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Legals & Logistics for Your Ceremony in the South A that offer any kind of legal recognition for same-gender relationships. However,

t present, there are no states in the South

there are important differences between many regions that couples ought to consider when planning a ceremony, or choosing to grow their family. In Atlanta for instance, co-parent adoptions are permitted for same-gender couples; however, in North Carolina they are not. In Florida, it is simply not legal for gays and lesbians to adopt a child at all.

midst hundreds of overjoyed and tearful guests. Legal rights and benefits may not be provided by the state (nor by the federal government) but couples continue to create their own meaningfulness and sense of validation. Ultimately, the laws will change; but for now, there is Love. To find screened, gay-friendly wedding professionals in your area, visit the Orange Pages in this issue, or our extended Directory online at Orange Pages for this section begin on p. 40.

Despite these circumstances, gay and lesbian couples continue to marry every day throughout the Southern states, in intimate ceremonies with a few friends as well as in elaborate and elegant celebrations

Southern Gay Hot Spots ♥ Asheville, NC ♥ Atlanta, GA ♥ Birmingham, AL ♥ Eureka Springs, AR ♥ Fort Lauderdale, FL ♥ Key West, FL ♥ Miami, FL ♥ New Orleans, LA

A Destination for your Commitment? How About Beautiful, Gay-Friendly Eureka Springs, Arkansas? by Shanna Mac Lean contributing writer

Spring Street with the Flat Iron Building. Photo: Chris Litherland

Nestled in the Ozark Mountains amidst sparkling lakes and rivers, with spectacular sunsets and its own captivating Victorian charm, Eureka Springs has been one of the best kept secrets of the wedding

world. Second in the number of “hitching” ceremonies performed only to Las Vegas, this small capitol is a natural destination for gay and lesbian commitment ceremonies and Holy Unions. If you are looking for a charming, intimate, unique and special place for a meaningful commitment ceremony and a beautiful vacation together, consider this one of a kind historic town.

Eureka Springs has long been a mecca for artists, writers and those who choose an alternative life to crowded cities and the corporate jungle. Its large gay population makes Eureka a haven for diversity and adds a unique

flavor to this small but cosmopolitan locale. Two diversity weekends each year, including Valentine’s, bring parades, parties, glamour and general merriment. From March through November, almost every weekend has a featured theme from Antique Cars to Blues and Jazz Festivals. A small opera company performs in June and July, and the first weekend of July is Africa in the Ozarks. Eureka Springs was known as a popular place of healing waters in the mid 1800’s. To this day it offers luxurious body comforts such as massage and all manner of spa treatments. The number of massage therapists is only exceeded by the number of ministers ready and waiting to perform ceremonies of differing kinds. There are 800 or 900 ministers registered at the City Hall in a town where the population of the inner city numbers under 3,000. There is plenty to do in Eureka Springs!

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Volume 5, Issue 1  

The 2010 Planning Resource Guide.

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