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KAI-PING, LIU Portfolio



EDUCATION 2014 - now National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Master's degree,2ed. year of Industrial and Commercial Design,

National Kaohsiung Normal University, Bachelor of Industrial Design

Working Experience


Assistantship National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 2014.9 - now

2013 COEUR Tradeshow, Los Angeles USA 2013 Taiwan Designers' Week, Taipei, Taiwan

Cultivate Talents of Bamboo Craft National Taiwan Craft Research And Development Institute 2013.8 - 2013.12

2013 Cultivate Talents of Bamboo Craft Exhibition, Nantou,Taiwan 2012 XMAS in CMP Block Museum of Arts, Taichung,Taiwan

Industrial Designer Duck Image 2011.11 - 2013.9

2012 Hottest LED Lighting Exploring a Whole New Way of Lighting, Taipei,Taiwan

Industry-University cooperative research project Hitachi 2010.1 - 2010.6

2010 Young Designers’ Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

Other Experience

2010 Youth Innovative Design Exhibition, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2015 New Fun in Craft - Glass Project 2014 Sam Weller - Thinking Through Making Workshop 2014 RAW COLOR - Natural to Next Natural Workshop


2013 A Month's Backpacking in Finland. Iceland. Denmark. Holland. Belgium

2012 Reddot Design Award honourable mention

2012 HAN Gallery Local Works, Global Touch Xingcheng Street Creative Blacksmith Workshop

2010 Kaohsiung Youth Innovative Design Festival, Selected Participant

2011 Tainan Furnitures Museum Wooden Tableware Workshop

2010 LED Plastic Lamps Design, Selected Participant

2010 Japan Iwate University Culture Design Workshop

2009 6th Yu Siou Cup, Selected Participant

2010 Volunteer - Protectory of Liugui Dist., Kaohsiung City 2009 International Volunteer

Northern Thailand

Taiwan World Youth Volunteer Association


Product Design Project Jรถkulsรกrlรณn - Glass Craft

Hey! warm reminder IOT product for elders

Think through Making

Gamma Lamp

Bamboo Craft

Skin - Pencil & Toast

Food Adventure

OptiBend Light Guide Sheet

Design Product Design (others)

Display Design

Graphic Design


Jรถkulsรกrlรณn - Glass Craft

Glacial Glass


Transforming Iceland landscape - Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon into glass craft. This project is talk about Landscape Translate to Product Design. In the trip of Iceland, I saw much amazing landscape. Travellers say that “the best thing of a journey is sharing the good thing to other people.” So, they came in my life. And I want use product design skill to do something to share the wonderful experience. In the design process, I observed the form and the color of glacier and ice. Made the wax model and heated it, approaching the natural glacier form. And casting with colorful lead glass to the Glacial Glass-Jökulsárlón. It reflect the beautiful and natural landscape will be change by global warming. This work record the real current landscape. Used glass craft to perform the melting glacier landscape.

/ visited Jรถkulsรกrlรณn glacial lagoon (2013)

Design Process /sketched

/imaged it how to use

/ observed the process of melting ice.

/ 3D printed models.

/ heated the wax model, approaching the natural form.

/ painted for color matching.

/ glass casting.

Glacial Glass Jökulsárlón a table deco / a paperweight

A wonderful table scenery. Glacial Glass - Jökulsárlón is a table deco. It can become a lagoon on the table by user to set out, or be a paperweight ,etc. (each pieces is weight 300-500 grams. )

Hey! warm reminder IOT product for elders

warm reminder IOT product for elders

Elderly people commonly require ・Financial Needs ・Housing ・Health Care ・Dietary Needs ・Nursing ・Social and Other Needs

Concept Develope

Concept Sketch

Motion Sensor 1. it can stick on any moveable object; 2. to record the position and motion; 3. to get how many calorie you burn?

Electric Sensor 1. it can clip almost wire; 2. to record the time of switch ; 3. to get how much time you spend on the electic product?

1. it can put on every plane; 2. to record the time and weight ; 3. to get how much time you spend? & how much water you drank?


