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Words and Blessings for a Meaningful Wedding Ceremony by Cindy Matchett contributing writer

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Kristen’s father read the above excerpt from Winnie the Pooh when she and Nancy got married last winter. Standing on the dance floor of Boston’s Milky Way restaurant in Jamaica Plain, he read directly to the two women from a page he had decorated himself, just after we had honored the memory of Kristen’s dear mother and Nancy’s beloved father. Everyone knows that Kristen is a big kid at heart, which Nancy adores, and the sweet and poignant passage was perfect for them. Drawing on special words that have meaning to you both can be a wonderful way to personalize your wedding. Wedding readings—poems, blessings, excerpts and favorite passages included throughout the ceremony—convey your thoughts and beliefs on love and marriage. You certainly do not have to have readings, but words that reflect your unique relationship, your

work with to have fun with this! So, where to start? There are many resources out there, on the Internet and in bookstores, but the best place to start is with you — your own bookshelves and computers and music collections.

Favorite Books

For Stephen and Glenn, the selection of a passage from Giovanni’s Room, one of Stephen’s favorite books, meant a lot to both of them. We Kristen an chose and condensed a scene in d Nancy smile as K reads from risten’s fa Winnie th which the two lovers of the story ther e Pooh at ceremony their in Jamaica first met, and how their romance Plain. developed. It was read beautifully by a good friend of the couple as values, and your personalities let your we stood with friends and family in front of guests learn a little more about you, and the fireplace at their home. Over the years, therefore add richness to the experience I have incorporated Harold and the Purple of the day. Passages can be playful or Crayon, Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet, dramatic, funny or romantic, spiritual or Rumi’s love poems, Buddhist teachings, and secular, and can be performed by family, sections of novels into wedding ceremonies. friends, or your officiant. At Bernadette For couples who love books and reading, and Jen’s waterfront wedding held at the this can be an easy way to bring in your Exchange Conference Center in July, history and passion, although choosing Bernadette’s sister read some of the which of your favorite books to include couple’s favorite lyrics from the Broadway might be hard! Brief passages can be read show, “Wicked.” For another couple, we by one reader, while longer ones can be designed a spiritual community blessing divided up for several friends or family to be read aloud by all the guests to the members to read together. A selection of couple just before the two said their vows one to three paragraphs is a good length for to one another, beginning with, “May the a reading; listeners can’t take in much more Lord bless you and keep you…” If you than that at a time. are designing your own ceremony with a Celebrant or non-denominational officiant, you have a lot of freedom in what you choose. I always encourage the couples I

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Volume 5, Issue 1  

The 2010 Planning Resource Guide.

Volume 5, Issue 1  

The 2010 Planning Resource Guide.