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ARQUITECTONICA September 5, 2007

Re: Robert Woodworth

To whom it may concern; I have been asked to provide this letter of recommendation on the behalf of Robert Woodworth, a former employee of Arquitectonica. While I was not Robert’s day to day supervisor, as the director of the Miami office I was able to observe his efforts on behalf of the firm. Robert was with Arquitectonica for a little over two and a half years performing a myriad of duties mostly on the downtown Phoenix hotel project as well as on a local residential condominium project, Solis. I found him to be a dedicated and hard-working individual who consistently tried to do good work. I cannot say his work ever suffered. When things got difficult he put in additional time and effort. He managed his responsibilities well and knew how to go about accomplishing multiple tasks. I hope that this brief recommendation conveys the confidence and optimism I have for Robert’s continuing success. I would welcome the opportunity to elaborate on any of the content of this letter if requested.


Sherri Gutierrez, AIA, NCARB Vice President Miami Office Director ARQUITECTONICA International Corporation

801 Brickell Avenue Suite 1100 Miami . Florida 33131 T 305.372.1812 F 305.372.1175 AAC000465

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Letter of reference from Arquitectonica International