Concept Prototype

Weight Sensor weighing / time

Motion Sensor movion / position

Electric Sensor time

Hey! warm reminder is a IOT product series for elders. What is the most require of old people? Quote data from elderly report, 87% elders would prefer to be cared for in their own homes if the need arose. So, I focus the daily activities of elders. I created 3 kind IOT sensors, Motion Sensor. Electric Sensor and Weight Sensor. Each one can supply on the daily object what is elder use. The IOT sensors also can pass the information by change color to remind the user. However, when elders use it, the other one (could be their children. grandson. friends... ) most to choose one sensor and daily object to link the elder. When the messages pass, hoping the warm interaction real happen. Forming a daily network.

Concept Prototype

Electric Sensor time

Weight Sensor weighing / time

Weight Sensor weighing / time

Motion Sensor movion / position

Motion Sensor movion / position

Living with elderly people.

How do “Hey!”work? 1.choose a daliy object ; 2.choose a “Hey!” sensor ; 3.connect them. (detail setting by smart device) 4.It’s work!

Grandma (Mrs. Lee)

age. 82


warm reminder

preinstall mode

warm reminder

resetting mode

water of today

Think through Making

A Tool for Everyday Living Develop a simple tool to aid and assist a task me undertake in my everyday life. The outcome of this brief should be an object which enables the previously mundane task to be carried out with an enhanced user experience and with less exertion or effort. The object will be small in size, roughly no bigger than 30cm cube, although this is flexible depending on my idea. The outcome will be devised directly from the task I have selected, and my concept should be developed from quick models and tests. The result will be a concept for a direction forward, not a finished object. The focus of this project will be the process of ‘thinking through making’, iterating and further testing my ideas. This should be very quick, as I can learn a lot about how your idea will work in reality.

Glacial Glass

Screw Protectors Jökulsárlón

Mechanical Spring

Crankshaft Gear

/ visited Jรถkulsรกrlรณn glacial lagoon (2013)

/ the object I have selected

Screw Protectors

L. Paper Weight

Mechanical Spring

L. Tape Dispenser

Crankshaft Gear

L. Pencil Sharpener

Gamma Lamp 占燈





wooden base


Mi wit

Mock-up Minimalist styling lamp combined with Different material stand.


Color Collections The ďŹ nal present pictures we decided a bunch of colors for this new product. The different colors brings pleased feelings to customers.

Bamboo Craft

Shadow of Bamboo Bamboo Craft

The light & shadow images| are like bamboo sticks in the forest with the wind flowing .

Bamboo Sticks The thin bamboo stick is useless of the bamboo material. I recycled and reused it to design a bamboo chandelier with other simple material.

Chandelier Model Used useless bamboo sticks and laminated bamboo.

Bamboo Weaving Bamboo Craft

Used traditional crafts - bamboo weaving to design a new product.

Color Banboo coaster series

Bamboo Weaving Process of learned bamboo weaving craft.

Bamboo Weaving Coaster Three-dimensional box wearingďźˆWindmill Flowers)

Bamboo Weaving Coaster new bamboo weaving style product in life.

Bracelet of Bamboo Combination of bamboo and metal, fashion style of bamboo.

Bamboo Craft

Bending Bamboo Learned craft of bending bamboo process.

Bending Bamboo Tried to make different prototype in bamboo bracelet.

Bracelet of Bamboo Perfect curvature, bamboo staggered out of bamboo joint image. The beauty of traditional bamboo craft to be fashion style performance. Witha mild and moist texture and elegant imagery of bamboo material. Giving a new sense of traditional craft.



Skin - Pencil & Toast

Unsuccessful Pencil


is an essential tool while studying; people use it for practice and doing the exams. This product extends the length of eraser part, reflecting that, the failure we made can make us closer to success. This design encourages people to try more possibilities.

Failure teaches success.

Failure teaches success.

Failure teaches success.

Failure teaches success.

Failure teaches success.

