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The Southeast you should show up dressed as twins (but if that’s your thing, do it!) Don’t wear colors that clash such as pink and red, and try to avoid “holiday” combinations like black and orange (Halloween) and red and green (Christmas) as that’s what will come to mind every time you look at the photos. Yes, it’s okay to wear black and/or white, as a good photographer will not have issues with that. Finally, steer clear of prints unless it’s subtle, and even then, one of you should be wearing something solid. Don’t wear stripes if he/she’s wearing polka dots, etc. Not sure what to wear? Bring a few outfits and let the photographer help you choose. Hair, Makeup and the Sun Contrary to popular belief, this is a good time to try a new hairstyle or lipstick, for some, but not all, of the shots. If you can make a quick change (a bun instead of your usual ponytail) that will help you decide on your wedding-day “do,” then go for it. Keep makeup to a minimum and avoid glossy lipsticks, sparkly eye shadows, and oil-based foundations as the sun and/or the camera’s flash can “bounce” off these slick surfaces and make you look like an alien.


Relax and Have Fun Finally, ignore the photographer (trust me, he/she will be thrilled) and focus on each other. Have fun, look into each other’s eyes, run, jump, and wrestle; tease each other, flirt, and kiss. PDA (public displays of affection) is de rigueur! If you can relax and be yourself, you’ll more than likely be pleased with the results. Surprise Photos About to pop the question? Then surprise your bride or groomto-be not only with a ring and a proposal, but also with photos of the momentous occasion. You can hire an “Engagerazzi” to hide in the bushes and record the joy, the tears, and the kisses!

Lorraine A. DarConte is a freelance writer and photographer working in Tucson, Arizona. Her work, both written and photographic, has appeared in numerous publications including Shutterbug, The Desert Leaf, Budget Traveler, Arizona Bride, Phoenix Home & Garden, Nevada Magazine, The Rangefinder, and Picture Business. Her work is also part of several corporate collections including the LAX Hilton, and has been exhibited at the Tucson Museum of Fine Arts, International Center for Photography (NYC), and Washington Museum of Fine Arts (MD). (520) 731-3214

On hot days, bring some blotting tissues to help deal with sweat (and drink plenty of fluids to keep skin hydrated and “plump” for the pics.) Excessive tanning, whether at a salon or poolside, should be avoided as you run the risk of looking “muddy” on film.

Vol. 5 Issue 1 2010 LGBT Planning Resource Guide 39

Volume 5, Issue 1  

The 2010 Planning Resource Guide.

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