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Ellen F. Dunn



BOARD OF TRUSTEES Ellen F. Dunn President

David J. Silva Vice President

Kevin W. Quinlan Treasurer

Peter Bradley Cohen Jose A. Gonzalez William J. Griset, Jr. George G. Irving Robert Seamans III Kenneth C. Turino Todd H. Waller Jeffrey B. Whitmore Kara McLaughlin Executive Director

Dear Friends of The House of the Seven Gables Settlement Association: We are pleased and proud to present to you our 2016 Annual Report. The year was a very special one, as we celebrated the 150th anniversary of our legendary founder Caroline Emmerton’s birth, by undertaking preservation projects and providing educational programming that emphasized Miss Emmerton’s values, vision, and work. Since it would be impossible to share all that was achieved over the course of the year, we chose to highlight some of our most significant accomplishments in a way that demonstrates how they align with our mission and why we feel they are important. This annual report focuses primarily on our 2016 achievements. That being said we would like to take a moment to comment on our current and future endeavors. This year we chose to shed some light on the lives of people who have lived and worked in or around The House of the Seven Gables. Our “Life and Labor” programming slate includes an exhibition, lectures, and community conversations that focus on the lives of indentured servants, enslaved people, and immigrants. We will continue working on our Collections Care and “Secret Rooms” projects. We look forward to completing the interpretation and the restoration of those previously hidden spaces and opening them to the public in 2018 when we will enthusiastically celebrate the 350th anniversary of the building we all know as The House of the Seven Gables. To ensure our flagship structure is well protected both inside and out, we will also be replacing the roof that is failing due to deteriorating nails. While we are proud of all that we have accomplished and excited about things to come, we also recognize that we could not achieve anything without the work of talented and dedicated staff members and the generous support of our volunteers, members, and donors. We extend our deepest thanks to all of you. We look forward to seeing you at the 350th Anniversary party in 2018.


To preserve our National Historic Landmark and leverage its power as an icon of American culture to engage diverse audiences and provide educational opportunities for our local immigrant community.

STAFF Kara McLaughlin Executive Director

Julie Arrison-Bishop

Special Projects Manager


To be a sustainable historical, architectural, and literary site dedicated to continuing the philanthropic “Settlement” tradition of educating our local immigrant population.


We value the legacies of Caroline Emmerton, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Salem. We value the historic preservation of our site: buildings, gardens, collections, and stories. We value being a center of and for the community. We value education as a central tenet of our programming. We value long-term sustainability for the Association.

Karen Barter

Director of Development

Bruce Campbell


Deb Costa

Special Events Manager

Alyssa Conary

Development Associate

Ryan Conary

Marketing & Reservations Coordinator

Francis Dybczak

Maintenance Custodian

Stacey Harvey

Finance Administrator

Mary Langone

Finance Assistant

Daniel Marshall

Manager of Visitor Services

Ana Nuncio

Manager of Settlement Partnerships

Brian Payne

Preservation Carpenter

Everett Philbrook Store Manager

Melissa Reynolds

Human Resources Manager

Martha Walton

Development Researcher

Kevin White

Director of Maintenance and Preservation

Jeff Horton, Betsy Hyam, Michael Judd, Ben Lithgow, David Moffat, Julie O’Meara, Sandra Roberts, Rebecca Sweet

Year-round store staff and lead guides

Preserve our National Historic Landmark


Retire Beckett

rooms project House roof

In 2016, The House of the Seven Gables completed the structural reinforcement of the Dining Room Chamber and the reconfiguration of the Accounting Room. The next phase of this project is to interpret these previously private and largely unknown spaces and open them to the public. These newly restored rooms will impart greater scope and meaning to the stories The House of the Seven Gables tells. Rarely does such a historic property yield such an exciting opportunity! Funding is still needed to complete the restoration.

