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Inside: What Sims do in the fall!

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Daijah: Hello and welcome to this month’s edition of our Featured Rebel! Mica: Today we have a very special guest and are delighted to celebrate with her! Jill: And even better than that, there’s something about her that makes her even more special! Quiana:What’s that Jilly? Jill: She’s Italian! *receives puzzled looks* It’s time for food! She’s Italian, they have huge dinners? All: OOH!! Mica: Well then she deserves an even BIGGER welcome! Daijah: So without further ado, please join us in a warm, round of applause… Quiana:For November’s Featured Rebel… All: GENOANDKIDDO! Jill: Also known as Paula!

Paula: Thank you for having me! I’m very excited to be here! Jill: Congratulations are in order again! We have lots of activities planned and hope you enjoy your self. Mica: Do you ever pretend that you’re a sim? Paula: Sometimes. Daijah: Hmm…interesting… Quiana: Well let’s get started!

Quiana: Do you hear that? It’s the roar of the crowd…well kinda. Have a major event you need your sims to perform? Tired of empty clubs and under-crowded concerts? Well you’ve come to the right place! At Kiddo’s Dreams, Paula teaches you how to make that empty bar into a packed, happening event in no time! Check out her tutorials for more information!

Jill: Welcome Back everyone, so happy you’ve joined us. Mica: We’re here at the Fresh Foods Farmer’s Market in Appaloosa Plains to do a little shopping. Daijah: Yes as part of our Thanksgiving Dinner, Paula suggested we grab the freshest ingredients possible. Quiana: It must be the Italian thing, but I’m honestly very excited about tasting her version of Thanksgiving! Paula: Yes! You’re all in for a real treat!

Paula: Ok so first thing’s first, our veggies. Now this place has a huge selection, you want to make sure there are no spots on the skin. Jill: We’ll be sure and grab the ripest fruits, I’d hate to bite into something rotten! What is your favorite part about writing Sims stories? Paula: I think taking the pictures and seeing my stories come to life. Oh freebies! Jill: Mmm Pastrami on rye. It’s very rewarding breathing life into your ideas . And I’ve enjoyed watching you help me as well with our collaboration. Paula: It is a very wonderful story and I’ve enjoyed creating for it!

Quiana: In speaking of creations, what exactly are the courses for this dinner? Paula: Well there’s Sweet potatoes and ricotta cakes with caramelized shallots and mascarpone Quiana: Sounds yummy! I assume that takes the place of the yams? Paula: Yes. Then to drink Ricossa di Pera and as a side, Panzanella salad with fresh figs. Quiana: What’s that? Paula: Cucumber, red onion, celery, cherry tomatoes, fresh figs, romaine lettuce, fresh parsley leaves, fresh basil leaves, white balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, Shaved Parmesan cheese and croutons!

Mica: Now that we have the veggies out of the way, I’m thinking of what we should get for sweets. Paula: Right! Of course there is the wine but on top of that, desserts! Mica: And what Thanksgiving dinner is complete without pie? Do you do pumpkin? Sweet Potato? Pecan? Paula: All of those are great but if we’re doing this ‘Italian Style’ why not a Cherry Cassata Torte? Mica: And what’s in that? Paula: It’s a cherry brandy-spiked ricotta and cream cheese filling flecked with almonds and dried cherries. Mica: Oh that sounds yummy!

Daijah: Ok so let’s talk meat. Now of course Turkey is tradition, but my Mom always did a ham as well for those that didn’t care for bird. Paula: Yes. I was thinking of a nice roasted turkey in tapenade rub. Daijah: Tapenade rub? Paula: It’s a homemade olive, garlic and herb paste. Daijah: Sounds good! All we need now is to find the perfect bird! Paula: That’s not a problem at all. They have them here too. Just gotta select our victim!

Daijah: What does that mean exactly? Paula: It means we’re at a farmer’s market. Everything here is fresh. *Animals cry in the background*

Mica: Anybody else get the feeling this isn’t about to go well?

Quiana: I got the sudden feeling that those cute little critters outside aren’t just here for the petting zoo.

Daijah: No…that can’t be what she meant. I’m sure she was talking about the butcher shop or something; right?

Jill: Careful Mica. I’m not so sure that bird likes being touched. It looks angry. Mica: Angry? What exactly does an angry bird look like? Daijah: I think they carry axes and smile sadistically. Quiana: Right‌and when have you ever seen an axe wielding Chicken? Paula: I think she may have been talking about the turkey.

