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Engagement Portrait Tips by Lorraine A. DarConte contributing writer

here are a number of reasons couples should consider having an engagement portrait taken. The obvious one, of course, is to create a record of the occasion and preserve those special memories. Another reason is to spend some quality time getting to know your wedding photographer (and vice versa), so everyone feels less like strangers at the big event. Hence, I recommend couples hire a photographer who includes engagement portraits in his/her wedding packages. As a photographer, engagement sessions are important to me because they allow me to see how comfortable a couple is in front of the camera (some are naturals, others need a lot of help); and, believe it or not, how at ease they are with each other (some couples are so anxious in front of the camera, they act like they just met!)

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More importantly, an engagement photo session clues me in on what the couple (and each individual) thinks of his/her smile, profile, eyes, etc. These likes and dislikes are revealed both at the time of the shoot (“This is my best angle!) and when the couple sees the photos (“My nose is so big!”) What I might consider a regal nose, strong profile, or athletic figure, they may consider their least attractive feature. Being armed with this information before I photograph the actual wedding lets me devise ways to minimize those so-called “flaws” and/or try to avoid photographing them altogether. Choosing a Location Choose a spot that has meaning to you— the movie theater where you met, the park where he/she proposed, etc. If nothing comes to mind, ask your photographer for suggestions.

Also, think about your personalities and how you want to present yourself to friends and family. Do you want a casual, fun, on-location photo, or a more formal, posed shot in a studio setting? To help you decide, ask yourself these questions. Which scenario best suits the two of you? At which location will you feel most at ease? Will you be sending the photo to friends and family as part of an announcement, and if so, what style -fancy or informal- is the announcement? And, which type of photograph are you more likely to display? What—and What Not—to Wear The photo should focus on the two of you -your faces and your body language- not your clothes. Yes, clothing says a lot about you, but don’t let your duds do all the talking. Wear simple, comfortable outfits, preferably in dark, solid colors (you’ll look slimmer) and try to coordinate your look. This does not mean

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