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Mangosteen Juice Testimonials This is a compilation of personal testimonials* regarding cancer which are freely submitted by numerous individuals sharing both their personal challenges and experiences drinking the mangosteen juice from the whole fruit found only in XanGo™

*Testimonials are anecdotal evidence and are for educational purposes only. Personal experiences are not meant for treating or diagnosing illnesses and it is assumed that only XanGo™ distributors are accessing this page to learn more about the product they are already consuming. This compilation is for educational purposes only and does not necessarily constitute an endorsement for any commercial product and/or company. It merely shares personal stories from numerous contributing parties. Any relevant information about the Mangosteen Fruit and Xanthone research herein can also be found in the public domain. Mangosteen Juice is not a medicine, miracle cure, or drug; it is a food in the form of a fruit juice and no claim in this report is meant to guarantee or imply that anyone will receive benefits from its consumption. Regarding XanGo™ we simply say: "Try it - we think you'll like the results." We do advise that not all mangosteen products are alike. Please be smart, do your homework and, if you have a health challenge, discuss it with a trained medical practitioner prior to implementing any remedy.

6/20/2008 -- Ken I started drinking Mangosteen juice the first week of March, 2005. The first positive result I received from it was, the acid reflux I had suffered from for 40+ years disappeared in the first week. Since then it has taken away my knee pain, eliminated the build up of tarter in my lower teeth (even though I brush and floss twice a day), removed a pre-cancerous spot from my face (the Dr. said there was nothing he could do to remove it), and has helped control my problem with high cholesterol.

4/3/2008 -- Allen from California I’m a stage 4 prostate cancer survivor. In November of 05 I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. After going through surgery my pathology report showed the cancer had metastasized, at that time I was referred to the oncology department and was offered the opportunity to join a 2 year clinical trial program witch I accepted. My side of the trial was to receive 8 weeks of radiation and 24 months of hormone therapy. I went in every 90 days for an exam and blood test to check my cancer tumor marker (PSA) . At my 21st. month visit my marker had just began to rise. Month 22 I came across the Mangosteen juice and began to take 2oz. 3 times a day, on month 24 I returned, my blood marker had continued to rise, my Dr. said that this showed I still had some disease and would require further treatment. I showed him some mangosteen testimonials and told him I would like to try taking the dosage that the manufacture recommends (25oz. A day for 30 days then 12.5oz. A day for 30 days with a gallon of good water each day) He said fine and set my next appointment to return in 60 days. 60 days later my marker had dropped back down to my 21st month, 90 days later my marker was non detectable and has remained their since, cancer free. Ryan Ang * XanGo™ Independent Distributor * website:

2/29/2008 -- James from Michigan I was introduced to the Mangosteen whole fruit juice in March, 2005. On February 23rd after finding out the results of the biopsies I had taken a few weeks earlier, that I was t1 positive for prostate cancer. My PSA level was 11.6 and my Urologist told me that I would have to make a decision,(within the next 6 weeks), to either start Chemotherapy, Radiation ,have the new Cryo surgery, have a Radical Prostatectomy or do nothing and die. At this same time my father was gravely ill from prostate cancer and 2 1/2 weeks later passed away from complication of this disease. I decided a week later to have the surgery. I called a good friend in search of another product. On March 18th, he informed me of a new product he was trying and wanted to know if I wanted to take a look at it. He drove from his home to bring me a couple bottles of the mangosteen whole fruit juice and some literature. As you can imagine I thought he was kidding. But the more research I did, I was amazed to find so much scientific information about it. On March 29, 2005, I had the prostate surgery, which went well. The very next day I was given an arthroscopic procedure to determine why my left shoulder was still giving me problems, 6 months earlier I had surgery for an injury I sustained in an automobile accident. Two weeks later while recovering from to prostate surgery, I found out that the rear stitch holding the tendon had unraveled early on during my start of physical therapy. On April 13th I had the rotator cuff repair redone. I was taking a very large amount of pain and other drugs. I started to consume a half bottle more of Whole fruit Mangosteen puree a day at this time, as the pain meds were just not doing the job. I decided to just stop taking all my meds, to see if the information I received about the mangosteen fruit was true. So I put it to the test. On April 19th 2005 I stopped taking all 22 medications for pain of all kind. “When I have discomfort of any kind,” “I Drink Mangosteen fruit juice from God.” “It gave me my life back.” “God has smiled on me. And I must share the news.” 1/31/2008 -- Dr. from Indiana I have a lady in my office that is 61 years old. She has been a faithful patient and with me for about three years. I had suggested she begin using a mangosteen juice supplement as a preventative for the top two killers; heart disease and cancer. She brushed me off with the comment “it’s too expensive”. On a subsequent visit I told her she could get her mangosteen juice for free; she responded, “I wouldn’t do that to my friends and neighbors." I dropped the issue because she was getting defensive. Awareness is the first step to change. I tried to make her aware of the incredible research but she thought otherwise. Monday she told me she had a colonoscopy and the results showed stage II colon cancer. With no answers and very frightened she was trying to find a surgeon to talk to. I have become friends with Dr. Amod Tootla who sits on the board at Mayo clinic and is a world renowned colon surgeon. I personally called him on his cell phone and told him about this situation. She spoke directly with him at 4pm that afternoon and is scheduled at his office for surgery. THE FIRST QUESTION HE ASKED IS, “WHY DIDN’T YOU LISTEN TO DR. WEGMANN’S SUGGESTION? You could have prevented this.” She called and ordered a large quantity of juice. My question to everyone is: Why wait until you have a diagnosis like this to take action? It is not about the research, because I have all of it in my office and people still don’t read it. It’s time to wake up. Two out of three people will die from cancer or heart disease.

