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When you are in US and face any problem with translation, then your problem can be solved with the help of RxMedco, who provide translation services. RxMedco has good medical interpreters who work round the clock and provide assistance both in personal as well as telephonically in more than 250 languages. The transportation services of RxMedco with well equipped medical facilities are also utilized by people of all the 50 states in US. Their services are even suggested by Doctors, assisted living facilities, nursing homes etc., wherein their services are limited to non–emergency service. I had recently called them for taking my cousin to a hospital and they arrived at our house at specified time and took him to the hospital. Due to certain reasons, we couldn’t accompany him, but the staff of RxMedco assured us that he will be safe with them. They will take good care of him all the way and he will not have any problem. We were worried a little for sending him alone, but when he came back and true to their word, RxMedco had taken good care of him and he didn’t feel that none of us were with him. For more information visit: KWWSU[PHGFRFRP

RxMedco – Transportation and Translation Services