Quiana: Aww look at the cute little chicks! Paula: Careful! We want their eggs, they tend to get a little hostile if you go near their babies Jill: Eggs? So you mean we’re not after one of these for the dinner table? Paula: No of course not don’t be silly. Who has chicken on Thanksgiving? Ok, grab a dozen, I’ve already paid for them. And be careful last thing we need is…

Daijah: Oops… Mica: Well now I know what an angry bird looks like. I don’t think they liked that very much DJ. Quiana: Yeah beware the axe-wielding Turkey. Daijah: You know I was only kidding about that right?

Paula: Well somehow I don’t think the parents of those poor eggs finds your joke all that funny. Jill: And one thing I know is animals have major personalities and attitudes! Paula, do you believe that the Pug is the best breed on the planet, and if so, why? Paula: Of, course I do. They are the most loyal, smart, loving and caring dogs on the planet. Plus he can say “I love you.” Jill: Perhaps we shouldn’t stand so close. I wouldn’t want to get poop on my shoes. Daijah: What are you talking about? Jill: *Points innocently*

Turkey: Certainly you realize, this means war. All: RUN DAIJAH! RUN!

Paula: No don’t run! That’s a whopper! Catch him, we can cook him for dinner! Turkey: Huh? Well then, looks like the shoe’s on the other foot! Daijah: Wait a second, who has to clean this thing once I’ve caught him? All: *Blank stares* Daijah: Screw that. Someone else can have him! Turkey: I’m alive! I’m alive!

Mica: You know what feels great after a long, hard day of running from turkeys? Massages! And I’m sure your sims would appreciate it as well! That’s why at Kiddo’s Dreams, she’s made the impossible SIMpossible! Find Massages as well as other fun things at Kiddo’s Dreams! Your sims will be thankful.

Daijah: Welcome back Ladies and Gentleman! We’re here with Paula, November’s Featured Rebel and we’re about to enjoy a few of the Fall Festivities! Paula: Just so you know, I own at horseshoes! Daijah: Do you really? Well I was going to let you win, but stealing a line from the murderous fowl, this means war!

Daijah: So Paula, did you ever write stories prior to playing Sims? Paula: Yes, lots. I actually have been writing "The Connors" since I was young enough to play Barbies. Daijah: What do you enjoy most about pose making? Paula: I enjoy doing poses no one has done or will do. Daijah: Well that can become a difficult task these days with so many poses to choose from!

Quiana: Hey there Rebels! So we’ve learned there are a few fun eating contests taking place today, one of them being HOTDOG EATING COMPETITIONS! Paula: Wow, I didn’t know you were that excited about eating contests! Quiana: Well think of it this way, it’s free food, all you can eat and an excuse to gorge! What’s not to love? Anyway, how did you get into playing the Sims? How long have you played? Paula: My hubby and I went grocery shopping one day and while we were in town we stopped at Wal-Mart to buy something and he saw “The Sims”. I thought it looked kind of stupid. But he got it and I would watch him play. Well, one day he went to do something and asked if I wanted to play. That what was it, I was hooked and about four hundred dollars and nearly 13 yrs later, I am patiently waiting for the next EP! Come on, the event is starting.

Daijah: Oh fun! A meat eating competition! Paula: Daijah! Jill: I was actually thinking the same thing. *Buzzer* Mica: GO! GO! GO! Let’s see which of you really has a big mouth! Daijah: HEY! *swallows* That’s not…funny! Quiana: Will you…stop…talking with…your mouth full? Daijah: Speak for…yourself!

Mica: Faster ladies! Work those jaws! Paula: Is…anyone…else…thinking about….tossing…their buns…at her? Jill: Mmhmm…half eaten…right in the face! Mica: Ew! I saw down your throat on that one Jill! Less talking more chewing! Let’s go! Daijah: So…many…d… Mica: Daijah… Daijah: Dogs…geez…get your mind…out of the…gutter…perv!

Paula: Chew…swallow…drink…chew…swallow…drink Jill: I think I’m going insane! Mica: There’s no time for that! Keep eating! Quiana: Ow! I thit nigh thong!

Paula: This is insane! Jill: I won! I did it! I won! I think after this I’ll never touch another hot dog again. What’s my prize? Mica: Oh wow, that’s too bad Jilly! The prize is a year’s worth of hotdogs! Jill:What? *Faints* Quiana: Ow! My jaw hurts! Daijah: Yeah. It’s like that lockjaw thing you get after eating a handful of Skittles!

