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Rx Medco – Transportation and Translation Services One of my last wish of my grandfather was to visit a shrine, but as he was not feeling well since past few years, we hesitated to take him. He kept on repeating his wish and we used to assure him every time. At last, when he started recovering, we decided to fulfill his wish and made our search for suitable transportation service with well equipped medical facilities. Our search ended with Rx Medco providing transportation Services in all 50 states in US. Their services are not meant for emergency cases. The transportation services provided by them include Ambulatory, Wheelchair, Stretcher, ALS/BLS, Air Transportation without any age barrier and are used by all like private citizens, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and HMOs not leaving aside nursing or group homes and assisted living facilities. After discussing with them, I was pleased with my search and decided to take their help. I took my grandfather in the Ambulance of Rx Medco and came back. Rx Medco also provides translation services and have medical interpreter working round the clock. It was certainly a good family trip and Rx Medco’s assistance all the way made it even better.

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Rx Medco – Transportation and Translation Services