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Legals & Logistics for Your Ceremony in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic ost of the states that recognize gay and lesbian marriages are in this dynamic and historic region of our country: Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Washington DC. New Jersey provides civil unions, while Maine and Maryland offer domestic partnership benefits. It is anticipated that other states, like New York, will soon follow. And now, non-residency laws no longer limit couples who wish to travel from distant parts of the country to take advantage of the same-sex marriage legislation in place in states like Massachusetts or in Washington DC. It’s an inspiring region for Your Fabulous Big Gay Wedding! However, even in states where there is legal recognition either partially or in full for gay & lesbian couples, it is important to note that there is no federal statute in

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place. Therefore, a gay couple who marries in New Hampshire will have state benefits and protections, but should they move to Texas, these will not be upheld. This is yet another reason that personal documents or legal contracts are so important for samegender couples... preferably drawn up with the assistance of an experienced lawyer who will keep your best interests in mind, as well as your long-term goals. To find screened, gay-friendly wedding professionals in your area, visit the Orange Pages in this issue, or our extended Directory online at Massachusetts celebrates the one-year anniversary of the Goodridge Decision / May, 2005 Photos: Sarah Benoit, Asheville NC

Volume 5, Issue 1  

The 2010 Planning Resource Guide.

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