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It’s a functional art form. An expertise perfected over decades. The practical application of creative vision in the foodservice industry has earned R.W. Smith & Company an unprecedented leadership position. A position it has maintained for more than 75 years. It is an unequaled service that R.W. Smith & Company provides to the owners, consultants, architects and contractors who conceptualize, design, build and operate the nation’s most creative and complex foodservice facilities.

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R.W. Smith & Co. is a premier foodservice contractor that specializes in commercial kitchen design, consulting, project management, and equipment procurement and installation. We have been providing award-winning service for over 50 years and have become a recognized foodservice industry leader. Our goal is to provide an efficient, productive kitchen that meets the needs of the clients.

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What is BIM? Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle. It is an intelligent, model-based process that provides insight for creating and managing building and infrastructure projects faster and more economically. The rapid emergence of BIM is changing the way AEC project teams work together to communicate, solve problems and build better projects faster and at less cost. BIM provides the owner with an opportunity to see what a facility will look like before it is ever built and to make revisions prior to construction. More over, it enables architects, contractors, and installers to identify and resolve potential challenges that could cause cost overruns and construction and/or installation delays. In summary, the BIM tools allow the building of a virtual prototype of the facility before going into the field.

Why BIM?

A well-run BIM process for a project allows for the Design/Build team to identify issues which would be many times more expensive to fix in the field than in the virtual environment. Research has shown that an investment in an advanced BIM team can yield reductions in cost during the planning phase of 5 times the investment in BIM services. Some estimates have claimed a 300% to 500% return on the investment of BIM processes. BIM can be used to ensure a higher quality design and product. Why use BIM? Better, Faster, More Cost Effective.

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BIM Services Project management Subcontractor BIM prequalification Clash detection Training support Content creation / Drafting modeling services

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Project Management The purpose of BIM Project Management is to facilitate the rolls played by each member of the construction team. Having a production process that mirrors the field construction process for the virtual space allows for the construction team to adjust their design, knowing the effort will be translated to the end field product. The BIM Project Manager will review all submitted files to ensure the pertinent information has been given for each point in the schedule. The amount of information and its due date is also defined in a summary, provided by the BIM Project Management team, for all of the construction team members to follow as a guide for the duration of the project. Due to the complex nature of the process and the high level of skill necessary from each team member, R.W. Smith & Co. can assist in the prequalification of subcontractors’ BIM capabilities.

Training Support Clash Detection Clash detection within BIM allows for the effective identification, inspection and reporting of interferences between construction teams in a 3D project model. During the clash detection process, R.W. Smith & Co. would provide the order of precedence for each trade assigned to the project. For example, the design of the space could take the highest precedence, followed by structural and mechanical. Using this process R.W. Smith & Co. can provide a finished project with the closest resemblance to the virtual model. This process should allow the entire team to understand more of the project than ever before.

A tool is only as good as the user. When using a robust tool with the features and automation like the current generation of BIM programs, the user has the opportunity to provide immense value to a project. With users being such an integral part of producing a virtual prototype, proper BIM training is crucial to the successful outcome of the team. R.W. Smith & Co.’s comprehensive training and support provides plans tailored for individual firms to yield the best return on investment.

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The Autodesk RevitŽ Families are the building blocks of all projects and house information that can be used to automate all tasks in the building process. By building the knowledge into the families for multiple uses, the operating costs of the entire project decreases. A properly built RevitŽ family will automate the mundane tasks and reduce repeated mistakes. The increased complexity of projects is quickly demanding more detail in a virtual model. R.W. Smith & Co.’s 3D drafting services allow the entire project team to have the most detailed information available to identify and then address the challenges of a project.

BIM Content Creation

Visualization It is often difficult to visualize a finished project simply by reviewing plans, sketches and a schematic massing of a space. R.W. Smith & Co. has the expertise to produce a photorealistic image that can show what a project will look like after construction. No matter what phase the project is at, we can produce an image with the right amount of detail for any need.

Riverside Culinary Arts Academy (Computer Generated Image)

Beverly Hills High School (Computer Generated Image)

Los Angeles City College (Computer Generated Image)

Los Angeles City College (Computer Generated Image)

Los Angeles City College (Computer Generated Image)

Big Canyon Country Club

Cook Children’s Medical Center (Computer Generated Images)

Kaiser Permanente, Fontana (Computer Generated Image)

Additional BIM Services

A virtual reality room projects the 3D model to a specific location in front of the user’s eyes, allowing for an incredible virtual experience. A wellexecuted virtual reality experience can give the client the unparalleled ability to approve a working visual design before committing to expenses, rather than simply imagining what the space will eventually be. Ground penetrating radar allows for the surveying of underground objects without the expense of digging and re-compacting the soil. After the initial survey is done the information produced is modeled into a useable form, such as a RevitŽ file.

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Client demands can be surprising, time consuming, and expensive. Let us use our experience to help you come up with a creative solution to beat your client’s expectations with lower costs.



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