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University of Rochester ​Ouff… I have dreadlocks. Fuck, my AC. Hey everyone, it’s Jahan. I hope you’re all doing well. So I asked you all to ask me questions on an Instagram photo. So I’m here to answer them today. You can follow me on Instragram here If you want to be a part of my next Q&A Stay till the end of the video because I have a ton of things to tell you But before that I have a little announcement to make I have been chosen by the brand One Piece I’m wearing their clothes right now To be a part of their next campaign to celebrate their 10th anniversary For the occasion, we came up with a contest for you One Piece is sportswear but it’s not necessarily for sports They’re made to hang out - every day wear I love their clothing - it’s so cute and comfortable So to enter the contest you just have to click on the link in the description of the video And it will send you to another page So just click on the link and the page will be called One Piece x Jahan And there will be a picture of me you just have to type in your email to participate A week from the date I post this video, we will draw a name at random And the winner can pick an item of their choice off the site So that’s all for that guys. I hope you liked it. I’ve been wanting to do this video for a long time because I haven’t done a Q&A in a while But I feel like there are things that I have to make perfectly clear There's certain questions that comes up really, really often on my channel, on my videos It’s time to set the record straight So here’s a question by ralybf: Have you always worked well with Romane? I have always worked with Romane But it’s true that our relationship has always changed over the years And we have always gotten along well together Do you love me, babe? nadineferhani asks: What projects do you have in the works? Unfortunately I can’t reveal anything because I can’t talk about anything before it is done I’ve been working on a few different projects over the past few months I can’t really tell you anything besides that I’ve been working really hard on them And it’s a project that’s really meaningful to me and it’s coming very soon _flavvie asks: Are you dating anyone? I don’t have time for that. justclo_yt asks: Are you thinking of getting other tattoos? Umm… It’s true that it didn’t hurt at all the first time and I didn’t expect that I would tattoo my entire body but I’m going to calm down a bit I’m definitely going to get another tattoo And I think I’m going to start a tradition that every time I visit a new country I will get a tattoo Martina.mzn asks: How old are you? You’re amazing. I love your videos. I would love to be in one of your videos. I love you. All you had to do was ask! Thank you very much and I’m 18 years old. What do you do exactly? (Work, school…) That’s a question people ask me a lot. You’re all very curious. A lot of people ask why aren’t you in school any more? Why did you stop? I stopped school exactly a year ago in September - no November Last September, I started Cégep, which is kind of like College So I spent 3 months in the program I chose, which was a languages program Spanish, German and English So I stayed there 3 months And even on the first day I knew it wasn’t going to work out I felt out of my element, I felt like I was wasting my time After a few weeks I got home and I told my mom I wanted to stop She said keep trying so I did And after 3 months I couldn’t take it anymore. I called my mom from school crying and I said: This is my last day. I’m not going back. It wasn’t a last second decision, there were a lot of factors that made me make the decision. And that day it was the final straw. I got to class and I had a presentation in a group. And my entire group did the project behind my back without my part to get me in shit Even though I never did anything wrong to them I was so shocked. They did it without me! So I already didn’t feel good about school and then I called my mom crying and I said: I’m done. She understood that I really wanted to invest my time in my Youtube channel and follow my dreams And now’s the time I don’t want to follow my dreams in 10 years, I want to do it now So I made a deal with my mom. I said: Give me a year to get my thing going and if I don’t accomplish my goals in a year then I’ll go back to school So everything went better than I could have expected And I cross my fingers that it stays that way So to answer you question, I’m a Youtuber and I have my side projects but my main job is Youtuber _.princess.boudeuse. _ asks: Where are you from? I love you. You’re so so beautiful. I am French, Spanish, Belgian and Indian Are you heterosexual? I do not place any labels. I’m open and I don’t worry about those kinds of labels. Chlnwlr asks: Why did you start doing Youtube videos? Who inspires you? I started Youtube because everything about it attracted me. I liked making videos, singing. I liked the freedom of it. I don’t like to be controlled. I like to do what I want. I also like being close to people. I like that I can express my creativity and do what I want. And there are a lot of people that inspire me. If I’d have to pick someone it would be Jeffrey Star because it’s someone that made it. The perfect example of success. But there are definitely a lot of other people that inspire me. Oh shit, I have a moustache! What place do you dream of visiting? Bahamas. I like it. Hi Jahan, I just wanted to tell you I really find you beautiful. I was wondering what type of dog would you get? Thanks a lot! I have

thought about it a lot, but I’m not allowed to have pets in my apartment. As soon as I can I would get… I really love these ones. I like them all. Would you want to get more piercings? Why not? But I haven’t found a place I would like to get pierced The other day i wanted to get pierced just to get pierced Why did you launch your Youtube? I love you very much you’re really beautiful. I’m sorry the questions are very similar but it’s very interesting and I’d like to answer it because it’s MY VIDEO Thank you, my love! Actually I got into Youtube because… How can I say this? It’s something that is exceptional. It allows you to start something all on your own and I knew it would get me somewhere. I don’t know where I’ll be in 10 years, in 5 years. I don’t know if I’ll still be on Youtube in a few years. I hope that’s the case, of course. But I don’t know what will happen. I just wanted to make videos. At the end of the day, it’s a passion. What kind of job would you have if you were not a Youtuber? Astronaut and it’s not a joke, by the way. Why did you give up being a vegetarian? I love you, stay just the way you are. I decided