Paula: Hmm you think maybe they stocked the kissing booths with those…interesting townies for a reason? Jill: Well actually I think they are pushing the Oktoberfest items. They’ve conveniently placed the beer kegs you see? Mica: Maybe it’s a warning that you shouldn’t get too drunk because you’d actually want to buy a kiss? Daijah: Ah you guys it’s not that bad! Quiana: No? Then you go and kiss one! Daijah: Well you see I would except A: I’m not drunk, B: I’m not desperate and C: $5 is too much !

Paula: Oh hey! Apple Bobbing! There’s a good time! Mica: If you think swallowing a load of someone else’s spit is fun, sure! Jill: Germaphobe! Mica: What? It’s icky! Daijah: Says the woman with four kids. You know you’ve kinda been eating all day. I foresee trouble coming.

Mica:Hey, hey! So another fun fall activity is getting your picture taken with a friend. Paula: It’s $5 simoleons for a single, $10 for couples or free if you’re forever alone…I think? Mica: Yeah that sign is kind of hard to read. Now if you were a Sim, what would your life be like? (Job/house/neighborhood) Paula: I would be rich, have Bonehilda as my maid and be a famous singer. Mica: That sounds like the life!

Jill: So Paula and I decided to get our faces painted. Who’d have guessed it would cost $50 each! That’s outrageous! Paula: Yes and to think you can get a kiss from a stranger for $5! What was EA thinking? Anyway, I’ got a turkey, it didn’t turn out like I thought it would. What are you Jill? Jill: I’m a pirate! Argh Mateys! EA are definitely pirates themselves the way they steal our booty. Paula, do you ever get frustrated or bored with sims or posing? Paula: I sometimes get frustrated because my mind tells me a human’s hand can go like this, But a Sims cannot. So that annoys me. Bored? no not yet.

Mica: Watch out! Daijah: Jill’s winding up Paula! DUCK!

Paula: Missed me, missed me now you gotta kiss me! Jill: Depends, are you charging $5 also? Quiana: If she’s a smart cookie! Who’d give it away for free? Mica: I think that’s the idea of this entire thing! Nothing here is free. Daijah: Well that’s not entirely true. The water was! *wicked smile* Mica: Daijah! Quiana: I bet you wish you’d gone apple bobbing now!

Felipe: Hey! I saw you ladies earlier at the bobbing station. Interested in testing your skills in a REAL competition? Paula: What did you have in mind? Mica: Alright Jill, Qui, Paula, do it for RWN! Daijah: Good luck ladies! *Buzzer* Jill: So many blueberries!

Daijah: Come on Paula! You got this! Paula: So…sweet…sickening! Mica: Come on Jill! You can do this Qui! Don’t let that guy beat you! Jill: There’s…just…too…much… Mica: Aww you’re sounding like a quitter! Where’s that redhead spirit? Quiana: Why…don’t…you…give…this…a…try? Mica: No thank you. I’d prefer staying sticky free. Plus I’m saving room for that Cherry Torte Paula mentioned earlier!

*Jill: *Puke* Quiana: * Mica: No! Hurry back! Come on I am counting on RWN pulling this out! Daijah: Come on Paula you can do this!

Mica: Aww you guys suck! Daijah: Well there’s a man who loves his pie. Quiana: Daijah! Daijah: Oh come on like you all weren’t thinking it! Mica: I don’t think that guy appreciated that comment. Daijah: And yet he’s made no motion to clean his face.

Jill: Have some sims in L.O.V.E and want to give them the perfect day? Check out the wedding pack at Kiddo’s Dreams and help them make their ‘I Do’s’ ideal!

Jill: How did you end up at RWN? Paula: This is a long story but I will try to shorten it. It all started when I asked two really great posers to make a celebrity pose for me. Both turned me down flat. Then I was looking at My Sims 3 Blog at all the updates and there was ArtistKate's Wolf transformation pack and I followed the link and saw what she had done. I noticed she had a request for poses, I followed it there and she accepted my request. I then started a fansite for "The Connors". Later changing it to their story page. And became a member of RWN. And as they say the rest is history. Mica: How many jumping jacks can you do? Paula: I probably could do two before I became out of breath.

Daijah: What do you think is most rewarding about creating stories with Sims? Paula: Purging it from my head. Quiana: What do you find most frustrating about creating stories with Sims? Paula: The game crashing and I haven't saved or Sims not doing what I want them to do. Quiana: Do you play any other games besides Sims? Any that you would recommend? Paula: Harvest Moon, Simcity and Civilization. I also play some games with my girls like Just Dance 3.

