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Even wedding attire will be different, and Frank says what is worn will coordinate with the type of wedding, and that brides’ dresses will feature lots of ruffles and rouging. “There will be layers of fabric with just some beading and embellishment, and bridesmaids will be wearing the same color and fabric, but with varying styles based on what looks best on any individual attendant.” Marcinho predicts, “Well-tailored and dripping with classic couture style for men.” He adds, “Wedding attire will follow more of the trends and fashions shown in the latest tent shows at New York Fashion Week. There is a sleekness and comfort of fit juxtaposed against an homage to ‘Mod” styles of the past. Think 50’s and 60’s formal dress attire, but with contemporary details. “Twenty-first century brides and grooms will focus on no-fuss, low-maintenance styles. Light and airy, draped or wrapped dresses, and wrinkle-free fabrics are going to rein, and satin & taffeta will fall to natural–feel fibers such as raw silk, hemp, and microfiber material.”orals

The gown above represents a departure from the weight seen in many traditional bridal fashions. Draping is used to create depth and volume. Light & airy is the predicted trend for 2010.

Florals will also change, and Frank predicts a mix of the styles of centerpieces, but using the same florals, or centerpieces featuring the same color, but different flowers (monobotanical) at each table. Marcinho says, “Next season we’ll debut some very innovative presentations using two opposing elements of nature. I see many more submerged florals in large containers.” Music These planners predict changes for the musical portion of the ceremony too, and Frank says, “Classical and timeless is usually the way.” However, he adds that one of his couples has chosen “Clocks” for the processional and “Sweet Child o’ Mine” for the recessional. “The music must match the couple’s style.”  Marcinho emphasizes that processionals will become “the heralding moment.” “The best thing brides and grooms can do for themselves is to choose a tune of great personal significance. It could be Mendelssohn, but couples might find the family favorite soothing to their nerves as well.”

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A mono-chromatic arrangement of roses. Photo by Mary Wood, Atlanta

Bernadette predicts more “greening” in 2010 weddings. “Some couples are already using potted plants or gorgeously designed vegetables instead of cut flowers in their arrangements. LGBT weddings typically have a huge green advantage in that with most, the ceremony and reception are in one location, saving energy and fossil fuels in the transportation.” Marcinho’s firm has gone so far as to develop an initiative, savvySustainability™, a pledge to help couples be more eco-savvy, protecting

Volume 5, Issue 1  

The 2010 Planning Resource Guide.

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