Failure teaches success.

Failure teaches success.

building prototypes

FailureFailure Failure FailureFailure Failure

(normal pencil)


panton process Black U panton 7511 U panton 467 U panton Cool Gray 6U

Toast Sponge

- a.

Material feature - Wood Pulp Toast Sponge - after wiping the dirt, the dirt will attach on the product which looks like applying jam on the toast. High absorbency, functional and playful.

- b.

- a. Food - Toast - b. Wood Pulp material

building prototypes

the dirt just like the jam of toast.

/ Toast Sponge & package design

/ press in Japan



liu kai ping &

lee ya ching


Food Adventure


Do you know how many culture dishes of the world? Do you know ”lohikeitto” ?

Food grain




vegetable group fruit




other category


se ingredients as culture media. Different ingredients around the world on representatives of different life habits and food culture. Today, from local to global. Food as source for inspiration people around the world. This design project is talk about an active food journey. Gathering ingredients, and then get surprise!

I design a building for easy assembly. This building can travel to many cities of the world. And it collect local ingredients, each ingredient with a color tag as the identify code. Resident can easy to choose ingredients, which they want. Interactive system will scan the color tags and tell you those ingredients can cook to so many dishes of the world. People will get surprise and learn the new cultural dishes. In fact, an ingredient plays the different role in the different culture. With food reaches a cultural life adventure!

Food Adventure shop travel on the world, and it collect the local ingredient. Let local people connect to new experience by the cultural dish what Food Adventure match it.

In the Food Adventure shop, each ingredient with a color tag as the identify code.

This building can travel to many cities of the world. And it only collect local ingredient

Food Adventure Journey step1

Resident can easy to choose ingredients, which they want. Interactive system will scan the color tags and tell you those ingredients can cook to so many dishes of the world. People will get surprise and learn the new cultural dishes.




When you finish shopping, it will print a paper bag with the information of those ingredient. Then, you can go home and put it on the table, starting to know and cook those food.








OptiBend Light Guide Sheet

What is


( photo credit : Chi Lin Technology )


Design ProjectPre-Analysis

Related Products Research - a.

- b.

- c.


a. Daylight b. Indirect light c. Artificial daylight

Related Products Advantages and Disadvantages Analysis - Discussion of the existing problems

Status solution

Market Trends Research - Market analysis Daylight 室內採光

fitting building

Easy to Assembly



Artificial daylight

- Main Market

Indirect light


Artificial daylight


school civil service

commercial space

-Trends Research & Target Market Interior Light Guide Market

Outdoors Market



Furnishings Market


Design point

product positioning

Target Group

Using Space




The windos and daylight of the room is less.

How to Use

[ A.1Light - Door Curtain ]

Problems There are large areas of windos, but not enough daylight.

How to Use


A.2 Light - Curtain ]



A.3 Light - Sticker ]

The Windows size is not the same, it’s not easy to install Curtain.

[ 0.3mmProtective-layer ] [ optibend ] [ 0.3mm viscose ]

matted surface PLA roll drum packaging

How to Use


Final Design

OptiBend Light Guide Sheet Optibend is an innovative and novel product made of light guide sheets, providing even and pleasant indoor lighting. Simply adhered to the glass of a window, it reflects almost 80 per cent of the outside light to the ceiling and into the room, while blocking harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays. The product is available in a variety of design patterns and thus fits perfectly into different environments.

ÂťOptibend provides an innovative possibility to save energy and at the same time serves as room decoration.ÂŤ

Product Design (others)

Food Waste Design orange peel / coffee grounds

Plug Concept Design

Table Lamp Design

iPhone Speaker Design

Dashboard camera concept Design

Cane Design

Curtain Concept Design

Wooden Icosahedral

Machine Design Sketch

Armor Design Sketch

Graphic Design

Poster Design

Display Design

Automative Lighting Display Design

Christmas Display Design

Christmas Display Design


Perfume Commercial Photography

Concept Photography


Portfolio - Kai-Ping Liu 2015  
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