Ryan Ang * XanGo™ Independent Distributor * website:

1/3/2008 -- Jerry from Washington I am a 77 year old gentlemen who never smoked in his life time and drank alcohol very moderately. In Nov 2001 I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation which will continue for the rest of my life. On April 20th, 2004 I was operated on for malignant colon cancer and had a colostomy. 4% of the cancer remained and I chose not to undertake radiation/chemotherapy treatment advised by my surgeon. A couple weeks prior to Nov. 8th, 04 I began to have pain in my lower rectum area. I returned to my surgeon and he found another tumor the size of a walnut. Reluctantly, I began a 7 wk radiation program under the advice of my surgeon. Through the concern of a dear friend in December 2004, I reluctantly started Mangosteen Juice. I thought to myself, "another gimmick." At that time I was on 10 prescription drugs. I then started taking a Mangosteen juice regimen on December 4th, 2004. I was able to stop ALL my medications except Coumadin. I stopped over 8 medications! It was during the last three weeks of my radiation therapy, that I informed my radiation doctor that I was on the Mangosteen Juice. He advised me to discontinue it, which I chose NOT to follow through. I continued taking my 2 oz's of juice daily with meals along with radiation. My radiation treatments then ended Dec. 20, 04; at which time my doctor was unable to physically find any trace of cancer. Every M.D. I have seen this past month cannot believe the changes in me. They say, "Jerry, we don't know what you're doing but keep it up!" It's unbelievable!

2/9/2007 -- John from USA I was diagnosed with a maglignant brain tumor (stage 2 glicoma) in February, 2006. The doctor removed part of the tumor saying he could not remove it all for fear of damaging my brain. Due to my age and also the fact that this was a very slow growing tumor, the doctors decided to hold off on treatment and watch the tumor. In the meantime I had heard about mangosteen and the 21 day cancer challenge. I drank the juice for 21 days and went back to the doctor for my 3 month checkup. At this time the tumor had shrunk to half its size. The doctors felt it was only the swelling going down but I felt differently. I continued the mangosteen juice, drinking 6 oz three times a day. I had another MRI at 6 months and the tumor was totally gone. I had another MRI this February, 2007 and it is still gone. Thank God for mangosteen. 1/18/2007 -- Francis from Nevada In march 2004 I underwent surgery for stage 3 colon cancer where 0.25 cm of my colon was removed. In April I started a chemo course of 5 fu/lv and started suffering from the expected side effects including a fainting spell, which resulted in a fractured clavicle. My mucous membranes became inflammed causing nose bleeds and mouth sores. Defecating became a dreaded painful event. In September I was introduced to mangosteen juice . I started taking 1 1/2 oz twice a day and within approximately 10 days the nose bleeds and mouth sores stopped and the toilet was no longer a torture chamber. A lower cholesterol was an added bonus. It is almost 3 years since the operation and I am still taking my juice and staying cancer free.

Ryan Ang * XanGo™ Independent Distributor * website:

