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“Don’t let anyone tell you, you cannot do something. You want something; Go Get It!”

Ryan Cardwell “Ryan is an honest hardworking individual who has taken the responsibility of being Captain and is making it his own. It is clear he works hard for what he believes in and for others around him.” TGC- Programme Manager

Email: Mobile: 07969247505 Twitter: @ rcardwell12

Ryan Cardwell: Panorama I am somewhat different to society’s common view on teenage lads of my age. I am self motivated, driven and totally focused towards my life’s goal. I am striving to become a great golfing touring professional; and to achieve what hasn’t been achieved before. I am currently at Tournament Golf College, based jointly at St. Mellion International Golf Resort and Pestana Golf Resort Algarve, Portugal. I was born in June 1993 Yeovil England into a football adoring family. In my short life time I have gained a lot of life experience, I have worked in a school with a group of 8 teenagers with some behavioural issues. In this job I worked with all the these teenagers to give them a start in life. As a golfer I have achieved some good results, including a top 35 finish in the EGU boys Order of Merit 2011. I shall be competing for the Open Championship qualifier’s later this season for the second consecutive year. Email: Mobile: 07969247505 Twitter: @ rcardwell12

Work Experience…. Getting those 8 teenager’s through their GCSE’s and school helped to mould me as a person as well as moulding them. I really worked hard to gain the student’s trust and allow them to seek advice and confidence in me. Due to the position I held, I cannot go into details of what the student’s had to deal with. However, it has been an eye opener to a world which some people rarely get to see, and I feel privileged to have helped in some small way. Since leaving this occupation, I have arranged to return to the school and give free golf lesson’s to some disadvantaged student’s. The key characteristic’s I tried to instill in the student’s were: Honesty. Integrity. Hard Work.

“Mr Cardwell helped me to understand that no matter what do not settle for second best, he pushed me to do my very best in everything I did.” One of the 8 Students. ‘Inspire a generation’ I am a great advocate of this phrase and I feel I can do this for companies and organisations I have worked for or have links with.

Email: Mobile: 07969247505 Twitter: @ rcardwell12


Tournament Golf College(TGC) is a unique golf opportunity which allows the student’s to work in a fantastic environment at St. Mellion International Resort and Pestana Golf Portugal. I am currently First Year Captain and have link’s with some big companies with access to deals with names such as Under Amour and Sun mountain. I shall be participating in a full amateur golf season in 2013 where I shall be competing at some of the best location’s and biggest event’s in Britain. TGC teaches student’s how to use social media correctly. My twitter account is very professional and my follower’s see a professional aspect of my day to day life. The emphasis is on the student’s, independently trying to make themselves better golfer’s, with the aim of becoming a tournament golf professional. TGC motto- “Information is not knowledge the only source of knowledge is experience”

Email: Mobile: 07969247505 Twitter: @ rcardwell12

Golf Achievements‌.

Above: South West boys championship. Right: EGU order of merit 2011, was by far the best year in my golfing career. Winning the grand Atlantic with two rounds of 70 also As shown a tied 3rd place and a top 35 finish in the EGU order of merit. I have played in the Jamega Tour Professional Event and tried to qualify for the Open Championship. I currently do around 9000 miles of travelling between April and September on the full time amateur schedule on top of training periods in the off season. Email: Mobile: 07969247505 Twitter: @ rcardwell12

Hobby’s and interests‌. Off the golf course, there is nothing I love more than to go and watch my hometown football team, Yeovil Town. I also like to, when the opportunity arises, go to The Rec to watch Bath Rugby. For my down time I love cooking for friends and family.

Favourites: Food: Pasta Drink: Water Holiday: Marbella Film: Pursuit of HappYness Football Team: Yeovil Town Golf Course: Walton Heath Car: Aston Martin DB9

Email: Mobile: 07969247505 Twitter: @ rcardwell12

Thank you for your time…. “I have a chance a to make a dream a reality” “The five S's of sports “Service to others is the training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, rent you pay for your and spirit; but the room here on earth.” greatest of these is Muhammad Ali spirit” Ken Doherty Ryan Cardwell Full Time Amateur Golfer Twitter: rcardwell12 Mobile:07969247505 Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

Email: Mobile: 07969247505 Twitter: @ rcardwell12


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