday brunch You can always count on Severn Inn to combine sophistication with comfort. A place where the food is finely prepared and the view is breathtaking, you’ll be able to enjoy the sight of the Severn River and the U.S. Naval Academy from the expansive windows of the whitetablecloth dining room as well as from the casual waterfront deck. It’s a place that gets some amazing sunsets too!

3. BRIDGES RESTAURANT GRASONVILLE | Serves lunch and dinner When you kick back to relax at Bridges Restaurant, it will be hard to decide which part of the experience you enjoy the most—the delicious food with Maryland flair, the refreshing drinks served during the award-winning happy hour, or the breathtaking water views of Kent Narrows visible from both the casual dining room and the laid-back patio.

7. THE POINT CRAB HOUSE & GRILL ARNOLD | Serves lunch and dinner Even with its secluded location, tucked away on Mill Creek in a residential neighborhood, The Point Crab House & Grill is difficult to keep secret—it’s a lively place where locals love to relax in a laidback atmosphere, indulge in a drink, and partake in Maryland specialties off the seasonal menu. Stop by for some fun and see why so many diners are eager to “get to the Point.”

8. THE CHART HOUSE EASTPORT | Serves dinner, as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Sunday


You might be surprised to find out that The Chart House once served as a historic shipyard for a renowned Naval architect. Now completely transformed, this old boathouse today has the chic kind of ambiance that matches the best in dining experiences. Every seat in the spacious dining room affords a view of Spa Creek through the wall-to-wall windows that look out onto the Annapolis harbor, and the menu features the best in Chesapeake cuisine. GRASONVILLE | Serves lunch and dinner, as well as Sunday brunch


At The Narrows Restaurant, the atmosphere is suitably casual while the dishes are elegantly prepared, combining tradition with creativity for Chesapeake-inspired deliciousness. Enjoy a picturesque view of the Kent Narrows from either the dining room or the outdoor deck, where you’ll have a front-row seat to all the sights and sounds associated with Maryland’s Eastern shore, from waterfowl in their natural habitat to watermen hard at work on their boats.

5. STARS ST. MICHAELS | Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner The primary dining option of the Inn at Perry Cabin, STARS specializes in a menu prepared with locally sourced ingredients served amidst a homey chic atmosphere with a beautiful view of the Miles River. This is a place to truly enjoy all the sensations of the Eastern Shore, whether it’s the taste of freshly-caught seafood and farm-grown vegetables or the feeling of the gentle breeze blowing off the water. ROCK HALL | Serves lunch and dinner You’ll love the hassle-free vibe of Waterman’s Crab House, where you can take in the beautiful view of Rock Hall Harbor while enjoying freshly caught Chesapeake seafood at one of the deck’s casual picnic tables. A regular schedule of great live music adds to the experience, as does the offer of boat charters and excursions departing from the crab house’s dock every day.

10. CAPSIZE OXFORD | Serves lunch and dinner With its emphasis on comfort and fun, Capsize makes a great place to take the whole family—yes, even the dog—for an outdoor dining experience overlooking Town Creek. The menu boasts a selection of expertly-crafted American favorites, and the extensive drink menu will keep the adult diners happily satisfied with popular cocktails, frozen concoctions, beer, wine, and much more. 61

Annapolis Home Magazine showcases the best Architects, Designers, and Craft Builders of the Chesapeake Bay Region. Covering the Bay’s design aesthetic from the Eastern Shore to greater Annapolis and Metro Washington DC.

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