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Bud, Not Buddy By Christopher Paul Curtis

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Previewing the Novel Bud, Not Buddy 1. What do the front and back covers tell us about the characters of the story?

2. What information is given about setting of the story?

3. What other clues and hints are given about the story?

Preview Information + Prior Knowledge _________________________ = An educated guess

4. With this in mind, please make a prediction about what you think might happen in the story. Give thorough details to explain events that would lead up to your predicted ending.

Prereading Activity Read the following statements. Decide whether you agree or disagree and circle your answer. Use your knowledge of the Power Point presentation to help you.

1. In the 1930’s, riding the rail was a fun and efficient way to travel. Agree


2. During the Great Depression, if you wanted a job, you could easily find one. Agree


3. Hoovervilles were named in honor of President Herbert Hoover. Agree


4. Being a pullman porter was a good job. Agree


5. Being a union member is a good idea. Agree


6. The north was not segregated in the 1930’s. Agree


7. Jazz musicians played rock and roll in the 1930’s Agree


Chapters 1- 3 Questions 1. Why is Bud in an orphanage?

2. Where are Buddy and Jerry being sent to? How does Bud feel about it?

3. Describe what happens to Bud in the Amoses’ home.

4. Where do the Amoses put Bud? What is he afraid of there?

5. Why do you think Bud has his “Rules and Things for Having a Funner Life and Making a Better Liar Out of Yourself”?

6. What does Bud carry in his suitcase? Why do you think his suitcase and its contents are so important to him?

Chapters 4-8 Questions 1. How did Bud get revenge on Todd Amos?

2. Why do you think Bud went to the library and to find Miss Hill? Why is Miss Hill not at the library?

3. How does Bud get to eat at the mission even though he was late for breakfast?

4. How did Bugs get his name?

5. What plans do Bud and Bugs make? Where do they go?

6. Describe “Hooperville�.

7. Who is Deza Malone? Why does Bud tell her so much? What did she and Bud do while doing the dishes?

8. Describe what happens in the early morning at the shanty town?

Chapters 9-11 Questions 1. Why does Bud go back to the library a second time? What has he decided to do?

2. What does Bud compare his idea about his father to?

3. Describe Bud’s feelings as he begins to walk to Flint?

4. Describe the situation when he meets Mr. Lewis?

5. Why does Bud think Mr. Lewis is a vampire?

6. What does Bud tell Lefty Lewis that he is doing out walking at night?

7. Who is Mr. Lewis and where does he take Bud?

8. Describe what happens to Bud at Scott and Kim’s house?

Chapters 12 –14 Questions 1. When Lefty Lewis and Bud start out toward Grand Rapids, what does Lefty tell Bud he has sent to Mr. Calloway?

2. What did the flyers say that Lefty has with him? Why is it important that the cop not see them?

3. How is Bud able to go into the Log Cabin without Lefty Lewis talking to Herman E. Calloway?

4. What is Mr. Calloway’s reaction to Bud’s news?

5. What is the band’s reaction?

6. Who is Miss Thomas? What does Bud think about her?

Chapters 15-19 Questions 1. Where do they take Bud? How did the place get its name?

2. Describe the room that Bud stays in.

3. What decision do Mr. Calloway, Miss Thomas, and the band come to about Bud?

4. What does Bud think of Herman E. Calloway and Why?

5. Why does Herman E. Calloway collect rocks? What does he write on them?

6. What proof does Bud have in his suitcase that proves who he and his mother are?

7. What instrument does the band bring Bud? What nickname do they give him and how do they come up with it?

8. Has Bud finally found a home? Explain your answer.

9. What kind of a mother do you think Bud’s mother was? Explain with specific examples from the story.

Extras Use this space to note things of interest to you. This could include questions you have that we have not already answered as well as parts of the story you like/dislike.

An Advertisement for Bud! Design a flyer for Bud’s opening night with the Calloway Band. Your flyer must include an illustration, a snazzy band title (including band members names), the location (city, state, and place), the time (month, day, year, am/pm), and lots of color. Please see the example below!

Great Music!

Sleepy Labone and the Jumping Jazzies

Appearing in Detriot, Michigan at the Swinging Blues Club 5555 East Famous Blvd. April 25-27, 2006 Beginning at 9:00 pm Featuring Steddy Eddie Richards Doo-Doo Bug Williams

Final Project 1930’s Power Point Presentation Your will be researching the decade of the 1930’s. This process will begin with research completed using books and various Internet resources. The areas of research for this project are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Entertainment/Music Sports Inventions Cost of Living Presidents/Politics The Great Depression Fashion/Fads Science/Medical breakthroughs

Other requirements include: 1. Color, Creativity, Effort 2. Each page will include a heading, an illustration, and a paragraph about the topics above. 3. Correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization 4. Organization (information is in paragraph format) 5. An oral presentation for the class *** Please note that you will only choose four of the above topics to research. You will receive more information about this project very soon.

Bud, Not Buddy  

Novel Book Packet

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