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Ryan Choi Portfolio 2017


1. 2. 3. 4. I’m Ryan.

a young and motivated designer who values the beauty that is inherent in efficency. I believe that the most efficent designs are the most attractive. Education


Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY B.I.D Industrial design Class of 2017�

Automotives Technology Sports Audiophile Video games

Contact Email: Phone: 469-236-4992 Website:

Table of Contents

1. Rapture

2. Nestol

3. D.A.R.S

4. Ex-Press

Rapture Pratt Institute Spring 2016 Studio: Complex Form and methodology

Brief: We were tasked to create

a table top product centered around liquids while using our sense of aesthetics in harmony with practicality and function. How can I make an aesthetically pleasing drip coffee maker that still performs well?

I chose to make a pour over drip coffee maker


Market Research Most drip coffee makers on the market are self contained devices that work with cups or pots provided by the user, their aesthetics dictated by their function.

I wanted to create a Drip coffee maker that came in a complete set of visually and compositionally harmonious elements while maintaining its function and performance

Inspiration While soldering wire, I was inspired by the coiled solder holder that suspended the solder tip off the ground. I aimed to translate this form and function into the design for my coffee dripper.


2 I chose a simple yet dynamic form focus on its curve

3 Then I sketched some studies to further hone in on the form


I stared with cardboard and wire models exploring linear and planar harmony


Then I began to design the set of forms around my first form




5 Last step was to finalize the model with the help of CAD and 3D printing

6 This was my final Prototyle model

Rapture. Pour-over drip coffee maker

Filter Holder

Quality and Style.

The Rapture Coffee Maker is designed to bring both quality and style to your brewing expirence

Rapture base

Rapture Pot

Nestol Nestol Pratt Institute Fall 2016 Studio: Design in Context

Pratt Institute for portable toiBrief: Demand

lets have been rising since 2009.

Fall 2016

My goal was to make portable toilets more readily acessible and cheaper to use in order to Studio:theDesign in Context combat increasing demands.

To do this, I had to first locate the faults in existing portable toilets

How can I improve portable toilets to make them cleaner, easier, and cheaper?


Why do we need portable toilets?


Demand for Portable Toilets are increasing in the U.S. 5+ years of economic recovery has resulted in an increase in:

Outdoor festivals


Venue attendence

Existing problems


Advantages of Nestol

Expensive to transport

X3 Transportation is the single biggest cost factor when determining prices for rentals

Ability to NEST Nest’ability Saves over 25% of space during transport

Hard to clean

Modular Toilet Toilets needs to be within 20ft of where a septic tank trunck can reach it, limiting location possibilities

Eliminates need to be placed in a location reachable by a septic tank trunk



Inspiration / Solution I was inspired by the space saving ability of the stackable chairs and wanted to incorporate the stacking feature into portable toilets.

I also took inspiration from modular phone batteries. What if i could make the septic tank replaceable as well?

Design Process

Here is a sample of my design process and workflow. Starting from sketches to prototyes and finally to detail renders of close up shots not shown above.

D.A.R.S Pratt Institute Spring 2016 Studio: System design for human kind Brief: We were tasked to devise a

“system� of operation and the all the supporting infrastructure that would help people in their everyday lives.

I chose to make a better system of donations aimed to aid the homeless in NYC.

*(In collaboration with the Cooper Hewitt Museum)

How can I help or improve the lives of the homeless in NYC?

Research Getting to know the NYC homeless A substancial effort was put towards interacting and getting to know the homless population as well as the volunteers and dontors

My studio worked with two homeless organizations on this project:

Observation, Volunteering, and Interviewing

Over 10 hours were spent on volunteering for these organizations where we learning about them and the people that helped.

I observed how the organizations operated and how the homeless functioned in side and outside these organizations.

I interviewed the other volunteers and the home less when possible.

*Me at COAL (top) and CHIPS (bottom)

tem sys

ar d

R . Re S w

Clothe & wears Information Cash & Coin








Design direction

DARS is a system that aim to make the act of donation a friendly and rewarding cycle while eliminating the problems that most traditional donation systems face.

What I learned Through my investigations, I was able to make a list of the most pressing problems and issues with the current donation system.

Organization & Storage

Lack of incentive

Unwanted “donations�

lack of information

Lack of organization and storage was cited as one of the biggest consumer of time and effort.

people were less willing to donate because there was nothing to be gained.

too much unwanted donations such as trash and inappropriate items.

People were discouraged from donating because of a lack of information.




Collected Dars points can be spent at participating markets and vendors for rewards.

DARS System

This map visualizes the 4 core elements on which the DARS system would operate on.

Get your Dars Card

The system engages people in a holistic cycle and keeps them engaged by creating a two way relationship with DARS via donations and rewards

Donate here!

1. Vvvvv

Use Dars poi bars, theate

ints at participating ers, resurants, etc...!

Locations of kiosks, and other relevent locations such as food kitchins.

Personal account info such as where your donations go, your credit balance.

Any relevent info related to homlessness and donations / volunteering.

3. 4.


The DARS website displays all relevent info as well as your personal account.

Ex-Press Pratt Institute Spring 2017 Studio: Studio: Life style

Brief: We were tasked to identify

a way of life or “lifestyle habit� that exist in society and improve it / change it for the better.

The lifestyle habit I identified and worked with beverages and on the go lifestyle.

How can I change a lifestyle habit or routine for the better?


Ex-Press. A Portable Water Filter & Beverage brewing system operated with just a press.

Ex-Press is a portable water filter system designed for fast and easy filtering with just a press. It also has the ability to brew cold or hot beverages. An extra set of brewing pods can be stored at the bottom compartment so you can have both water filtration and beverage brewing on the go. You can also refill and self-maintain your filter and brewing pods, making it easy to clean, filter, and brew. Ex-Pess is operated by just pressing down on the cap and forcing water through the filter/brewing chamber into the inner bottle. Designed for the busy life style, the Ex-Press can be easily disassembled, cleaned, and serviced even on the go.

+ =

Free-Weigh valve Silicone cap

Prevents over steeping / brewing of beverages


Sustainability Ability to refill filter and brewing pod mean no waste from replacement parts

Ex-press Cap

Inner bottle

Main bottle


Color Study Filter / beverage pod holder Filter / beverage pod Extra filter / beverage pod storage

Ex-Press. Ex-Press.

How to use Coffee / Charcoal



Fill with charcoal for water filtration or loose coffee / tea for hot beverages into refillable pod

Place chacoal filter pod or brewing pod inside the filter brewing chamber

Insert the pod chamber into the inner bottle

Add hot or cold water

Insert the inner bottle into the main bottle and press down to brew or filter

Design Process

Compound Filtering -uses 2 substances: charcoal and ion-exchange resin -reduce the amount of chlorine, copper, cadmium and mercury as well as water born particals -does not filter bacterial, virus, and some lesser found undesirable compounds -replace after ~40gallons

Here is my design process and work flow. I started with filtration and market research, moving on to sketches, prototypes, and detail renders of Express



Mechanical Filtering -uses a mesh of hollow fibers with pores less than .2 microns to capture unwanted particals -removes 99% of waterborne bacteria, E. coli, and 99% of waterborne protozoa, including Giardia & Cryptosporidium. -Does not remove chemicals, salt water, heavy metals and viruses -replace after 264~ gallons

Thanks for reading

Ryan Choi - Industrial Design portfolio  
Ryan Choi - Industrial Design portfolio  

Ryan Choi - Industrial Design Portfolio