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Ryan Blunt Portfolio Bachelor of Architecture Student Griffith University

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Education 2016

John Paul College Grade 12


Bachelor of Architecture Student Griffith University

Experience 2019

Work Integrated Learning at Shane Thompson Architects - Brisbane City 9 week placement of 2 days per week

Ryan Blunt

References Contact Email: Phone: 0428117904

Shane Thompson

Principal Shane Thompson Architects Email: Office Phone: +61 7 3844 1362

Karine Dupre

Professor of Architecture Griffith University Email: Phone: (07) 555 27534 Page - 2

Proficiencies • 3 Years Experience in High School • 2599QCA Structures in the Environment • Professional Experience, Work Integrated Learning • 3541QCA Architectural Visualisation • Studio 3 Project

• Studio 2 Project • Studio 3 Project

• Studio 1-3 Projects • 3541QCA Architectural Visualisation • Professional Experience, Work Integrated Learning

Projects Revit

3ds Max


Form Adaptation

Concept Development

Assorted Works


• Studio 2 Project • Studio 3 Project


• Studio 2 Project • Studio 3 Project


• Studio 3 Project • 3541QCA Architectural Visualisation

Visual Connections


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Visual Connections 2018 Trimester 1 Located in Burleigh Heads the project takes advantage of an unused plot of land in the central commercial zone. The brief was to create a mixed used residential development for eight stores and six, one bedroom apartments and 2 two bedroom apartments.



The project design was influenced by The Pattern Language which directed design choices, and allowed for development of a few key design languages. The concept of this project was to draw people through the site, to increase foot traffic in the less populated stores to the west and south of the project. Strong visual connections to a variety of communal courtyards intentionally invited people to further explore the long and narrow site, bypassing the variety of stores along the path. The apartments above light thus they were extruded outwards to penetrate the ground

the ground floor lacked amenity to setback from the site boundary and capture light, and allow light to floor.

Ground Floor

The concrete wall to the south was erected to gain access to light and venitiation, reaching above the roof line of surrounding buildings directing venilation to the ground floor and apartments, acting similar to a wind tower. It also acted as a barrrier to refract light into the narrow corridor below containing apartment walkway and the store’s back of house.

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First Floor

Second Floor

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The first stage of the design process included a study of the Burleigh Heads central commerical zone. This identified the types and locations of businesses to inform the amenity needed in the site location. My study analysed how business shop frontages interacted with the street and public pathways, and how they would attract and discourage customers. A series of pattern languages were then adapted to inform the design of the site. Positive public space generates courtyards that interact with shop frontages, and allow for flow and visual connections to other corridors and spaces. Apartments were arranged in communities of four to create strong relationships, particularly around community courtyards. Finally, the building was fragmented to allow for amenity to light, ventilation and overlook for security.



Public Footpath







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Pattern Languages

Positive Public Space

Community of Four

Environmental Barrier

Community Courtyard

Fragmented Complex

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Form Adaptation 2017 Trimester 2 Located on the south of Burleigh Heads beach, reaching to the heads themselves, the task called for a series of tidal pools accompanied by changing rooms. The process was intially developed through exercises in form without knowledge of the brief. We were simply tasked with exploring the different forms and shapes we could generate with a clay model, understanding space and mass. Further to this we had to adapt this form to another medium, cardboard, to understand the way different materials would affect form.

These were then used as the basis for our development of the tidal pools. The form then adapted itself into the form of the plan of the site, reaching into the ocean, directing views towards Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise. The form also embedded itself in the changing rooms, providing a dynamically changing roof line, which took advantage of sunlight and cool ocean breezes. This challenged the traditional beachside changing room, typically dark and humid, by creating a light filled and well ventilated space.

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Concept Development 2018 Trimester 2 The location was an popular pathway between Griffith University, and the Griffith University tram station, outside the architecture studio. The brief was to develop study spaces, an artilier, a seminar space and cafe, as well as create an exciting and captivating entryway to the University. The concept was centered around creating tension between the objects on the site, first existing as a pathway of curved beams and tensile roofing. The design developed to begin creating tension between the surrounding buildings, with a large tensile membrane making a ceptivating entry hall. This large cover blurred the line between public and private seminar space, making it accessible to bypassers. This created spaces to exemplify the University’s works in exhibitions to the random public, rather selected guests.

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Work Integrated Learning 2019, Trimester 2

Tasks Given

I was given the privilage to complete a unit of Work Integrated Learning in the offices of Shane Thompson Architects, where I was involved in a variety tasks during my time in the office.

• Conversion of Hand drawn Masterplan sketches to Digital form for presentation • Creating Presentation styled drawings with reference from the Construction Drawings • Attended Site Visits to a Seniors Living Development in Tweed Heads • Creation of a Master Drawing Transmittal for a project inclusive of consultant drawings • An overview of digital software programmes used in a professional practice, Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Lumion, Photoshop & Illustrator. • Differing architectural drawing styles and requirements, Concept Drawings, Construction Drawings, Presentation drawings.

It also granted me with experience within an office setting, experiencing practical and professional designing, as well as a site visits and continuing professional development.

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Architectural Visualisation 2017 Trimester 3

Architectural Visualisation was an introductory course to AutoCad 3dsMax and Vray rendering software. The project included selecting a building to model from scratch in 3dsMax, learning advanced tools such as cloth and texturing, parametric modelling, and rendering with Vray and post-production. Produced was a series of realistic renders which were assessed on their quality.

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Thank You

Ryan Blunt 0428117904

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Ryan Blunt Portfolio 2019  

Selected works of study between 2017-2019 for the Bachelor's of Architecture

Ryan Blunt Portfolio 2019  

Selected works of study between 2017-2019 for the Bachelor's of Architecture