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feature our planet, Marcinho explains. “There will certainly be, and should be, more recycled items. We can still have glamorous, stunning and memorable events but eco-stewardship is the new black!” estinations Where will weddings be occurring in 2010? Destinations, another new trend, with definite “hot spots.” “We’re seeing an increase generally in destination weddings, and in our Key West and Hawai’i locations,” Marcinho explains, adding that these destinations are so popular, in part, due to their gay-friendly nature. Bernadette explains another reason for an increase in destination weddings: legality. “Gay couples are going to go where it’s legal to get married. There may be big celebrations in their hometowns, but the bottom line is that LGBT couples want to legitimize their relationship. There is nothing more dramatic than the historical pronouncement at each legal gay

wedding – “by the power vested in me, by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (or other state), ‘I now pronounce you legally married.’” Frank predicts a definite trend in theme color too. “I think the new hot color for 2010 will be yellow mixed with something -- kind of like we saw with light blue a few years back.” He says lighting will continue to advance in importance too. “Lighting makes a huge difference. I urge my clients to work this into the budget.”   Black and white, jewel tones, and splashes of color are in sight for 2010, Marcinho suggests. “Classic combinations such as black and white will be adjusted to include dark grays and eggshell as a possibility in lieu of more traditional black and white.” He thinks shades of the same color will become more popular than one hue of a single color, and adds that continuity between ceremony and reception will become the norm.


Likewise for Bernadette. “Whether it’s a color or design scheme, the first impression you leave with your guests is an image that can be cohesively carried throughout the wedding or event.” And she believes in conveying your theme to guests immediately. “Let the invitations begin the narration of your story and make your event unforgettable right from the beginning.” With the influence of The Food Channel and food-themed movies, cuisine will continue to dominate our minds, and Marcinho says one key word in wedding cuisine is: sustainability – using sustainably-harvested or local food products. “That’s going to be big in 2010. It’s simple to do, he explains, with the food being fresher than anything shipped in, and it’s ecosavvy. “Themed cuisine such as Japanese, South Asian, Korean, and others will win the day.” Sit-down dinners will be important, Frank reports. “This is the most elegant service, and I

Vol. 5 Issue 1 2010 LGBT Planning Resource Guide 31

Volume 5, Issue 1  

The 2010 Planning Resource Guide.

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