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Mangosteen Juice Testimonials This is a compilation of personal testimonials* regarding breast cancer which are freely submitted by numerous individuals sharing both their personal challenges and experiences drinking the mangosteen juice from the whole fruit found only in XanGo™

*Testimonials are anecdotal evidence and are for educational purposes only. Personal experiences are not meant for treating or diagnosing illnesses and it is assumed that only XanGo™ distributors are accessing this page to learn more about the product they are already consuming. This compilation is for educational purposes only and does not necessarily constitute an endorsement for any commercial product and/or company. It merely shares personal stories from numerous contributing parties. Any relevant information about the Mangosteen Fruit and Xanthone research herein can also be found in the public domain. Mangosteen Juice is not a medicine, miracle cure, or drug; it is a food in the form of a fruit juice and no claim in this report is meant to guarantee or imply that anyone will receive benefits from its consumption. Regarding XanGo™ we simply say: "Try it - we think you'll like the results." We do advise that not all mangosteen products are alike. Please be smart, do your homework and, if you have a health challenge, discuss it with a trained medical practitioner prior to implementing any remedy.

7/10/2006 -- Suzanne from Arizona I had breast cancer. I was diagnosed in September of 2004. I found out about Mangosteen Juice after I had already gone through 7- surgeries and 8 months of chemotherapy. I have been drinking mangosteen for serveral months now and it has been detoxing my body like I was doing the chemotherapy again (which I know is a good thing). I notice if I don't take the juice I don't feel well. It has been exactly 8 months since I have had a chemotherapy treatment. I feel like it is helping me tremendously. I go back and get a cancer marker test every (3) months and the results have been excellent.The margins for a cancer marker test is (0-39) the doctors want the scores to be under (39) my first one since drinking the mangosteen juice was (3) and the second one was (5.5). Great results!!! I am a survivor and plan to stay that way drinking the mangosteen juice.

6/21/2006 -- Alicia from California I have been taking the mangosteen juice since January 2006. My symptoms started to get better as early as the third day. My ASTHMA is almost totally gone. I rarely use my inhaler now. My fibrocystic breast pain is gone too and other pre-menopausal symptoms. My neck pain and arthritic-like pain on my shoulder, back, neck and wrists are now gone. I rarely have to use any pain medication.

Ryan Ang * XanGo™ Independent Distributor * website:

8/13/2004 -- Eve I had recurrent breast cancer, and I was going through my third round of chemotherapy (Taxol and Carboplatin) when I was introduced to Mangosteen Juice back in January 2004. I asked my oncologist about this, and he also said not to take an excess of antioxidants. But, he said I could get all my anti-oxidants only from the "food" I eat. So, since Mangosteen is a food, I took only 2 ounces (a maintenance dose) a day during chemo and radiation treatments. Once I started taking the Mangosteen, I had no more nausea and I never got a cold or the flu which was going around at that time even though my blood counts were low. I did still experience the severe body aches and fatigue from the chemo, however. Once my therapies were over, I went to drinking 6 ounces a day, and I have recovered nicely from both therapies & regained my blood counts within 1 month. I have come out of the depression I was in during this recurrence of cancer. I had acid reflux, & was on Prevacid for past 5 years, & now I don’t need the Prevacid. I also had borderline high blood pressure, which is now normal. I had fibromyalgia, which is completely gone also. My husband is blind and a type II diabetic and his blood sugars went from the mid 200s to the low 100s on 6 ounces a day. (It took about a month.) He has had problems with a fungal itch all over his body for a long time, and now that his blood sugars are lower, he is finally showing signs of healing from this fungus. 6/17/2004 -- Nida B. On March 18, 2004 when Kaiser called me with a positive breast tumor. It was followed in April with uterus tumor findings. I had to undergo a series of tests such as ultrasound, biopsies, etc for about a month. I started taking Mangosteen Juice on March 19 with skepticism despite the hard science research studies, which I viewed on & However, I decided to have an open mind trusting that God would help me through the juice. With my condition I think I would take anything that would help at that point. March 23 – I noticed that my asthma symptoms disappeared. I decided to experiment without my Albuterol & Qvar inhalers. I haven’t used them since. March 25 – my first set of tests at Kaiser to determine the severity of my breast tumor, which I saw on the mammo film that day. They kept me for about 3 hours doing the tests several times. Finally they had to tell me that they couldn’t find my tumor anymore. You can just imagine how shocked I was. After this I decided to observe my body to see if there were more changes. I have noticed more energy; better sleep pattern & curved appetite. April 16 - second set of tests including uterus biopsy. My doctor suspected a rare side effect from my birth control injection, depo provera that is cell overgrowth in the uterus, which spread on my breast. I don’t need to tell you what’s going to happen if these tumors were not suppressed. April 23 – all tests came back negative, including uterus tumor. A letter from Kaiser confirming this & a phone call from my doctor. I HAVE A CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH! Week of May 9-15 – I started having dizzy spells & lightheadedness which I suspected to be low blood pressure. May 17 – I went to see my primary doctor & found out that my blood pressure drastically dropped. She had to cut down my Prinivil (high blood pressure pill) from 20mg to 10mg. I’m enjoying my health now, down from 3 medications to 1, which I hope to get rid of soon. NOTE: Please confer with the XanGo™ Independent distributor referring you to this information! DISCLAIMER:

Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information is provided for informational purposes and is not meant to substitute for any advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. Please, always consult with your doctor when dealing with serious health challenges. Xanthones have been researched by independent scientists and medical doctors who have no affiliation with XanGo™. Many of the abstracts of their papers can be found at Any testimonial you hear or read about is not to suggest that you might have the same reaction. We merely say, "Try it and see what benefits you receive."

Ryan Ang * XanGo™ Independent Distributor * website:

Mangosteen Juice & Breast Cancer  

NOTE: Please confer with the XanGo™ Independent distributor referring you to this information! DISCLAIMER: Information and statements regard...

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