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27 pre-germinated before sowing into slightly elevated beds in a well prepared plot and allowed to grow for at least 30 days before transplanting. The second one was the “dry seedbed” method in which the area was prepared dry, not puddled nor flooded. A 1.5 meters x 10-20 meters-plot is constructed and the seeds are sown into it and harrowed lightly to cover the seeds, then watered subsequently; however the seedbed could get too dry and the soil too hard for the young seedlings to

grow and to be pulled later with minimum damage.

Fig. __. Seedling pulling at punlaan 30 days after sowing.

The third method was the “dapog” method in which a 1 x 15 meter-plot was constructed after the soil had been puddled, harrowed and leveled and banana leaves are laid, with the edges of the leaves towards the center of the bed, and allowed to sink about an inch deep to let mud run over the leaves. The banana leaves, aside from the thin layer of mud, are covered by thin layer of clean rice hull or finely chopped rice straw. Fifteen to 30 liters (8.8 to 17.6 kg) of pre-germinated seeds were spread into two (1x 15 sq m)

The Evolution of Rice Production Practices  

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