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Email: ryangianguyen@gmail.com Phone: 316.587.7256

ABOUT ME Currently, I am a fourth year student at the University of Kansas School of Architecture. Architecture is and has been an influential part of my life, and is the reason I am pursuing a career in architecture. As inspiring as it is to me, I hope to spark curiosity for others through design and immersion. I strive to push the boundaries of architecture through emerging techonologies and allow people to approach architecture in a unique way.



2017- Current | University of Kansas | B.A. + M.Arch | Lawrence, USA 2017 | Chicago Trip | Participant | Chicago, USA 2020 | United Way of Douglas County | Presenter | Lawrence, USA

2013- 2017 | Kapaun Mt. Carmel | High School Diploma | Wichita, USA Founder of A Capella Club | 3.75 GPA | First Honors Technical College Experience 2014- 2017 | Drafting Program | AutoCAD + Drafting 2016- 2017 | WATC Engineering Program | CATIA

EMPLOYMENT October 2019- Summer 2020 | Desk Assistant | University of Kansas | Lawrence, USA Monitoring the safety of residents and the campus community on Daisy Hill December 2019- January 2020 | Intern | Phuc Khang Corporation | Vietnam Shadowing and learning from top LEED professionals of Ho Chi Minh Cit August 2018- December 2018 | Canine Caretaker | Wagmore Inc. | Lawrence, USA Caring and boarding for medium to large-size dog breeds of Lawrence June 2015- December 2018 | Pet Sitter | Freelance | Wichita, USA Caring for small to medium-size pets during breaks for local Wichita community May 2015- August 2017 | Receptionist | Tips & Toes LLC | Wichita, USA Planning appointments and provide customer care among other desk duties


2017 | Academic Excellence in Drafting | Recipient 2018 | KU School of Architecture & Design Honor’s List | Honorable Mention 2019 | AIA Wichita Scholarship Award | Recipient 2020 | Sigma Tau Gamma | Founding Father at KU


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3ds Max





KAW RIVER HUT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . | Spring 2020

TRANSFORM KC | SPOTLIGHT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . | Fall 2020


VIRTUAL REALITY | SOUNDSCAPE. . . . . . . . . . . . . | Fall 2019


KAW RIVER HUT Introduction

KAW RIVER HUT Lecompton, Kansas | David Sain | Spring 2020

The project is asking for a hut which lies on the sandbar at the edge of a riparian vegetation by the Kansas River near Lecompton, Kansas. There, kayakers and paddlers will reserve the hut to unwind for the night. This overnight station is located midway of the 173 miles paddling path, and provides sufficient space for four kayakers who bring their gear to sleep, cook, and dock their kayak safely. The Kansas River, also known as the Kaw, is the largest prairie watershed in the world. The Kaw runs more than 170 miles through Kansas to meet with the Missouri River where it provides drinking water for 800,000 people. Friends of the Kaw (FOK) is the only grassroots conservation group that serves the Kaw. For more than twenty years, FOK is dedicated to protect the river from pollution sources including municipal and industrial wastewater discharges.


KAW RIVER HUT Interior Render



OVERVIEW The site is located on the sandbar where the project will be built at the edge of the channel where the soil type is expected to be typical clay with a sandy mix found in the Kansas River flood plain. Situated in the ground are concrete spread footings, 36 inches below grade for the raised Kaw River Hut to be held 12 feet above ground. This is to create a flood resistant structure for situations where the Kaw can flood the shoreline and allow debris to flow through freely. Within the site, the structure will stand at the median of the sandbar’s width and orientated 45 degrees off north/south to maximize views of the river.

Kansas River

The Site

Kansas River

Kansas River

View of Kansas River at Kansas River State Park

237 ft. at approximately 45 degrees off north / south







1. Common Space 2. Deck 3. Bathroom 4. Bunk 0



KAW RIVER HUT Plan | Elevations



Roof Timber Frame Connection Detail

Ceiling Beams

Wall Membrane

Northwest Section Detail

Timber Column Bracing Detail Floor Stairs + Railing

Timber Framing

Concrete Footings

Wall Detail | Exploded Axonometric


KAW RIVER HUT Exterior Render


Transform KC | Spotliight Introduction

TRANSFORM KC | SPOTLIGHT Kansas City, MO | Eddy Tavio | Fall 2020

The Spotlight is the premier FB&E destination in downtown Kansas City. The Spotlight Food, Beverage, and Entertainment Center creates an indoor/outdoor experience that is centric to a series of sculpted stair cases and terraces that create for patrons a remarkable and unmatched series of views. Seven Air B&B suites, a business center, and a conference room supplement the indoor food and beverage stalls to create an atmosphere of home, work, and pleasure. The Spotlight FB&E truly is a destination, meant to provide all necessities to those who enter. Visitors can rent an AirBnB with immediate and direct access to all the district has to offer, including action-packed appearances from guest chefs on the floors below and electrifying performances by both local and international artists on the floor above. These memorable features are truly what make The Spotlight the shining light of the city.