Jill: Do you have any upcoming stories planned? Paula: Two, but one I will be working on here shortly, "Fallen Time". Mica: Have you ever based a character on someone you know? Paula: Yes, Tany, Scott and Ciera. Daijah: Do you have any more ideas that might turn into a story down the road? Paula: Oh my goodness yes, loads. In fact my daughter wants me to publish a story I have been working on for a couple of years, called "Angie". It's about a man, Mike and a woman, Amanda who fall in love, get married and then a horrific car accident changes not only their lives but also Amanda's personality to Angie. And Mikes struggle to overcome his wife's insanity. While Amanda/Angie struggle for control over one body. I also have another idea about zombies.

Daijah: Are you a girl-girl like me and can’t make heads or tails of football? Well that’s not a problem for your sims anymore! At Kiddo’s Dreams, Paula has simplified the solution in a safe and convenient pose pack for your athletic simmies! Check out her sporting goods while they last !

Quiana: Well Rebels are you ready for some football? Mica: No not really but it’s tradition right? Jill: Yep that’s the spirit.

Jill: How did you get start writing? Paula: After I read "Ramona Quimby Age 8", I started to write stupid little stories about dogs.

Mica: Who inspires you for your writing? Paula: Several different people, my husband mostly.

Quiana: What do you think would be the coolest idea for a pose pack? Paula: Surfing by far. Quiana: If you could be any color of the rainbow, what color would you be? Paula: Yellow, because it is bright and cheery.

Quiana: Do you find it hard to find the time to write? Paula: Yes and no, at night I don't have a lot of time. I get home from work usually around 4:30 pm and have to do laundry and cook dinner. But while I am at work, I write in my head all day long. It just depends on what is going on.

Jill: Time to get baking. Mica: Yep got my Paula Dean cookbook, two pounds of butter, we should be good. Daijah:Sounds like fun. Let’s get started.

Jill: What inspires you to write and photograph in the style that you do? Paula: I want the audience to see what is in my head, not just on paper but actually see it.

Jill: When writing, do you tend to write for a certain audience, or do you write however you see fit? Paula: I try to write how I see it in my head.

Mica: I've seen you mention a new story - care to give us a hint what it's about? Paula: Oh Okay, don't pull my arm. It is about two friends, Chris a partier/tomboy and Stace a nerdy/computer geek, they go to a haunted house only to find that there are things in there that aren't what they seem. Both go through a portal to find themselves surrounded by witches, ghost, goblins, werewolves, vampires and fairies. During their “stay� they will learn more about each other than they ever thought possible. I can't wait to start on this. Another reason I want Seasons. Daijah: Earlier you mentioned that you like the idea of a surfing pose pack. Do you think you will ever do a surfing pose pack? Paula: Yes, sometime after I get what is in my head out.

Mica: Which do you prefer and why - pose-making or telling sim stories? Paula: I truly enjoying doing both. Jill: That looks good ladies!

Mica: Well Rebels we have shopped, played football, and cooked. Now it’s time for dinner. Jill: Kiddo before we eat we want to present to you your Featured Author gift. Paula: Guys thanks so much. This has been a real honor. Daijah: We have been honored to have you. Quiana: Food smells good. Let’s eat.

Jill: Do you ever have any of your family members proof read the chapters before you release them or do you make them wait like everyone else? Paula: Yes, My daughter and she tells me if I ever should change something or if something doesn't make sense. Mica: Who is your favorite character? Do you think you tend to focus on them more or give them more storyline? Paula: In "The Connors" it is Tany, yes she gets more storylines but I do try to even it out. "Fallen Time", a new character named Stace, I don't know yet.

Quiana: Do you ever compare your poses to those of other peoples? Paula: No and the reason is because mine are unique. I love facial expressions and not many have them. I do however say, “Oh, that is a really good idea for a pose pack. Why didn't I think of that?” Daijah: If you could make your own Sims expansion, what would it be about and what types of things would you add? Paula: I would do one about Amusement Parks. You would be able to build your own roller coasters. There would be a place to buy souvenirs. Jill: What is your favorite thing to eat? Favorite place to eat? Paula: Spaghetti and My dad's. Mica:Aww that’s really sweet!

Jill: Here’s a little something from the gang! Paula: Aww thank you guys! All: Congratulations!

Thank you for reading!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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