to become vegan.. No wait why did I stop! So I stopped being vegan because like all things in life there were a lot of factors I’m just getting comfortable. I went vegan for 2 weeks. I have it up because of a few health reasons. I don’t really want to get into it. So I couldn’t continue. But I kept some habits, so I don’t buy cow milk, I don’t buy meat either. I reduced my consumption of animal products significantly What’s important, as I said in my vegan video, it’s to have a balance of foods and be aware of the research, because anyways what ever we do is never good. It’s already great to reduce your consumption of animal products I would have preferred to stay vegan For now, I found my balance and I feel good now and that’s what’s important So it’s pointless to insult me every time you see some turkey in my videos because you don’t know everything that’s going on in my life. I’ve got my personal life and I’m allowed to make decisions for myself and there are reasons why I decide to do things So thank you Your hair isn’t ruined because you dye it so much? Sure it’s a little dry but as long as you take care of it and cut it, and cut it and cut it again my hair is fine. I’m going to put a bit of lip gloss, I’ll be back. It looks bland. I don’t know if it’s the lighting. Hi What is your most embarrassing video on Youtube? I love you My most embarrassing video is actually all of my videos. I never rewatch a video that is more than 2 weeks old. For the good of my channel I don’t want to watch them. Yeah, they’re all embarrassing. Not too embarrassing but still… they’re not far off. If you had to give your life for you mom or your sister, who would you pick? But you’re completely nuts. Your question makes about as much sense as your pseudonym. I won’t even answer you. Do you ever film videos that you don’t post? Great question It happens really, really, really often. It even happened for this video. How do you get your dream body and how do you manage to get away with that on the street? I can’t really do anything to not show it because it’s my body! 3 days of editing, 1 day of filming and nothing came of it. Story of my life! My AC was on the whole time and the sound was awful so I had to start it over. I’m having a really bad hair day today! What am I going to do about this? Did you have a tough past and do people often make comments about the way you look? Normally I don’t like to talk about this because I hate complaining But to answer your question, I have a difficult past, I had a lot of issues and I still struggle with some today, but I don’t complain. It’s life. I’m someone that doesn’t regret anything. Everything happens for a reason. I’m just positive about everything and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my past. I've changed my hair 30 times in this video Why did you move to Canada? I already had a lot of family here on my mom’s side I wanted to make a big change in my life and it was after my struggle with anorexia. We wanted a change, especially me. We wanted to start fresh. How many kids would you want? You’re my hero. Let’s look for a father first before we talk about that I would maybe like 2-3 kids within 10 years. If you could live one of your dreams right now, what would it be? Right now, I’d like this video to be completed finished. Are you thinking of doing a clothing line? What do you like doing in your spare time? M********* Are you thinking of doing reality TV, especially since you talk about it so often? It’s true that I talk a lot about it As opposed to what I said in my last Q&A or whatever I don’t want to do any reality TV unless it’s my own show and I can control my image I like watching it because it’s mindless fun And it relaxes me so that’s why I watch it. What is your secret to be so confident? You’re not shy at all. You’re perfect! Thank you so much. You have to make yourself believe in yourself to become confident. But it doesn’t happen from one day to the next. It’s the battle of my life and Youtube has really given me confidence and helped me figure out myself and what I wanted to be in life. I quickly learned that being confident in yourself is indispensable and you can’t make it without it. So that’s why I worked a lot on it, and I keep working on it. Between Canada and France, are there huge differences in the people’s mindset? If so, which ones? I find that in France people are always super jealous of one another. It’s awful. There are a lot of differences. I personally feel a lot better here because it’s more open-minded. Differences are welcomed here. In France, people are boxed in and labelled and there are norms to respect and that really bothers me. When is your birthday? March 9th if you want to give me a present! What’s the most embarrassing moment in your life? I think that once again I have told this story, in my anecdote video. When I was little I experimented a lot and I went to the bathroom and I tried to pee like a boy Because I thought it was cool

except my mom came in with my sister’s friend because I forgot to lock the door. And it was so humiliating. I was 6 or 7… or maybe I was a little older. And they came in the bathroom and we all stayed staring at each other completely frozen. No one knew what to say it was so embarrassing. How long have you been in Canada? I love your style. It’s now 5 years I’m here. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I have no idea and I don’t want to know. I live day by day and I find that exciting. Would you make a video where you open Snapchats from fans or a ''calling peuple'' video Ummm… Oh my god there was a ghost. Great I would do it with pleasure. Post your phone numbers in the comments. Just kidding, don’t actually do that. Do you live alone? Yes since I was 17. Would you do a video of your mom vs your sister? I could do that. I could put both of them in a ring and wait for one of them to die. It’s a great idea! What was the craziest thing you did with your sister as kids? I can’t think of anything, I’ve been trying to think of something for some time but I can’t. Let me call my sister. Ummm… Both of us? Yeah. I can’t seem to think of anything. Something we both did… We never broke anything. It’s strange right, we never did anything! We didn’t do anything crazy. Sorry! We’ve got nothing. Ok my friends, that brings us to the end of our video. Thanks for watching. I tried to answer the questions that came up the most. If you enjoyed it, make sure to thumbs up this video and write to me in the comment section Thank you to my growing fanbase. I really enjoyed reading all of your messages and questions. I look forward to seeing you in our next video… in my* next video. The Bronx (extension campus).