We installed a new wood shingle roof on the Retire Beckett House (1655). This job also included updating the facia, gutters, and rakeboards and replacing the clapboards on the north side of the house. The repairs that took place will help to protect the Retire Beckett House for decades to come.


project commencement

In November 2016, collections care staff began working to create a complete inventory of the objects stored and displayed on The House of the Seven Gables property. This project not only involves accounting for every item, but also rehousing them in a manner that will preserve them for the future, recording their locations and conditions, and making recommendations regarding the security and sustainability of each storage facility. This project will allow us to share more complete and meaningful stories and will continue into 2017 and beyond.


Value Our ROle in Telling Our Unique Story



Last year The House of the Seven Gables Settlement Association celebrated the life and timeless work of its founder, Caroline Osgood Emmerton, 150 years after her birth. Emmerton, a Salem philanthropist and preservationist, founded The House of the Seven Gables Settlement Association in 1910.

Emmerton’s goal was to preserve the iconic house for future generations, to provide educational opportunities for visitors, and to use the proceeds from tours to assist immigrant families who were settling in Salem. Over time, Emmerton and the organization’s trustees acquired and moved to the site five additional 17th, 18th, and 19th century structures. Today, The House of the Seven Gables’ campus constitutes its own National Historic Landmark District. Our annual exhibit focused on the life of Emmerton in the context of the era in which she lived in order to highlight her significant legacy. Featured were

informational panels, one-of-a-kind objects, and a companion guidebook. The celebratory year also included a variety of community events, special lectures and programs, and partnerships with local organizations. The 150th anniversary of Caroline Emmerton’s birth was the ideal opportunity to share the story of one of Salem’s most influential figures of the 20th century and show how her work continues to impact our community today. The “Year of Emmerton” was sponsored in part by Mass Humanities and the Salem Cultural Council. Over 1,200 people took part in celebratory events and programs.


audio garden tours

In December of 2016, The House of the Seven Gables introduced a brand new audio tour about our National Historic Landmark campus, that features facts about landscape design, the historic buildings, and our unique dual mission of preservation and education. The tour was produced jointly by Gables staff and UniGuide. Visitors can now download the UniGuide app onto their smartphone or tablet and able to enjoy a 20-minute tour of the gardens and grounds. This new audio tour will provide additional information and context to our guided house tours and further enhance the experience for visitors to our site. To date, 169 audio tours have been downloaded. The tour is included with paid admission to The Gables. Uniguide is available at the Apple App Store and Google Play. See for more information.


Engage diverse Audiences From around the globe

104,194 visitors

from all 50 states and 59 countries

People from these countries visited our National Historic Landmark Museum in 2016:

Our tour is translated into eight languages and is available in both a written and an audio format. Our marketing brochure is also translated into these languages: Brazilian Portuguese • Cantonese • French German • Italian • Japanese • Mandarin • Spanish

Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Bermuda Brazil British Indian Ocean Territory Brunei Canada Chile China Costa Rica Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece

Hungary Iceland India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea, Republic of Luxembourg Malta Martinique Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Norway Peru Philippines Poland Qatar

Romania Russia Senegal Singapore Solomon Islands South Africa Spain Swaziland Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay


Offer Education as a Central Tenet of our programming

9,338 students from

246 schools, 25 states, & 7 countries

attended field trips and educational programs

FROM NAUMKEAG SETTLERS TO SALEM SHIPPERS Hundreds of students in grades 3-5 participated in our longest running and most well-attended educational program last year. This program focuses on early New England history and highlights the lives of 3 children who would have lived in Salem in the 17th and 18th centuries. The students partook in a series of hands-on activities including an introductory slideshow, a tour of the house, and 3 activity stations that teach the students about work and play in Colonial New England.

WORLDWIDE TRADING GAME In 2016 we hosted almost 200 students in grades 5-8 for this recently revitalized interactive program. The students learned how men like John Turner I and II (owners of The House of the Seven Gables) became wealthy and contributed to the trade economy of their time. Through a roleplaying exercise the students took on the roles of merchants from around the Atlantic world and traded commodities with one another, bearing in mind price changes and the rules of supply & demand, with a few surprises thrown in!

