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1. Introduction Welcome to the second edition of the Reid’s ONE TEAM newsletter. This quarterlyissued newsletter published by the People and Culture department, aims to help team members stay in touch with what’s new at RHG and in each division so we can learn from each other and celebrate successes— uniting us in our commitment to Build and Enhance Quality of Life. In this issue you can read about two curious team members who demonstrated leadership in their role and reached the most effective and efficient decision by asking questions, and keeping our mission and our customers in mind. Be sure to check out the latest news from Reid’s Heritage Homes, RHP, RHC and Hy-Mark! And in the team member focus section get to know some of our new team members, see who celebrated a work anniversary in Q2, and more… Don’t miss the updates from these groups too: Health and Safety (including photos from the Conflict Avoidance and Physical Disengagement training that took place in May), People and Culture (WorkPerks survey results are shared) and Social and Wellness (photos and more!). We hope you find this publication to be informative and engaging. Please email with any feedback you may have, or speak to any member of the People and Culture department. We would love to hear your stories of how you build and enhance quality of life in your role and within your team. Sincerely, Kathy Pulleyblank, Editor

2. Division News & Events This spring we opened the

Reid’s Heritage Group Online Store! Be sure

to check out the latest polo shirts, hats, hoodies, windbreakers and more, embroidered with the company logo of your choice: promoplace. com/inskribo/ stores/Reids40th


2. Division News & Events

Vendor Trade Conferences

were held in Collingwood and Guelph in June to update our supplier/partner networks on the latest Reid’s Heritage Homes’ news.

COMMUNITY UPDATES Lora Bay Cottages Phase 3 launched Saturday, June 23rd Riverstone Towns in Cambridge off Munch Ave. will be launching this fall. Preparations are also underway for the launch of One Thousand Lackner in Kitchener. Conservation Estates is progressing nicely, the 4 homes on Revell Drive now have brick, siding and stucco – blower door testing was completed this week and we scored some of the best scores we have ever seen as a company – truly remarkable!

Let’s make Reid’s the latest YouTube sensation! Be sure to view the latest 2-minute film Building for the Future: https:// released last month featuring our Net-Zero Ready community, Woodlands Preserve in Guelph, and Field Superintendent, Manny Cellucci. Remember, on if you type “Reid’s Heritage Homes” in the search box, you can easily find and view all the films being released this year in celebration of our 40th anniversary.

Trade partners gathered together with the RHH team in Collingwood on June 13.

In This Issue 2 - 4 Divisional Update 3 - 6 Team Member News 5

Feature Story: WHY?


Summer Home Check List

8 - 9 People and Culture News 10

Health & Safety News

10-11 Social & Wellness News 11

Fun Facts

2. Division News & Events

2. Division News & Events

Exciting News. The Sherwood Homes office in Collingwood now has a sign! We look forward to seeing the design studio completed later this year. Located at 100 Pretty River Parkway, South, Unit 105 in beautiful Collingwood, stop by and say hello any time!

RHP is moving! The RHP Team is moving in early August to 1515 Gordon Street in Guelph. We are excited to plan our new office space. Come visit us once we settle in – a short 10-minute drive from head office. On Friday, May 25 at head office, RHP celebrated its fifth birthday! A delicious BBQ lunch and cake was enjoyed by all attendees.



RHP has many projects on the go, at various stages: Top: RHP’s new office.

Madison Lane in Bowmanville is 100% sold out!

At the grill: Scott Reid, President, RHP and Jim Dodd, Director of Land Acquisitions.

Village by the Arboretum Luxury Rental Suites in Guelph are nearing completion. Occupancy started on June 25. New projects: Sherwood Forest and Perth Mills (Stratford) – currently going through the tender process.

Joseph’s Place (Breslau) – currently working through the branding for this project.

Working hard to make the BBQ a success! Rasa Mustard, Director of Finance, RHP.