7/10/2006 -- Suzanne from Arizona I had breast cancer. I was diagnosed in September of 2004. I found out about Mangosteen Juice after I had already gone through 7- surgeries and 8 months of chemotherapy. I have been drinking mangosteen for serveral months now and it has been detoxing my body like I was doing the chemotherapy again (which I know is a good thing). I notice if I don't take the juice I don't feel well. It has been exactly 8 months since I have had a chemotherapy treatment. I feel like it is helping me tremendously. I go back and get a cancer marker test every (3) months and the results have been excellent.The margins for a cancer marker test is (0-39) the doctors want the scores to be under (39) my first one since drinking the mangosteen juice was (3) and the second one was (5.5). Great results!!! I am a survivor and plan to stay that way drinking the mangosteen juice. 2/11/2006 -- Lanna from Arkansas From the first night on Mangosteen, I slept five solid hours...usually got 40 minutes to 2 hrs. Only got up to bathroom once during night...usually at least every two hrs. Am nearly 71 yrs old, have Arthritis and Fibromyalgia,among other things, so hurt all over. This has improved...can almost make a fist on left hand now and get two fingers down to palm on right hand. Am not wearing a brace on left knee most of the time. If I had cancer or Alzheimers (maybe I do, and don't know it) I would drink a bottle of ManGosteen every day til well. That's how much I believe in this product. I have just come thru. a virus, and still worked 40-60 hrs. a wk. in much better condition than usual, because I “chugged” the juice all day long. 1/14/2006 -- Jeff from Oregon My Leukemia (Hairy Cell) was discovered on November of 2003. Prior to my diagnosis I noticed I was getting steadily weaker with heavy night sweats. After a visit to my doctor, he told me my blood counts were only 20 percent of what they should be and other blood factors were dangerously low. He told me my condition was a result of the Leukemia and I only had about 2 to 5 years to live. He immediately started me on chemotherapy during which the drug was administered into my system 24 hours a day over 8 days. Needless to say I was trashed and so was my immune system upon the completion of my treatments. Fortunately the cancer went into remission however my immune system never recovered. The downside to this was I would have to stay on drugs until my system fully recovered. Unfortunately this never happened. Learning of this a friend of mine introduced me to Mangosteen and advised me to try it for one month drinking 3 or more ounces a day. After only 5 days I began to feel better than I had in several years. Follow up blood tests showed a remarkable improvement in my immune system. My doctor is amazed and so am I. The bottom line is I can't say enough about this wonderful product. I love sharing the news of mangosteen. 2/7/2006 -- Bonnie from South Carolina I began buying mangosteen juicefor my 5 year old granddaughter, Ashlyn. She had contacted Molluscum, which is a wart vurus on your skin. It caused white pimples to spread all over her body. The doctor gave her steroid cream, which can cause cancer in children, and he said it would go away in two or three years. I prayed for something and finally found mangosteen juice. She loves the taste and the Molluscum was gone in three months. I now take it and have so much more energy.

Ryan Ang * XanGo™ Independent Distributor * website:

9/27/2005 -- Theresa from California My mom and my younger sister died of ovarian cancer. I drink the Mangosteen Juice as a cancer Prevention. I have Osteoporosis but I stopped taking the Fosamax because I'm scared of the side effects of the medication. Mangosteen Juice gives me more energy and I now have a regular bowel movement. Mangosteen Juice is part of my life now. I would not go a day without drinking it. -- Roan from Oregon I had a lemon size aggressive thyroid cancer. The VA hospital scheduled me for surgical removal 3 weeks later. 6 days before surgery, I called Glenn Sparks and mentioned they were going to the Oregon coast for a rest before the surgery. Glenn told him about the wonderful results with mangosteen juice and to come get a few bottles on the way. He drank 8 oz / day for the next 6 days. At surgery, the biopsy found all the cancer cells dead and the capsule surrounding the cancer was peeling away. (6 days). -- Darla from Arizona Here is my father’s story. He takes 3 oz of mangosteen juice - 3 times a day. In 2000 my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As we finally began to recover from the shock our family pulled together as a team to support mom and help to find a possible cure for this terrible invader. We found a myriad of possible remedies, some that even did some good, but all in all the best we could hope for was to comfort dad’s pain. The diagnosis gave him six to twelve months to live and even the few minor improvements that came from time to time, we had all resigned ourselves to the fact that we were losing our father to cancer. Dad went from various chemotherapies to surgery to radiation with little or no results, when the doctor’s decided to begin some experimental drugs. In August of this year a good friend in the church told us about mangosteen juice, a health supplement that strengthens the immune system and has had phenomenal results in helping so many people recover from life threatening illnesses. At this point dad was not eating and couldn’t do anything but sit in pain in his recliner and watch TV. He was just biding time. After seeing him that way we decided to try my friend’s suggestion & order a case of mangosteen juice, to at least give it a try. We had nothing to lose. Three weeks after he began using the mangosteen mixture he was up with the family for Labor Day, camping the way he used to do. He was active, eating well and ready to indulge in a game of horseshoes with any challengers. No one could believe it, but we were all grateful to have him looking so well and actively enjoying his family again. The following week he was called into the doctor’s office to get the results of his Cat-scan when the doctor told him that there was no sign of a tumor! Furthermore his blood work was back to normal. He has stopped taking all but one of his medications and is just planning on using that one up. Mangosteen juice was the only thing different during this remarkable recovery and we are so very grateful to have been blessed with such a phenomenal product. We owe our father’s recovery to mangosteen juice!

Ryan Ang * XanGo™ Independent Distributor * website:

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