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vitals Founders, Cindy Sproul & Marianne Puechl Senior Editor, Marianne Puechl Photo Editor, Cindy Sproul Design and Layout Assistant, Ira Adams Sales Team, Michael Wilson, Brian Fifield, Jeannette Oliver Web Assistant, Carol Puechl Contributing Writers Susan Hart Hellman, Dee Dee Meininger, Shanna Mac Lean, Lorraine A. DarConte, Daniel F. Whitehead, Cindy Matchett, Darryl Persello, Marianne Puechl Contributing Photographers Tourism Vancouver / Andy Mons, Matthew H. Smith, Cindy Sproul, Erin Kate Photography, Mary K. Wood, Peter Estenoz Photography, Shena Kaye / Poetic Images, Chris Litherland, Sarah Benoit, Schooner Fame, Margaret Singer Photography, Tourism Vancouver / John Sinal, Tourism Vancouver / Tom Ryan Cover Image Our thanks to Jenna Helf & Erika Skougard, for sharing the photo used for this issue’s cover image. Married in Salt Lake City on September 29, 2007, their ceremony was officiated by Rep. Jackie Biskupski (the first openly gay person to hold elected office in Utah.) Cover Image by Erin Kate Photography


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An Investment We Can All Live WithAre all of the businesses that participate in RainbowWeddingNetwork lgbt-owned? No, in fact 70-85% of them are not. All of them, however, are actively screened as lgbt-friendly. Why is this important? The issue of Equality is much bigger than any one minority. Advocates, allies & friends must stand together in order to enact real change. How can I make a difference? Take an active role, every day! Each of us can make the choice to spend our dollars with companies that support non-discrimination. Whether you’re planning your ceremony, going on vacation or simply choosing new home décor… take time to invest your purchasing-power with companies you’re sure are lgbt-friendly. By supporting the businesses in this magazine, and online at, you can rest assured that your dollars are at work in promoting Tolerance and Equality.

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4 Rainbowweddingnetwork MAGAZINE

Volume 5, Issue 1  

The 2010 Planning Resource Guide.

Volume 5, Issue 1  

The 2010 Planning Resource Guide.