1. Site

Transform KC | Spotliight Diagrams

2. Creating space for food and beverage

Project Site

SITE Located on 1502 Walnut St., the proposed design creates an anchor of social interaction that brings the entire district together, acting as a liaison amongst all of the giants around which it sits. Not only does it tie the proposed Transform KC District together, but as well ties the existing Power and

Light and Crossroads districts together with one big blow, ultimately binding Kansas City into a cohesive district . PRECEDENT The case studied, prior to developing the site, begins with Millenium Park District in Chicago, Illinois where its features accomodate to its visitors

with plenty of attractions, activites, and sights all-year round. Especially looking at the McCormick Tribune Plaza where the Cloud Gate and the Chicago Skyline became the inspiration for the destination site in downtown Kansas City.

4. Paving path, views, and access to each floor all the way to the rooftop

McCormick Tribune Plaza Street Section Study

3. Creating space for entertainment and rooftop dining


Massing Study

Transform KC | Spotliight

Massing | Program


Level 1 | Commerical

Level 2 | Commerical

Level 3 | Art Gallery

Level 4 | Hospitality

Level 5 | Entertainment

Program Distribution


Transform KC | Spotliight

Isometric Study

Level 4 | Hospitality

Level 3 | Art Gallery

Level 2 | Commerical

Level 5 | Entertainment Level 1 | Commerical


)% (_75$16)250.&

Transform KC | Spotliight Isometric Section


Loft Upper | 1 Bedroom

Loft Lower | Living | Kicthen | 1 Bath

Transform KC | Spotliight Loft Study


Transform KC | Spotliight Elevations


Transform KC | Spotliight Physical Model


Transform KC | Spotliight Exterior Render


SOUNDSCAPE Introduction

SOUNDSCAPE Virtual Reality | Callum Vierthaler | Fall 2019

Virtual Reality, also known as VR, offers architecture to be more immersive and feeling of presence. My project focuses on the user’s senses: hearing and sight to explore the language of virtual reality for a fully immersive experience. Building upon the basics of creating a virtual environment, I delve into acoustic spaces to test the development of current technologies to create convincing soundscapes. The





material context scale proportion animation interaction senses space light immersion



That’s the way everyday goes Every time we have no control If the sky is pink and white If the ground is black and yellow It’s the same way you showed me Nod my head, don’t close my eyes Half way on a slow move It’s the same way you showed me If you could fly then you’d feel south Up north’s getting cold soon The way it is, we’re on land So I’m someone to hold true Keep you cool in this good life Won’t let you down when it’s all ruined



Corinthian Column

Doric Arcade


Roman Statue



Interaction Flow Diagram:

Song Audio

Virtual Environment

Equalizer Bars

VISUAL For the basics of creating an immersive virtual environment, the context for this project is to provide the user an interactive tour of a scene consisted of Roman Classical Revival architecture and Roman statues set in a field with realistic sensory interactons. Within the virtual scene are realistic textures and models for the user to explore while a song

is played and is visualized through audio equalizer bars INTERACTION Stepping into the virtual space, users can interact with the song that is playing by either listening to the song with vocals, or just the backing track and follow along the lyrics that scroll across the environment. This interactive feature can be toggled on and off by the user


at anytime as they explore the virtual acoustic space. Anyone can put on a headset and enjoy the dynamic interactions of the virtual environment. Animation

User Control




ACOUSTICS The focus for this project is to provide a realistic sensory virtual experience. Using the latest development for light rendering with Nvidia’s latest graphic processing units, the same methods were used to render audio for the virtual environment. Similar to light rendering, path-tracing/raytracing methods were used to provide realistic acoustics for audio in the virtual environment. Audio path-tracing can determine the kind of materials and surfaces to provide a proper sound to the user’s hearing. Within this environment, the user can experience the most dynamic sensory experience virtual reality has to offer.

Primary Reflection/Diffusion + Scattering

Virtual Environment Section

Secondary Reflection/Diffusion + Transmission

Plan | Section



Experience Render



email: ryangianguyen@gmail.com phone: 316.587.7256

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Ryan Nguyen - Architecture Portfolio 2020  

Ryan Nguyen - Architecture Portfolio 2020