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▲ Tourism Vancouver / Tom Ryan

As a destination, Vancouver offers a wide variety of activites that are sure to speak to the unique tastes of any couple or guest. Whether it’s a trip to the famous Robson Street Shopping District (above) hitting the slopes of Grouse Mountain or enjoying the peaceful serenity of whale-watching, you’re sure to find your niche.

experience memorable for them too. Remember, you’ll have the joy of taking home a spouse; guests need something to take home too! Consider having place cards and take home gifts even if the parties are intimate. It is a small token that acknowledges your friends and family, and their choice to come and lovingly support this important occasion. Chocolates remain the most popular takehome gift, and for international guests and newcomers to Vancouver, local delicacies like maple syrup, smoked salmon or Aboriginal crafts are a wonderful reminder of the journey. Monogrammed ribbon or boxes lend a memorable touch. It is wise to take into account the seasons… If you have always dreamt of an outdoor ceremony, it’s recommended that your event should be scheduled between June and September. And it’s always beneficial to have a “Plan B” (which may simply be a nice white tent) in case Mother Nature decides to shed tears of joy at your wedding!

can choose to spend your valuable time guessing about outcomes, but why bother when they can be guaranteed? The cost of a wedding planner is approximately 15-20% of the overall budget. Choose to be headachefree and dedicate your time to enjoying the city with your partner, rather than wondering if all will go smoothly. Leave the details to your planner and all you will have to think about is whether you should walk -or skip- down the aisle! Come see us soon! 2DQ - Two Dears and a Queer Wedding Planning Dedicated personal and professional wedding planners in Vancouver Canada. Phone: 604-306-1340

Now you may ask, “Why use a local wedding planner when we can make our own arrangements?” Easy Answer! Local professionals are familiar with the area, the vendors, and details that you and your partner might never even consider as an option. You

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Volume 5, Issue 1  

The 2010 Planning Resource Guide.

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