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Lil Star Interview Talks about projects, New Label How he became famous.

Recap Of 2009


-Top 10 Songs, Top 5 Albums and Emerging Stars

Top 10 Downloads of the month*! Will Drake Hold on to the top spot?

Live the life of a Star! Hollywood, 5* Hotel and 10k. What more can you ask for?

Exclusive Poster We talk to Ja Rule Is he coming back. Working with Lil Star. His Future.

Exclusive Lil Star Free Gig for Most Wanted Readers! Token Inside 1 of 6


Most Wanted


Page 4 • Interview with Lil Star. Page 6 • Lil Star Money III Review. Page 7 • Is Ja Rule Back?


Page 8 • Free Mixtape & More. Page 9 • Live the Life of a Star.


Page 12 • eXCLUSIVE mw Poster. Page 14 • Sports Round Up. Page 17 • Token- LIL Star Concert.


Page 18 • Top 10 - UK Tracks. Page 19 • Recap of 2009. Page 21 • Token for Pizza.

Live the +£10k Life of a Star!




“New Mixtape in the upcoming weeks” Token For Lil Stars Concert on Page 17


“Im Now signed to Mpire Records.”



iewers of 12 mill Rob-Hello L.S- Im go Rob- Sound L.S- Im wo wraps for Rob- Will L.S- Yes I Star start Rob- Will L.S- Yes! Rob- It wa Rob- What L.S- My to the song i ever hook. Who is you My favorit what used Rob- How d L.S- its a to meet DJ one of my on my demo Rob- So yo from the U Is that fa L.S- Well, as Jay Sea successful Rob- There your recor L.S- Yes I MPire is t Will you b Yes, at th and Finall sale in a Rob- Have L.S- Yeah, good,its g Rob- Thank To see the of Lil Sta Stars Week on to our

terview with Lil-Star!

s, this week’s interview is with Lil Star, Lil Stars debut album sold record figures lion worldwide in a month and is still going strong. how are you Lil Star? ood man, im just finishing up a few songs with a few artists. ds good who are these artists your working with? orking with Lil Wayne, Ja Rule and Drake.... errrm I want to keep the rest under now. you be releasing any new content? I have a Jewellery Line and a Clothing Line coming out in August, It’s Called Brad t pre-ordering it now! Also I might drop a mixtape in the upcoming weeks. there be any collaborations on the mixtape, if so who with? Lil Wayne Ja Rule and Drake (Laughs) im not gonna say any more names for now. as worth a try. (Laughs) is your favorite songs on your new album? op 2 songs on the album are “Never Forget you” is about one of my best friends who died when i was 15 he helped me record my first . ur favorite artist? te artist is eminem he has done so much and sold millions and millions of albums in to be a Black only industry. in the future i would love to collab with him. did you get into the buisness? a very long story but basically i entered a competition J envy and i went there to meet him and i played him demo’s and he said he really liked it and he passed o to djam and they signed me. ou were born in the UK, it’s very rare that an artist UK has the amount of success that you have had recently. air to say? , it’s hard to say because in other genres people such an, Robbie Williams and Susan boyle have been very l in the States. e have been alot of rumours about your contract and rd label can you clarify any of these rumours? I was signed to DJam but im now signed to MPire Records. the Future! be going on tour? he start of next year; we touring around UK, Europe ly in 20 Cities around the U.S. Tickets Will go on few months. you got anything to say to your fans? , go buy the mo’fu----- album if you haven’t already done so. 2010 is looking gonna be hot;New Album, Clothing & Jewellery Line! Oh yh add me on the twitter; om/LilStarBigFuture. ks for your Time e video version of this interview and an exclusive look at the behind the scenes ar’s new video “I did it“ logon to you can also read Lil kly blog on to subscribe to the weely newsletter log website and enter your email address.




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