Check it out! If you haven’t visited the new RHP website do it now. The site was totally updated this spring:

2. Division News & Events

What’s New for the Summer: RHC has a busy summer ahead of us as we work on the six large sites currently under construction: VBA Rental Apartments in Guelph, Williamsburg Walk II and Kingswood Apartments in Kitchener, Grange Hill Point I & II in Guelph, Madison Lane Condominiums in Bowmanville, and a set of two rental apartment buildings in Belleville. Our office team is also kept hopping as we continue to stretch our wings with preliminary work on potential new projects in places like Port Elgin, Thunder Bay, Barrie, Collingwood, and more. The RHC team is excited to move into our new office later this summer. We received the building permit the first week of June and are issuing subcontracts for the interior finishes. By the time you are reading this newsletter, construction will be well underway. Don’t worry – we aren’t going far! We will be just a short 7-minute drive from the RHG office. You may have passed the building when driving down Pinebush Road in Cambridge. RHC will be occupying a large unit on the first floor.

Branding with Colour: Going hand-in-hand with our new office, watch for RHC to continue focusing on our brand recognition with our unique blue and yellow logo front and centre. Our website was refreshed earlier this year, but we are always on the look-out for ways to improve it and keep it current. Check it out if you haven’t had the chance yet – We have also updated the graphics on our RHC vehicles, which you might see traveling up and down the highways.

3. Team Member Focus Work Anniversaries

Congratulations to Team Members who celebrated Work Anniversaries in April, May and June. Thank you for your years of dedication and service to RHG. RHH Hy-Mark April

RHC Corporate


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2. Division News & Events

Expansion and Relationships: Our Commercial Team continues to diversify taking on “true” commercial projects. We have been awarded the Sarmazian Flooring new build with Shiedel, a church renovation in Flamborough with Integribuild, and several other large-scale office renovations with Melloul Blamey, Woodhouse Group and Prica Group. We are expanding our relationships. In Collingwood, we are working with Dunn Capital on a mid-rise project. We have landed new residential work with Mutual Developments, and are building relationships and tendering projects for Timberworx, Sorbara Group, Empire Communities, and Huron Creek Homes. Hy-Mark also came together with Freure Homes and we will have the opportunity to tender their HVAC moving forward. The following team members have completed their apprenticeship program and are now fully licensed journey people: Jay Bremer, Cory Baker and Joshua Smith. We have also had three team members qualify for their gas certificate (G3): Brett Smith, Derek Cunningham and Michael Seylan. Congrats to all! We celebrate the successes of one another.

THANK YOU TEAM from TAKE A RIDE FOR MACKIDS Take a Ride for MacKids! On Saturday, June 16 an estimated 4,000 people took part in 50 acres of fun for a great cause for the third year in a row. Over $60,000 was raised for McMaster Children’s Hospital. A huge thank you to all team members who volunteered– we couldn’t have done it without you!

Team members Paul Lett and Mark Reiding helping set up for Take a Ride for MacKids!

Happy Retirement Paul! On May 31, we celebrated Paul Brubacher’s 21 years of service with RHG and passed along our best wishes on his retirement.

Getting a little too comfortable in the cement truck

Peter Marsh and Paul Brubacher. Scott Reid and Paul Brubacher.

We have liftoff!

3. Team Member Focus

On a spring afternoon, spurred on by an engaging training session that morning about the importance of being curious— one of the four pillars of leadership—two of Reid’s Heritage Homes’ marketing team members, Katherine Richard and Jenna Wiatr decided to ask: “Why?” While working on a floor plan graphic to appear on a piece of marketing material, Katherine asked Jenna how this had been done previously, and was there a way to generally approach this? Jenna, looking back at past projects, said that


The Most Important Question in Business

sometimes just the basic dimensions of each room were displayed and sometimes a layout of all pieces of furniture and fixtures were included. Showing the furniture and fixtures that could fit within the layout required a substantial amount of additional time… and they were on a tight deadline. Was it worth the time investment? Jenna and Katherine approached Chris Roth, their manager, and asked him for his opinion. Was it really necessary, to have all the furniture and fixtures indicated on the floor plan? Would this

