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A trustable name for medical transportation services We had never expected that we will have to take an ambulance to return from a jolly trip, but having taken the service of Rxmedco, though upset due to ill health, our journey was good. I and my cousin had planned a trip to New York by car. We enjoyed the trip a lot and had wished that we could stay there only. Two days before returning, my cousin accidently slipped and got fracture in his leg. The doctor had advised to take rest for 45 days. We had to return back. How was it possible to return in such a condition and moreover, we didn’t have any know person here, who could support us. While explaining our condition to the Doctor, he suggested us to take the service of Rxmedco, as they provide good services and is also available in all the 50 states of US. I got in touch with them and we went back in their ambulance. Their devoted staff took complete care of my cousin to see that he doesn’t face any problem in between and is comfortable. We reached home safely and were happy that with Rxmedco, my cousin too felt relaxed and didn’t face any consequences. For more information visit :

A trustable name for medical transportation services