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Walking Man He walked and he walked and as he walked he couldn’t stop walking and he just carried on one foot in front of the other in front of the other in front of the other until he realised that each step was with a new foot because he must have had that many feet and he had never realised before but he thought that must have been what they meant when they said that you never step in the same river twice because you always had new feet at least that’s what he thought even though he kinda thought it didn’t make sense because it was still you stepping into the river even if they weren’t your feet but there were no rivers here just concrete pavement and more pavement and more concrete and more concrete pavement and maybe sometimes a car went by and it wasn’t so dark but then it went and it was dark again and he could barely see his feet but he knew they were new and so he carried on walking.

Walk, Man! One step. One step at a time. Left. And right. Concentrate. There. Again. There. That is what we want. Contact. Physical. Concrete. Step. Step. Step. Never mind them. They’ll pass. Going. Going. Gone. Can’t see them. Not anymore. Concentrate. Left. Right. Once more. One. Two. One at a time. Don’t worry. I said, don’t worry. They’ll pass too. Going. Going. Going. Going. Okay. Maybe they won’t. But. Don’t worry. I’m here. One step. At a time. Left. There. Never mind. Left. There. Again. Left. Come on. Come on. Left. I said, left. Concentrate. Ignore that. Don’t worry. I told you, don’t worry. See. They’re gone too. Left. Again. Right. One. Step. Okay. Gone.

Walkman There she was, just-a w--king down the street, Si---ng doo-a-diddy, diddy-dum,---ddy-do; S---ping her fin--rs and shuffl----her feet, Sin--ng d----diddy, di----dum, diddy-do; Sh---ooked go-----look---good She lo---d fine – looked fine ----looked good, she looked---ne And I nearly lost my mind...

Hello? H--lo? Can anyone--ear me? Hello? Please, so----ne! He------e-----I’m--------dr----oad -------oken my------nd it rea-----urts, ----o?! Oh, Ch------is thi---ven on? I thin--her----omeon--out the-If you c-----r thi-----ase send hel------no------------pl----!


Walkman Walking Man Walk, Man!