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It’s economic crunch-time in the USA. So it’s good to keep in mind that one of our strongest assets, as a minority in this country, is our economic buying power. That boils down to basic dollars and cents, and in these times, in some ways the basics are more important than ever.

RWN co-founder & senior editor Marianne Puechl with daughter Kestin. Photo: Mary K. Wood, Atlanta


The annual buying power of the LGBT community is estimated at $600 billion. (That’s nearly a bailout, Folks!!) And these past several months here at RainbowWeddingNetwork, we hear from wedding, gift & travel-related companies all across America that they are challenged, often struggling, to remain in business.

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So now, perhaps more than ever, the collective choices the LGBT minority make everyday about where we spend our money can have a real impact. By ensuring that we choose to spend our money with businesses that uphold a policy of non-discrimination, we help those particular businesses to continue to succeed. Furthermore, by letting business owners know that it matters to us that they do, in fact, support equal rights, we can make the most of this opportunity. Today, business professionals need to understand that their active choice to endorse equality for LGBT consumers is equivalent to the basics: financial survival. It’s that simple. Equality

always has been and always should be a simple ideal: an absolute. There is no grey area, no matter what arguments may be spouted, or what political agendas may be claimed. These economic times strip away much of the distractions and the unnecessary rhetoric. So the opportunity awaits us: let’s recommit to educating American business professionals about what matters most, today and on into our brighter future. Marianne Puechl co-founder & senior editor

Volume 4, Issue 1  

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