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51 90-97% threshed but still needs separate rethreshing and cleaning. Although less laborious than the reaper, this stripping system has lesser loss than the manual or reaper systems since the grains are handled by them machine without leaving them in the field.

Fig. __. The IRRI Stripper Gatherer harvests grains and already threshes 90-97% of the grain during stripping.

Combine harvester. Prompted by the need for faster, cheaper and more efficient harvesting methods than reapers or strippers, many attempts have been made to introduce imported rice combines in the Philippines but these were unsuccessful because the imported models were expensive for rice farmers and big and heavy for small wet paddy plots characteristics of Philippine rice fields. In 2002, however, PhilRice adapted a Chinese combine design which harvests and threshes paddy grains in one pass. The machine, now fitted with cleaning and bagging components, is small and lightweight for small wet paddies and easy to operate with one person to maneuver and another person to attend bagging. It has a capacity of 1 ha/d and comes with rubber tires that can be changed into steel starwheels for wet muddy fields. The machine is powered by a small

The Evolution of Rice Production Practices  
The Evolution of Rice Production Practices  

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