add to the customer experience? Chris, always open to listening to his team, carefully considered these questions and a respectful discussion about the merits and drawbacks of each option ensued. In the end, they concluded that the furniture layout was not necessary, and in fact, it could make customers feel like they don’t have options, that the proposed layout is the only furniture layout possible, affecting their ability to choose the plan that is right for them. By asking “Why?,” Jenna and Katherine saved the company time and money and helped deliver a better customer experience—and importantly, they felt heard and truly part of the decision making process. Asking “Why?” or “What if?” is contagious and leads to more effective decisions. When your team member comes to you asking, “Can you help me understand why this task needs to be done this way?, or says “I have an idea about how we could do this more effectively,” they are really saying “I want to learn” and “I will be motivated to perform more effectively and efficiently if I understand why.” Your team member is not trying to ‘hold up production’ and they, most likely, are not questioning your competence. S/he just wants to know that what they are doing is really necessary — that they are contributing to the company being more effective and continued on next page

Katherine Richard and Jenna Wiatr build and enhance quality of life in their roles in the Reid’s Heritage Homes’ marketing department serving as Marketing Coordinators at head office in Cambridge. Thank you Jenna and Katherine for sharing your story!

efficient. Having a sense of ownership is critical to employee engagement, retention and effective teams! “I love curiosity in our team. I see the excitement at the beginning of a new project and the fresh, creative ideas that come into play and I love it! It has been proven time and time again that our best stuff often begins with off the wall suggestions. The key for any leader is to create an environment for people to express their ideas without judgment. As we are all working to build and enhance quality of life, allowing for creative, “outside the box” input maintains our status as industry innovators and

enhances our brand.” – Chris Roth, Sales & Marketing Manager, Reid’s Heritage Homes

When approaching your manager with questions, come with some potential solutions and ideas if possible. This will help your discussion be meaningful and productive. “I come prepared. Show them [your manager] you have given it thought and done research where applicable. This will foster a productive discussion for both of you and will demonstrate that your intentions are driven by a desire for continuous improvement!” – Jenna Wiatr,

Remember the seven most expensive words in business: We have always done it that way…

Marketing Coordinator, Reid’s Heritage Homes

Katherine Richard and Jenna Wiatr build and enhance quality of life in their roles in the Reid’s Heritage Homes’ marketing department serving as Marketing Coordinators at head office in Cambridge. Thank you Jenna and Katherine for sharing your story!

3. Team Member Focus Team members who began their careers with us during the past few months were invited to share something fun or unique about themselves, their favourite thing about summer, or their most memorable experience to date at RHG. Here is some of what they shared: Early in my career, I took a summer off and did a bike trip from Calgary to St. John’s, NFLD. Travelling (slowly!) by bike was an incredible way to see our beautiful country and meet many wonderful people. – Jeff Robinson, Senior Manager, Land Development, Reid’s Heritage Homes

My favourite thing about the summer is definitely the weather…enjoying the

New Team Members outdoors by going to the beach, playing golf and baseball. My favourite hobby is anything that has to do with sports whether it being watching them live, on TV or playing! My top three has to be basketball, baseball and golf. Something unique about myself is that I am of the Armenian descent; can read, write and speak the language and my beautiful wife Pauline and I have a little princess of a daughter named Ariella who is just over 3 months old! – Ara Poladian, Project Coordinator, RHC

One of my favourite hobbies and what I like most about summer are the same thing. I am an avid motorcycle enthusiast and I am hoping that we have some great riding weather this summer. My daughter is coming home for a visit from

Petawawa in July and we are planning on riding to Port Dover (again) on Friday the 13th. It is a great way to see all the decked out bikes and to people watch. – Suzanne Hebert, Senior Estimator, Reid’s Heritage Homes

Do you have a story to share about building and enhancing quality of life or modelling the Core Values? Email Your story could be the next one to be featured!

4. Customer Experience

Look for Customer Testimonials and a Customer Experience update in our next issue.

4. Team Summer Tips

Our homeowners receive a seasonal checklist for their home. With summer here, we want to make sure that our own team has a list of what they can do to care for their house in the summer. We Build and Enhance Quality of Life!

Summer Home Checklist As you prepare for summer picnics, BBQs and vacation, it is also important to ensure your home is ready too. Below is a checklist you can follow to ensure your home is being maintained as best as possible.

