The Faces of Annapolis 2021

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Ryan grew up in the contracting business. In his early years, he worked for a handful of local contractors. At age 17 he began working for his brother’s electrical contracting company. While these were critical experiences, Ryan dreamed of running his own business his way. In the spring of 2014, Ryan started Chesapeake Electric with the intent to provide an environment where employees could thrive with unfettered access to success, cooperation and production. Oh, and by the way, he wanted to do really good electrical work, too! These core values set Chesapeake Electric apart. Every decision, from hiring, to training, to communication and strategic planning goes back to the same simple axiom: does this serve the mission, vision and values of the company? Did we mention that he and his team do exceptional electrical work? They do! Chesapeake Electric’s has three divisions. The residential team services greater Annapolis in new construction and remodeling. From large custom homes to simple lighting upgrades, Chesapeake Electric Residential does it all. The Commercial Team performs 34

tenant build-outs from Annapolis to Northern Virginia. Projects range from small restaurants to high end office remodels. The service team works directly with residential and commercial customers to keep electrical systems operating at peak performance. The most fulfilling part of Ryan’s career, thus far, has been watching his company and its employees grow over the past 7 years, personally and professionally. Each day he and his team get stronger together with grit, empathy and a strong sense of purpose.


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