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16 Green Revolution soil and nutrient management package. The Philippine Masagana 99 packaged and implemented a fertilizer management that also included basal fertilizer application (Box 2; Ferre, 1986). Several studies at IRRI showed that the basal incorporation of fertilizer, done during the last harrowing and puddling prior to transplanting, is more efficient than broadcast. Adoption of the basal application, however, was very low since farmers have been traditionally applying their fertilizers several days after transplanting. However, if basal application is done, fertilizer application at two weeks after transplanting is to be employed.

The Masagana 99 Packaged Technology on Fertilizer Rate and Management Notes: a. Application method: 2/3 N and all P and K were incorporated during the final harrowing. b. 1/3 N 5-7 days before panicle initiation c. Apply ZnSo4 into the soil, in the seedbed or in the paddy field, foliar spray or dipping seedlings in ZnO d. In the upland, no fertilizer application was done. It is suggested that 90 kg N/ha can be applied at 10, 35 and at 65 days after seeding. e. Organic fertilizer is also recommended.

Dry season Wet seaso 1. 4 bags 14-14-14 1. 4 bags 14-14-14 2 bags Urea 1 bags Urea 10-15 kg ZnSO4 10-15 kg ZnSO4 ( 73-28-28 kg (51-28-28 kg NPK/ha) NPK/ha) 2. 3 bags 16-20-0 2. 3 bags 16-20-0 3 bag 21-0-0 1 bag 21-0-0 1 bag Urea 2 bag Urea 1 bag 0-0-60 1 bag 0-0-60 10-15 kg ZnSO4 10-15 kg (57-30-30 kg NPK/ha) ZnSO4 (80-30-30 kg NPK/ha) 3. 1.5 bags 18-46- 3. 1.5 bags 18-46-0 0 2 bags 21-0-0 2 bags 21-0-0 1 bags Urea 2 bags Urea 1 bag 0-0-60 1 bag 0-0-60 10-15 kg ZnSO4 10-15 kg (57-35-30 kg NPK/ha) ZnSO4 (80-35-30 kg NPK/ha) Azolla was highly recommended then in irrigated lowland rice areas but the production of azolla in some part of the country is very low due to its environmental growth specificity.

Modern soil and nutrient management. With the development of irrigation facilities and continuous supply of irrigation water to the farm, intensive rice

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