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Check roof for any missing or damaged shingles

If you are leaving your home for an extended vacation, remember to turn off the main water to your home or have a friend or family member come and check your home periodically for any water leaks

If you have A/C running or your windows open, set your ERV to come on intermittently. The humidity level in your home should still range from 40-45% even in the summer

If you install sod, it must be watered within 24 hours of installation. In daytime temperatures above 25°C, sod should be watered every day. Avoid walking on freshly laid sod

Clean the air conditioning filter, vacuum or brush the outdoor coil and rinse Change your furnace filters monthly to improve the air quality in your home If you have a ceiling fan, reverse the direction of the fan to push the air straight down Replace cracked caulking around windows and doors Bathrooms fans can collect dust, which can make them noisy and inefficient. Remove the cover and vacuum out any dust

5.People and Culture News

People and Culture hit the road in June to visit our sites and offices across Ontario. In lieu of bringing all team members together for People and Culture sessions in June, the People and Culture team visited team members at their sites/offices across Ontario over a two-week period, providing a breakfast/lunch and a few updates. An updated program and benefits at-a-glance guide was distributed. Team members also had the opportunity to sign a consent form, enabling team members to opt-in to receiving texts/email messages on their personal mobile devices. This will enhance our ability to communicate critical information with the team in a timely manner, e.g. emergency situations, office closures, etc. Pizza lunch at RHC’s Kingswood site.

People and Culture sessions as well as Managerial Training sessions, will resume in October 2018.

Short-film Campaign Reminder: Between now and August 31, 2018, capture on video 10, 20, 30 seconds— maybe even a minute, of having fun with your colleagues. Some of your creations will make it into the final 2-minute “We Have Fun” film, produced by Memory Tree later this year.

Pizza lunch at RHH’s Cobble Beach site.

Team Member Summer BBQ: On Friday, July 20 at 12:30pm we look forward to welcoming all team members to the Summer BBQ at head office. Remember to wear your Reid’s gear – logoed hats, shirts, etc. as we will be taking a group photo in honour of Reid’s Heritage Homes’ 40th anniversary! We’re looking forward to good food (including treats from an ice cream truck!) and good times. See you there!

As always, remember to comply with our workplace health and safety policies; and please be respectful of team members who may not want to be filmed. Ask before you film anyone.

If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Kizis, Project Lead, Short Film Campaign 519-830-5537 or Kathy Pulleyblank, People and Culture 519-658-6656 ext. 231

Remember Core Values #2 and #3: We are respectful and kind, and We have fun.

5.People and Culture News NEW Program - Welcoming New Team Members Starting June 18, 2018 People and Culture launched a new program to welcome new team members to RHG. On the day each new team member arrives, People and Culture will provide treats (muffins, fruit, etc.) at morning or afternoon break at the team member’s site/office to welcome them to the team and to help them get to know their coworkers. This new program is the result of a suggestion from one of our team members, Peter Bilitz, Director of Finance. Thank you for the great idea, Peter!

WorkPerks Earlier this year, more than 100 team members completed a survey regarding our WorkPerks program offered by the company Venngo. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. After analyzing the results, it was decided that we will continue to offer this program to all team members for 2018. Though some of you expressed that you did not find the discount opportunities to be valuable and/or of interest, some team members reported valuing the program and discounts it offers. NEW: currently, based on your comments, we are considering other programs for 2019. If you haven’t checked out WorkPerks lately—or ever—log on to and check it out. Your name (if you are a full-time team member) is provided to WorkPerks/Venngo as a user on the Reid’s Heritage Group account when you begin working at RHG so they know you are eligible to create an account. It is up to you to create your account.

To create your account: 1) Go to: 2) Click on “create account” (see screen shot below) 3) On the “create account” screen, you get to choose your own account name and password

6. Health and Safety News Our sales and marketing staff face unique challenges when dealing with members of the public. Anyone dealing with the public is at an increased risk of experiencing workplace violence. In May, a group of ladies from our sales and design centers spent a very informative and fun day in “Conflict Avoidance and Physical Disengagement” training. The training was provided by M.D. Burgess and Associates, a company with a long history of providing training to police officers, security guards and mental health workers.

