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A well known pub in stirchley Lifford Curve was burnt down 4 months ago which gutted the entire building by a suspected arsonist is being restored in december.

Hours after this incident A police spokes man said: “We were called to reports of a fire. No-one appeared to be injured but we are treating it as suspicious.” This well known pub has been visited by Footballers Steven Gerrard, Fabrice Muamba, Joe hart and Who wants to be a millionaire host chris tarrent. Locals of this pub now have to travel 1.6miles to the nearest pub. 25 workers in this pub were laid off and this pub were laid off and only 7 of those former workers have found jobs.A former employee said “ i have applied for over 10 jobs but i still haven’t got a job. The pub restoration is being funded by a multi-milionaire who saw the opportunity and told us “I have lived

Eco-Friendly Street Lights coming soon.

Over 95,000 street lights in birmingham are getting replaced with Eco-Friendly LED Lights which will cut carbon emmisions. These upgrades are expected to cost 50 million to install, analyst bob sapp has said that the money saved from running these will cover the install. Skeptics believe that the 50 million spent could be used in a better way. Such as opening community centers for youths in troublesome areas. Continued on Page 49 By Tom Jones

Kings Heath Bucks a UK national trend

Image of Pub 3 months after Fire. in stirchley all my life and the pub is a focal point in birmingham, it will take a lot of hard work and money to restore but it is a chance I’m willing to take. Also employee;s from the previous regime will be offered a job.“ The pub is expected to be officially

INSIDE TODAY Historical Cricket Ground gets a well needed renovation. Lyndworth Cricket Club


opened around June and will also be used as a community center during the day for the youth in stirchley. Reports indicate that a special guest will open the pub, Ricky Hatton has been approched by the owner.

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Buisness opening in kings heath are helping the highstreet become one of the most successful highstreets in birmingham. Other highstreets are falling in popularity. Northfield High Street has seen drops of 15% per year. Kings Heath high street has been helped by the openin of several popular chains such as KFC and Poundland. Continued on Page 46 By Keiron Killa

Police Search for Northfield Thief who stole from a local shop.

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See Page 32 EMA scrapped by Goverment.

Three Benefit fraudsters


brought to justice.

Tuesday 23rd November 2010

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£5000’s worth of equipment for upgrade at the club.

Cricket Club in Stirchley Gets £15,000 Revamp. By Ryan Quddus

Edgebaston Markets celebrate their 10 year.

Edgebaston markets which were originally Birmingham’s indoor market moved to edgebaston in 2000 and is celebrating its 10th year in its current location. To celebrate its 10th year their will be a week of special offers and competitions. Starting from tommorow customers will recieve 10% of all produce in over 50 stalls. On saturday 27th November Barbara Nice , star of coronation street will be at the markets trying to raise money for charity. The markets of birmingham have been around for centuries and are a focal point of the city. you can log-on to for more info.

Lyndworth cricket club founded in 1885 by a group of friends and was originally named the Friends Hall Club but was renamed to Lyndworth because that was the name of the road. The cricket club is located in Stirchley and is currently undergoing a £15,000 upgrade to meet Warwickshire Division 1 standards. The club has been promoted from division 4 to division 1 in 4 years. The club was told that if these changes weren’t made the club would have been relegated to division 2 which the club was promoted from. These changes include Upgrades to the changing room by adding an Umpires room, 4 showers and general improvements to the rooms. Other improvements include maintenance to the bar and kitchen. The upgrade’s were funded by the trustee’s of the club. A club spokesman said “We are greatful that the trustee’s have decided to fund the project, We hope to repay them with trophies in the upcoming season and the forseable future.” The club were set a original deadline of November 15 but this deadline has know been pushed back to december 2nd.

By Roy Jones

“We hope to repay them with trophies in the upcoming season.”

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Three benefit fraudsters have been prosecuted by the birmingham city council on November 12 at Birmingham Magistrates Court. The fraudsters tried to scam £30,000 from the public benefits purse. Perminder Kaur who claimed a housing benefit she wasn’t entitled to recieve cheated a total of £7,392. She recieved an 18 month community service order. Kaneez Begum tried to claim benefits for non-relatives who didn’t live in the property. She was sentences to a 12 week suspended sentence for 12 months along with 180 hours of unpaid work and 12 months of supervision. Elizabeth Feix who claimed £9,344 she recieved a 12 month community order. She claimed to be unemployed while she was actually working. By Curtis Jones

Stirchley Post Office

Postal Savings incoming Birmingham city council have recently saved £500,000 in postal costs and know the council are prepared to pass those savings onto local buisnesses. The council post on average 8,000,000 letters/parcels a year. A saving of roughly 30% per letter/parcel. A birmingham city council spokesman said “We are all looking for cost saving measures to use right now. Sometimes its the smallest savings that make the biggest differences.” By Freddie Emilianko

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