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How To Find Great Deals On Cookbooks Online I guess their only a good deal if you fuckin buy the shit, huh? Believe it or not, I may look like a complete asshole and act like a fuckin jackass, but I love to cook. I can cook up some shit that will make you slap your fuckin mama – I aint lyin. But now, with all this shit goin on with the economy, I don't have the time to fuckin cook no more. It's fuckin bullshit! So here's the fuckin deal: I dont get to fuckin cook too often because I'm too fuckin busy workin my stupid ass off at two full of shit jobs now. My other job, which was great, laid me the fuck off like I was some street urchin, all thanks to the fuckin economy. And, as if that werent enough, my bitch of an ex-girlfriend, whom I thought was my fuckin fiancee, kicks me the fuck out of her fuckin house, and moves some fuckin loser in. What the fuck ever, but that's why I got two motherfuckin jobs now, and NO FUCKIN TIME TO COOK. Talk about kickin someone when their down – that bitch takes the cake. And naturally we decided like dumbasses to reproduce, so I GOTTA PAY CHILD SUPPORT TOO. I'm like royally fucked here, as you can see. So, I'm thinkin, one day I'm gonna cook up a feast and invite all my friends and HER friends also, just to piss her the fuck off and get her fuckin panties in a bunch. But, when I do, I want to cook up some mean shit, you know? I want it to be fuckin unique and knock the fuckin balls off of people. So I came across this website with free recipes on it, Pretty cool fuckin site, but its the cookbooks that they offered that fuckin got my thinking goin. Basically, I bought a shitload of cookbooks for I guess total of like $50. Not 1, not 2, but try damn fuckin near 30 cookbooks – yeah, I said $50 fuckin dollars. And, these ain't no fuckin bullshit. There's a lot of GOOD shit in these cookbooks! 2 of the books are called “America's Most Secret Recipes vol 1&2,” and you get 6 free books with that deal. It's all the fuckin recipes from all the fuckin restaurants around America. You know, Chilli's, P.F. Chang's, KFC, Taco Bell, Olive Garden, Emerill's – ALL THAT SHIT – two books filled with secret recipes and shit. The other books are great too that are fuckin thrown in. The other collection I bought was 20 Freakin Cookbooks for only $20 fuckin dollars – UNFUCKINBELIEVABLE! They got everything in this motherfucker! You name it – and if your vegetarian freak ass friends decide to come over, there's even a fuckin cookbook in there for you to cater to their pansy, no-meat eatin fuckin asses! But just for them, I'll leave the one called “300

Delicious Chicken Recipes” out on my fuckin coffee table for them to read and piss and moan about, all the while while I'm cookin their leaves and tofu shit for them. Anyway, this is a fuckin huge library of cookbooks for virtually nothing. For basically $2.50 per book, you get nearly fifty fuckin cookbooks. Are you fuckin insane? Check This Shit Out Now! Do me a favor: don't click this shit if you ain't gonna buy it – really! We all could use good fuckin cookbooks, so get the shit. And no, it doesn't cost me shit if you click em, just don't give my brother Ron Douglas, the author of these cookbooks, all revved up because he got lots of fuckin website traffic and NO FUCKIN SALE! What's the fuckin problem? Are you really sittin on your ass right now askin, “Hmm . . . $50 for like 30 cookbooks, is that a fuckin good deal or not?” For real, are you really gonna sit your ass on his website, taking up all that fuckin bandwith on his webpage and ask that shit? Don't waste his fuckin time and money. Help the brother out! He's got great shit in there! Just shut the fuck up and get them. DO THE FUCKIN MATH, then go to Barnes and Noble or Borders and ask them for fuckin 30 cookbooks for fifty dollars. They'll probably laugh at your ass and possibly throw you outta there on your fuckin head – seeing that one cookbook with their jive asses is like $30 dollars, and costs them like $2 to order the shit. No objections – No Bullshit – This Shit's A Hell Of A Fuckin Deal – Get It Today or Be A Dumbass, I don't give a rat's ass. Click Here To Get “America's Most Wanted Recipe's For Only $29 Get 20 CookBooks For $20 Here

How To Find Great Deals On Cookbooks Online  

So I came across this website with free recipes on it, Pretty cool fuckin site, but its the cookbooks that th...