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Moving to Japan

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By: Ryan Calabia (With notes from Caroline and Emily Calabia) This book is copyright©.

Do you move too much? I move too much. “We`re moving to Japan,” said my mom.

EMilY EMilY  †   Please excuse the giant writing. My sister got in my notebook. And, of course, her name is Emily. Now, the story. “Do we have to move?” I asked my mom. “Yes, but at least it is not South America this time,” my mom answered. “Aw,” groaned Caroline, my other sister.

Stup riting thus sad story. I dont lik it. I apologize again. Caroline got in my notebook. So, back to the story. “But we`ve only been here for two years. Can`t we stay longer?” I asked my mom. “No, Ryan, we can`t,” my mom said. “But I want to be with my friends,” complained Emily. Tears were forming in Caroline`s eyes.

I didnt cri. Caroline

I`m sorry. Another notebook entry from my sister. Caroline was trying to avoid embarrassment. The next day at school I told my class I was moving. I got a lot of complaints but no smiles. I guess I`m well liked there. I saw a few confused faces. At recess, they came to me all at once and tried to talk all at once. I was only able to decode some of the repeated questions. This is it (and the answers): “Why are you moving?” I answered: “My parents got a job in Japan.” “Why do you have to move again?” I answered: “My parents got a job in Japan.” “You move too much,” I answered: “I know.” “For how long?” I replied: “3 years.” “Is it Forever?” I replied: “No.” “Will you come back?” I responded: “Yes.” I got so confused I asked them to stop. I told them I would answer their questions if they asked them one at a time. But there`s no way to organize a curious bunch of kids that want their questions answered. This is the only question I didn`t decode: “You`ve only been here 2 years. Do you have to move?” So I responded: “My parents got a job in Japan.” A few weeks later… “Hey, dad, how much longer until we get to Dulles?” I asked my dad. “We`re at Dulles now,” my dad said. “Ryan, you`ll have to carry a suitcase. Girls, you carry your Back-” dad was cut off by Emily: “Aw.”

“Ryan, you`ll also help me by keeping the girls on task.” “Aw. I want to help too,” complained Caroline.

I whanted 2 help 2 I`m sorry. You know what happened. Anyway, So, we got a person to carry or bags to a certain point. We got to the point were we had to drop off the bags that would go under the passenger seats. We had them weighed, and they were legal. So, we tipped the man who carried our bags, unloaded the carry-on bags and carried them to the security check. There was a line, so we waited. I asked my mom why we had to move even though we went to Bolivia, then back to Virginia, then to Columbia, then back to Virginia, then to Argentina, then back to Virginia AND now to Japan. So, when it was our turn to get checked, the alarm went off when I walked through. I showed them my metal chain with a crusader`s cross on it; we were allowed to move on to the gates (the place were you go when your about to board the plane; the are lots of seats there). We were a hour early and it was around noon so my dad walked to Wendy`s to get food. I knew my family would have to wait a long time so I made myself comfortable in the chairs. I saw Emily looking scared, so I asked her why she was scared. “I think the clouds will break the airplane.” “Clouds are softer than air,” I assured Emily. “I am scared of heights,” Emily muttered. “Don`t look out the window,” I tried to sound calm. “Okay,” said Emily. “Mommy, can I use anything in my backpack?” asked Caroline. “No, not until were on the airplane,” my mom said. “FOOD!” I shouted. My dad was here with food. So we ate in peace until it was time to board the airplane. Once we got settled in to our seats, the speaker went on: “We can not takeoff yet. The radio is not functioning properly.”

EMiLY EMLY  TM   Sorry about the inconvenience. It will never happen again. Anyway, we had to wait for 30 minutes until we could leave. While we were waiting, I noticed that there was a TV. And my dad said there wouldn`t be one! And before we left, my dad said if the flight was over 14 hours, the U.S. government would pay (I did not now why.)! It takes 13 hours and 30 minutes on average! The TV started to show the safety demonstrations for if our plane crashed. I was not watching because I liked looking out the window when of airplanes when they take off. I remember each takeoff in my life since I was five. I especially liked looking out of the window to see Dulles Airport from the bird’s eyes view. when I looked out the window this time I was disappointed to see that Dulles did not look like the bustling city I`m used to. It was relaxed. I hoped that whatever airport I was going to would be better, but, still, I could always count on the clouds to be fun to look at. And they were. I saw a cloud that looked like an airplane. “You`re now permitted to use electronic devices.” the pilot announced. Ding! The fasten seatbelt sign turned off. Emily started piling me with questions about how to use the TV. I showed her what she could do on the TV. There was a kid’s section, so I told her that she was only allowed to be on that. I did it because there was stuff like the Hunger Games and she was 5. So Emily started playing this kids game were you try to match the 3 sections of the body and of different animals to make a match of one animal. The kid’s games were bad and I went to the games section and found better games. Then I felt the rapid touch of Emily`s finger hitting my shoulder blade. “What?” I asked Emily. There was a look of wonder on her in her eyes.

“Look at this!” Emily almost shouted because of what she was seeing. There were ton of kid’s movies that were supposed to be RELLY good. “Wow.” I could not say more. Emily started watching the Lorax. I finished my game and I started watching the Lorax for 2 hours. Then I found a REALLY cool show were they give you a tour of awesome factories. For this episode, they gave you a tour of the Maserati factory. Maserati uses Ferrari engines. That means they have great performance. After that, I played more games until my mom moved me to the seat next to Caroline. I showed her the Maserati video and she started watching it. She loved it. After that, we had to go to sleep. Now one else sat there and there was three seats so we put our heads in the middle. Caroline took all of the space in the middle so I told her to give me space. “BUT YOU HAVE ALL THE SPACE!” Caroline yelled. “Give it a look for yourself and-“ I was cut off “Ryan, come here.” said my mom. “But CAROLINE is hogging all the space of the middle seat, and” I started. “NOW!” yelled my mom. “YOU, and you alone, are hogging-“ my mom could say no more. “THAT IS THE WORST LIE I`VE EVER HEARD!” I bellowed. “You will sit here for the rest of the flight.” my mom told me. “Caroline is the most annoying liar in the world. I`m glad I don`t have to be with her.” I thought. So I played Temple Run until my iPod Touch battery died. Then I read Inheritance for the rest of the flight. A few hours later… “You may now exit the plane.” announced the pilot. “We just chased the sun, mom.” I observed. “Yes we did.” agreed my mom It was true, It was 5:00 in the Atlantic coast when we left, so the sun was setting, and we followed it to Tokyo, going east, the direction the Earth traveled in rotation was east. We went to the baggage claim and got our baggage. Then we went to find our sponsor (the person that shows new incoming diplomats were to go and picks them up from the airport). She was

at the main entrance. While we were looking I saw that I was in Narita Airport. Our flight time was 14 hours 12 minutes! Wow! Emily found our sponsor and she took us to the van, and we loaded our van. I sat down in my seat, ready to go.

Then I fell asleep to start the next leg of my life‌

Moving to Japan  
Moving to Japan  

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