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Photographer Paul Casselman explores the growth of Toronto’s landmark towers from start to finish and reveals the hidden beauty amongst the men and machines building them.

Revealed Piers, May 2013

Piers, June 2013

Iron Canyon, September 2013

Through Shale, September 2013

Iron Worker, September 2013

Slab On Grade, November 2013

Rim Light, Elevator Core, November 2013

Green Valley, January 2014

Plateau, March 2014

Glade, July 2014

Gibraltar, September 2014

Filament, December 2014

Snow Day, January 2015

Monumental, April 2015

Chasm, November 2015

Cave, May 2015

Cliff Face, December 2015

Big Sky, December 2015

Vista, April 2015

Horizon Line, October 2015

Ascension, July 2015

Dawn, October 2015

Patina, August 2015

Fortress, May 2015

Penthouse, November 2015

Cavern, January 2016

Eruption, April 2016

High Falls, April 2016

Veneer, January 2016

Latice, November 2015

Break, October 2016

Installation, March 2016

Plumb Line, October 2015

Terrace, December 2016

Overview, October 2016

Ice, November 2015

Waterproofing Gang, November 2015

Iron Workers, December 2015

Labourer, May 2016

Electrician, December 2016

Pipe Fitters, May 2015

Ribar Crew, November 2013

Snow Cap, December 2016

High Flight, December 2016

Glow, December 2016

Boom, February 2017

Solstice, December 2016

Apex, February 2017 Special thanks to Menkes Developments Ltd. and their partners at One York Street for their support and enthusiasm.

Transient Topography - Paul Casselman  

In 2013 Paul Casselman was commissioned to photograph the redevelopment of this site. The project documented the stages of construction, the...

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