NAVIGATING WITH BOWDITCH After updating this program with assistance from our education committee and middle school math teachers, we piloted the revised version with students from Salem Academy Charter School. Designed for students in grades 5 – 8, the program focuses on the work of Nathaniel Bowditch, a Salem native and America’s first mathematical geographer. It combines math, science, and history into an interactive experience. Students worked in teams to use math, observational skills, and historical information to navigate their way through hands-on learning experiences.


Provide Opportunities for our immigrant community Unbounded vision, magnified good

How has The House of the Seven Gables, this icon of American culture, leveraged its power to do good? Through stimulating, thoughtful Conversations on Immigration and Immigration reform; through innovative programming developed to find and tell new stories, such as Caribbean Connections, a summer enrichment program for elementary school students; through classes that serve adult students striving to learn English and acquire citizenship, preparing them for oral interviews and supporting their naturalization applications; through partnerships with organizations that provide literacy-building programming to preschoolers and their mothers, immigrant students and their families, and other at-risk youth. The unbounded vision of our founder, Caroline Emmerton, carries a remarkable, generative force: it continually inspires us to dig deep into community, reach out to partners, and magnify good.

CARIBBEAN CONNECTIONS Our summer enrichment program, Caribbean Connections, was targeted to students in grades 3 through 5, primarily English language learners from Salem. By travelling to local historical sites and producing a short play based on the book, The Red Hair Comb / La Peineta Colorada, the program helped students uncover the hidden historical connections between Salem and the Caribbean. Two bilingual teachers delivered instruction in English and Spanish with the main goal of growing students’ language skills.

ESL AND CITIZENSHIP The Gables offered English-as-a-Second Language and Citizenship classes to adult learners. The 2016 program drew the largest enrollment yet, with more than 65 students ranging in age from 17 to 66 years. While the majority of students were from the Dominican Republic, participants also hailed from Mexico, Brazil, and Haiti. The goal that bound the students together was the desire to learn English and become U.S. citizens. Thanks to Salem Academy Charter School for generously donating the use of classroom space for this program.

Photo top: naturalization ceremony Photo left: Readers Theatre artwork from Carribbean Connections

COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS ON IMMIGRATION AND IMMIGRATION REFORM In keeping with our Settlement mission to engage diverse audiences and provide educational opportunities for our community, The Gables became a forum for discussion through its second series of community conversations in 2016. Topics addressed were the perils and promise of the growing Haitian community, attitudes towards recent immigrants, the uncertain path to citizenship, the importance of shared stories in families, and the dynamics that have shaped immigration policy in the US. These timely conversations encouraged dialogue among people with contrasting viewpoints and helped better articulate issues affecting millions of Americans.


Serve as a Center of and for Our Local Residents

Educational and enrichment programs The Gables partners with local organizations to provide educational and enrichment programs to youth in the immigrant community and provides financial and/or program development support. Fifteen highschool ELL students participated in a service learning project during the summer of 2016. The students learned about the history of philanthropy in Salem by studying the social legacy of Gables’ founder Caroline Emmerton. They learned about the many public institutions that were made possible in Salem through the energy and generosity of the Bertram-Emmerton family. Students prepared questions for an interview that they conducted onsite with a local scholar playing the role of Caroline Emmerton. Through this process they were able to reflect on the scope and impact of her work and strengthen their cultural proficiency or knowledge about local people, places, and events.

With Gables financial support, a home visitor trained in the special model of this nationwide preschool literacy program is able to regularly visit three local immigrant families with preschool-age children. Through imaginative use of books, toys, and conversation, the home visitor helps the parents improve their parenting skills while also improving their child’s school readiness and early literacy skills. A core group of 12 Salem students, young women primarily from the Dominican Republic, worked with artists and dance instructors in 2016 to create a visual essay and poem that drew on traditions from the Caribbean. Their work was featured onstage at the Citi Wang Theatre in Boston in May 2016 as part of the Illuminate theatrical production.

COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS The Gables supports other local community organizations and non-profits through in-kind donations of space, tickets, and staff volunteer hours. Examples include: Beverly School for the Deaf • Catholic Charities • Community Advisory Board • Destination Salem • Essex County Community Organization (ECCO) • Essex County Community Foundation (ECCF) • Essex National Heritage Commission Regional Education Forums • Historic Derby Street Neighborhood Association • Latino Leadership Coalition • Lynn Hispanic Scholarship Fund • Mayor’s Inclusion Steering Committee • New England Museum Association (NEMA) • No Place for Hate Committee • North of Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau (NOBCVB) • North Shore CDC • North Shore Elder Services (Over the Rainbow) • Plummer Youth Promise • Salem Academy Charter School • Salem Arts Association • Salem Award Foundation • Salem Board of Registrars • Salem City Council • Salem for All Ages Focus Group • Salem Park, Recreation, and Community Services • Salem Partnership • Salem Public Library • Salem Public School District • Salem Rotary • Salem School Committee • Salem State University • Summer Meals Community Council

over 500

service hours


Use our Revenue & DOnations Wisely



overview January 1 – December 31, 2016


Admissions/Public Programs Museum Store Sales (Net COGS) Contributed Income Facility Rentals and Other Income3 Total Revenue

$1,143,000 252,000 314,000 114,000 $1,823,000

$925,981 226,930 202,068 166,403 $1,521,382

23.4% 11% 55% (31%) 63% Admissions/Public Programs


Program Services Development General & Administrative Total Expenses

$1,420,000 204,000 302,000 $1,926,000

$1,360,810 4% 195,339 4% 330,547 (9%) $1,886,696

14% Museum Store Sales (Net COGS) 17% Contributed Income 6% Facility Rentals/Other Income DISTRIBUTION OF EXPENSES

Change in net assets from operations $(103,000) $(365,314) Non-Operating Revenue Gain on sale of 114 Derby St.4 $620,000 $- Investment Income, net $78,000 $1,864 Change in net assets




74% Program Services

Total Investment Account Balances

10% Development




114 Derby Street Sale In June 2016, The House of the Seven Gables Settlement Association sold the building located at 114 Derby Street. Known to many as “The Settlement House,” this building formerly housed The Gables’ preschool, after-school and summer camp programs since the time the organization purchased the building in 1967 until 2010, when those programs were discontinued. The property was sold with preservation restrictions, to a developer who appreciated the architecture and was willing to make an investment in the Derby Street neighborhood. The Board of Trustees voted to deposit $300,000 of the sale proceeds into the investment accounts and invest the remainder into future capital improvements.

16% General and Administrative

1 - FY 2016 figures are preliminary and unaudited 2- The FY 2015 figures have been abstracted from the Organization’s financial statements for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2015, which were audited by Shaheen, Pallone & Associates, P.C. Because the information does not include all the disclosures required by generally accepted accounting principles, it is not intended to present the full financial position of the Organization. 3 - The decrease in revenue from Facility Rentals between FY 2015 and FY 2016 is due to the loss of six months of income from the lease of 114 Derby Street to Salem Public Schools. 4 - In June 2016, The House of the Seven Gables Settlement Association sold the building located at 114 Derby Street. Known to many as “The Settlement House” this building formerly housed The Gables’. See above article for details.


Appreciate our Members & Donors

over 1,000 charitable

gifts from 350 donors

$10,000 +

$500 – $999

$100 – $249

$99 & UNDER

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2016 Annual Report 115 Derby Street Salem, MA 01970

The House of the Seven Gables Settlement Association Annual Report 2016  
The House of the Seven Gables Settlement Association Annual Report 2016