The program was built on the understanding that “Conflict Avoidance and Dealing with Difficult People” courses can only take you so far. “Talking someone down” or using “verbal de-escalation” skills can expose staff to unnecessary risk and is potentially dangerous where any form of cognitive or mental impairment is present. This training focused on being proactive, recognizing signs and symptoms of escalated or unusual behavior and situational awareness to enhance personal safety. The fun really started with the disengagement skills training, (how to get away if

someone grabs you). Everyone was able to practice very effective techniques for breaking away from most holds. Veronique demonstrated how a guy my size could be stopped by the smallest girls in the room with simple pressure on my pinkies and thumbs. Despite my best efforts, she was loose in seconds. The training proved to be quite valuable to attendees for both at work and off work, so we expect to hold sessions in the future for other departments. Until Next Time: Work Smart. Work Safe. Tom Van Aarsen, Manager of Health & Safety | RHC and Reid’s Heritage Homes

John Craig. Manger of Health of Safety, RHG

Tom Van Aarsen. Manager of Health & Safety | RHC and Reid’s Heritage Homes

7. Social & Wellness Committee A fun Potluck Lunch took place on Friday, April 27 at several sites and offices. All locations were encouraged to gather together for lunch, in whatever way worked best for them. Some ordered in pizza, like the RHC team who are building the VBA apartments in Guelph. And some enjoyed coffee and donuts, like the team at the RHC site in Belleville. VBA in Guelph – RHC team enjoying a “pizza potluck”

Team members at Belleville, RHC site enjoying their Tim’s

7. Social & Wellness Committee Don’t miss out on this Blue Jays Game:


BLUE JAYS TICKETS Space is limited!

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Cleveland Indians Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 4:00 PM. The event is open and free of charge to team members and their partners, children, and other household members.


by August 3 Kathy Pulleyblank, or call 519-658-6656 ext. 231

Two successful Lunch and Learn sessions have taken place so far this year. DreamFitness

Beach Day

Share with Us!

Our third theme day of the year, Beach Day, took place on Friday, June 22 to kick off the summer season. Freezies/popsicles were enjoyed by all!

Need a copy of the calendar of events or do you have a photo to share from a recent Social and Wellness event? Email: social. Your photo could appear in the next newsletter!

In April, fitness and nutrition expert Scott McLelland from Dreamfitness shared great tips and information about health and fitness at head office. Selfie shot from the session!

Questions? Contact any of the 2018 Social and Wellness Committee Members:

Burlington Humane Society

• Darryl McMillan • Denise O’Toole • Diane Batista • Jeremy Rock • Lisa Inglis • Kathy Pulleyblank • Mariah Gallarza • Michael Burnie • Michelle Smith • Michelle Trothen • Michelle Watkinson • Nelson Santos • Scott Martin • Shari Walpole • Stephanie Grondinger

On June 25, the Burlington Humane Society visited head office to share information on adopting a pet and caring for pets. To thank the representative for their time, team members presented him with donations that were on their wish list, for the shelter.

8. Fun Section

For those of you who know Peter Bilitz, Director of Finance, it will be no surprise that this is the information he provided when he was asked to share some “fun finance or IT facts and/or trivia questions,” for the newsletter, and this is what he submitted. Enjoy…read on…there is some fun in here!

2017 Report on Computer Threats 1. DropBox phishing* was the top lure for phishing attacks 2. Construction, Manufacturing and Technology topped the most phished industries list 3. Nearly 25% of all suspicious login attempts to cloud services were successful 4. About half of all cloud app users have installed third-party add-ons. About 18% of these add-ons have access to email and files.

5. Since 2010, the year the official site of https:/ was registered, more than 100 similar domains have been registered with only three being legitimate. For Tokyo 2020, more than 500 suspicious domains have been registered. *Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details, often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Takeaways: 1. Be very aware of what you are sharing in cloud services such as DropBox 2. RHG is in the top 3 most phished industries 3. Beware of any add-ons you are installing to software 4. When looking up to see how well your team’ is doing at this year’s world cup, ensure you are only going to legitimate sites

Reids One Team  

Summer Newsletter 2018

Reids One Team  

Summer Newsletter 2018