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No one Why would he – No use askin’ now. I thinkin’ we ain’t ever findin’ out. What’d the doc say? She got jack shit. Nothin’ at all? Nada. Can’t even find out the fucker’s name. Damn. I meanHe’s good. -folk like that, it ain’t right. Knock it off. That ain’t gettin’ us nowhere. Sorry, sir. A’right. Well. Might as well try. Lessee if this sonfabitch’ll talk to us. Tsk. Well, well. Ain’t you the unbreakable one. Not gettin’ tricked by our lovely doctor, an’ didn’t she just try her very best? No? Not even got an opinion fer us? Heh. Well lookee here, boy, we gots the good cop an’ the bad cop, but if you keep not talkin’, you’ll be meetin’ two very nasty cops indeed. No? You even hear me, boy? Tsk. Tell you what, you sit with good cop here fer a bit. I’ll let you two get to know each other. You got this, kid? Yessir. Good. I’m outside. He doesn’t suspect anything? Keep your voice down. And no, he doesn’t. Okay. You understand I have toYes, yes, of course. Make it look real. Okay. If I don’t make itYou’ll make it. If I don’t. The codesI said you’ll make it. I don’t wanna know no codes. Just git it done with. Here. Safety’s off. Thanks. Okay, you ready? Ready. Hnn...ugh... What-ughh!

No one